One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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34. Niall Imagine

The sun was dancing with the clouds, occaisonally shining its beams onto the buildings and roads, but only ever for a moment before dissappearing only to continue its effortless movements. It appeared the streets were busier today, people wanting to soak up what little sun there was, and children wanted to get outside instead of being cooped up indoors. You were amongst the crowds of people, making your way to the local deli to purchase the ingredients for your dinner. Cooking for one was what you had been doing recently since your fight with Niall a few days ago. You had been in a bad mood and taken it out on him, and you hadn't spoken to him since. Every night since you tried to convince yourself you were okay, but you were lonely and you missed him, resulting in you crying yourself to sleep. You walked the long way home, thoughts of Niall swirling around your mind and distracting you from the others walkking around you. As you walked up the short path to your unit you noticed the gate was off its hinges. You unlocked the front door and pushed it open to reveal your living room, completely trashed. Papers scattered around the room, you television gone, a few windows smashed and furniture turned over. Dropping the groceries you backed out of the room you face in your hands. Not knowing what else to do, you called the police. It took them ten minutes to get to you, the whole time you were crumpled next to the door crying. You had locked the door, and shut the gate, and you explained that to them. Several more law enforcement recruits were called and started searching the unit and door knocking to see if your neighbours had witnessed anything. One lady said she saw two men aproach but never saw them leave. While the lady was giving the details, you pulled out your phone and called Niall. As it rang you grew shaky and fearful he wouldn't answer. On the fifth ring, he picked up. 'Hey.' 'Niall i'm so sorry for last week I was just upset and mad and i took it out on you and I don't know why but I'm so sorry and i just, i need you.' You voice was cracking and more tears were falling. 'Please stop crying beautiful. I wish you had of called earlier to say that, i just presumed you needed space. Whats wrong?' 'Can you just please come over?' 'I'm on my way. Are you going to be okay?' 'I don't know.' With that he hung up and you rested your head on your knees. An officer insisted you needed to calm down and answer a few questions regarding the break in to aid them in finding the culprits. He was asking you questions you couldn't answer simply for the fact you didn't know when Niall showed up. His eyes were wide as he took in his surroundings, the several police officers around and through the doorway, your trashed unit. You turned and ran over, he opened his arms and just held you as you cried. A female officer walked over. 'Sir, do you also live at this residence?' 'No, its my girlfriends. What happened?' 'Break in, no-one was harmed, the place is just damaged and there are missing items, but I think its more so shock thats affecting Y/N. She won't be able to stay here for a few nights, perhaps you could assist her with accommodation?' 'Of course. Thankyou.' She walked off and you pulled away from Niall, drying your face from any tear remnants. 'I'm scared Ni.' 'Honestly, I'd feel exactly the same way.' You didn't say anything, you just stared at the ground and he took a step forward, lifting your chin up with his finger. 'Y/N?' 'I don't want to stay by myself anymore. I can't. I can't go back in there, not after this. I don't know what i'm supposed to do and i've drageed you into it.' 'I don't mind really. I'm glad you called. I missed you. And i don't want you staying here. Yes i was mad for a day or so after the fight, but i never stopped caring, ever. In saying that, maybe you'd like to move in with me?' 'Why woulld you offer me something like that?' 'Because i do love you Y/N, after everything we've been through, i know i truly do and I care about you. I don't want you to get hurt.' 'I thought you would surely hate me after last week but you really are too good to be true. And you know i would, but i don't want to impose.' 'You wouldn't be, trust me. it gets lonely there sometimes, and i always like it better when you're with me. ' 'Okay. And Ni?' 'Yeah?' 'Thankyou for always being there.' 'I'm only returning the favour love. You've saved me far more times than i can count and to you i am eternally greatful.' He pulled you into his arms and held you, You missed him, you missed his hugs, the way he smelt, the way he was just that little bit taller than you, the way he would aways make you feel like you were the only girl in the world, the way that he was him. He was truly unique, and it was wonderful. He pulled back the slightest bit only to lean down and press his lips to yours. ----------------------------- Second and Sebring -OM&M. look it up. i was watching this is us and in the scene where they're in a forest, if i ever met harry, the first thing i'd be sure to ask him is about that scene. Because its confused the hell out of me an i don't know if its cute or what but oh well. Mr Styles, please come my way, i have a question. Awyhoo, Niall is cute okay. They all are. Just remember though, they are normal humans and so is everyone else in the world and if normal humans can look as incredibly attractive as them then others can too, yeah? Flawless logic. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
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