One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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32. Niall Imagine

‘I’m sorry(Y/N), but I think you should leave now. Before you say something you really regret.’ You looked at Niall in shock. His ex-girlfriend Isabelle had arrived an hour earlier and you hadn’t mentioned how uncomfortable it made you that she was here. They were sitting in the living room and you had quietly been in the corner on your laptop, listening to their conversation. It seemed Isabelle had no set reason for being there, but she was continuously making snide comments about you. When she started reciting a story she had read about you that was largely embarrassing and also false, you lost your cool.

‘Isabelle, I thinks its time you took your bullshit stories and left.’ Niall and Isabelle looked over at you, both shocked.

‘(Y/N)! What is wrong with you?’ You stared at Niall for a few seconds before putting your laptop aside and standing.

‘I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me. She comes in here acting like its all fine and dandy when in fact it isn’t, but you don’t even care to think of how I feel about it. I mean she’s you ex, do you not think it’s all a bit awkward for me?! Then, you listen to all her stories that are absolute crap and rumours which are actually rather hurtful and not even once stand up for me!’ Isabelle looked down, hiding a smile while Niall just shook his head.

‘I think it’s best if you go.’

‘Yeah, I will. It’s not like you care anyways.’ You walked out of the living room, grabbed your phone and keys and left the house, slamming the door behind you.


You had been driving for an hour and you finally decided to pull off the road into a parking bay next to a lake. As you got out of the car, a few rays of sunshine broke through the cloud cover and illuminated the park. There were a few others around, mostly families out for the day. You made your way over to a bench, and lay down.

‘He really doesn’t care. He can’t.’ You could feel tears forming in your eyes, and you just covered your face with your hands. Your phone started buzzing in your pocket, and looking at the screen, it wasn’t Niall, it was your brother.


‘Hey (Y/N). How are you?’

‘Fine and you?’

‘Okay. I was just calling to check on you, I saw something on Twitter about you and Niall breaking up and some other girls involved.’

‘Oh. Well… I don’t actually know what’s happening.’

‘You’re not with him?’

‘No, he told me to leave, so I did.’

‘Where are you then?’

‘At a park, but that doesn’t matter. He hasn’t called to say I should come back or anything and I don’t want to just show up there.’

‘(Y/N), it’s your house too remember.’

‘I know. But…’

‘But nothing. Just go back and talk to him.’ Your phone clicked and you pulled it away to see he had hung up. You stood up and stretched, cracking your knuckles in the process. When you got back into the car, the tears you didn’t realise you were still keeping in, began to overflow. You started the car and pulled out of the parking bay. The drive back seemed to take longer, the traffic lights not working in your favour. It was dark by the time you got home, almost eight o’clock, but considering that, there were no lights on in the house. You parked the car in the driveway and walked to the front door. There was faint talking from inside the house, and as you opened the door, it seemed to be coming closer.


Stepping into the front room, the lights went on and you were face to face with Niall who had his phone to his ear. Niall wrapped his free arm around you and kissed your forehead. You froze and dropped your eyes at how quickly he seemed to have forgotten his words from earlier. From his phone, you could hear a voice talking rather quickly. Niall looked hurt by your rejection but nodded towards the living room. You walked in and sat down as you heard Niall say ‘I’m sure its within your power to remove these stories as they are far from the truth and the so called facts and information they contain are quite hurtful. They were given to you under false pretences.’ He entered the room and sat across from you. ‘Yes, I know. Thankyou.’ He hung up the phone and dropped it next to him.

‘I’d like to start my apology by saying sorry. I’m sorry for not considering how you’d feel about Isabelle being here and for not stopping her about her stories. Also, I’m very sorry for telling you to leave. I honestly don’t know what came over me and I’ve just been feeling like shit ever since you left. I was worried you wouldn’t come back or something bad would happen and I’ve just been freaking. I also saw the article that was on Twitter, and I had management find out and call the website it was posted on. I was on the phone with them just now, they are removing the story and posting an apology. And love, I’m just sorry.’

‘Niall, I stopped being mad a while ago, I was just more so sad. But that’s okay. You’ve made things right again and that’s all that matters. Actually no, all that matters is that I’ve still got you. I’m also sorry for losing my temper before, even though I was totally right to. ‘ You got up and moved to the couch Niall was on. He wrapped an arm around you and you curled into him.

‘Yes, you were right to. I love you (Y/N).’ He leaned down and softly kissed your lips. You smiled and pulled away only to mumble ‘I love you too.’



Hi. Nice to see you again.

This is my comeback imagine from my hiatus. I dunno what happened, it just did, so lets all take a deep breath and move on.


Yas ^-^

Thankya very kindly for sticking around!


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