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One Direction Imagines.
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25. Megan & Harry - Request

‘Come on Lacey, please go to sleep.’ You cooed to your three year old. She frowned up at you and crossed her arms. She missed Harry and so did you. It had been four months since he had left for tour and you hadn’t been able to see him. Letting out a tired sigh, you turned her night light on before leaving the room, leaving the door slightly ajar. Making your way to your bedroom, your shoulders sagged and you allowed a single tear to fall.



The room seemed empty without Harry, so you had turned the TV on to cover up the quiet. Lacey had finally gone to sleep, so you had to be mindful of how loud you were. You had been watching a movie, but all too soon the credits began rolling over the screen. Changing the channel, you landed on an entertainment news channel. There were the usual suspects; Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Russell Brand and of course, One Direction. What surprised you is that they then continued to single out Harry and flash pictures of him getting close to a girl in a restaurant. You didn’t recognise the girl, and it didn’t look like Harry was trying to keep it a secret.

‘Asshole.’ You shut the TV off and threw the remote onto the floor. Pulling the duvet over your head, you squeezed your eyes tightly shut and prayed for sleep to engulf you and provide an escape.



You were woken up by someone crawling over your bed. Looking up, you saw your daughter.

‘Morning sweetheart.’

‘Mummy! Daddy called but you were asleep, so he wants you to call him back. He said to tell you please mummy.’ You frowned at her but sat up, looking for your phone. Finding it under your pillow, you grabbed it and picked up your daughter, taking her into the kitchen. After giving her breakfast, you left the room to call Harry. He picked up after a few rings.



‘I tried calling you before but Lace told me you were asleep..’

‘Yeah, I was. Still would be if she hadn’t woken me up.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Yeah. What did you want to talk to me about?’

‘I just wanted to tell you something so you didn’t get the wrong idea. Are you alright? You seem… kinda pissed.’

‘Don’t worry about it. Continue.’

‘I was at a restaurant two nights ago with a girl.’


‘My cousin. She lives out here and I’m staying with her and my uncle while we’re here. I haven’t seen them in ages.’


‘Yeah. I just thought I should tell you because I saw several photos going around from the restaurant. I didn’t want you to get upset or anything.’

‘I kinda feel stupid now.’

‘Why’s that?’

‘I thought… you and her… were… you know. Seeing each other.’

‘Babe, no, I promise. It’s nothing like that.’

‘Sorry, I just didn’t know.’

‘Yeah, don’t worry about it. Look, I’ve gotta go, I’ll call you later on alright?’

‘Alright Harry, I miss you.’

‘Aw babe, I miss you too. Give Lacey a kiss for me, I love you both.’

‘Love you too!’ And with that, you hung up. You walked back into the kitchen to see Lacey grinning.

‘What’re you looking so happy about?’

‘Daddy told me a secret this morning!’

‘And whats the secret?’

‘I can’t tell you, cause then it wouldn’t be a secret! You’ve gotta wait!’ You smiled at her and left her to finish her breakfast.



As the morning shifted into afternoon, you took Lacey to the park. Once there, several girls stopped you to talk to you and you were happy to until two girls approached you on your way to the playground.

‘Megan Styles? And this must be Lacey. Hey little girl, wheres your dad? Not here as far as I can see.’ You looked down at Lacey who’s eyes were pooling in tears. You scooped her up and she hid her face in your neck.

‘Was that really necessary girls? She misses him enough she doesn’t need to be reminded he isn’t here.’

‘You never should have stayed with him Megan, he’s going to miss out on your child’s whole life because of his job and he’s going to leave you one day when he finds a prettier girl. Trust me. I used to be a fan, until I saw how many girls’ hearts he broke. I don’t have anything against you, I just pity you. Your daughter needs a father who is going to be around all the time, not one who’s half way across the world. Sorry if we upset you Lacey, we didn’t mean it love. You too Megan, we wish you all the best.’ You watched them leave and couldn’t help but let their words sink in.

‘Can we go home mum? I’m tired.’ You nodded and carried her home, placing her in her bed. You left her to her own devices and went to the kitchen.  Leaning against the counter, you had you head in your hands. The words of the girls were still fresh in your mind. Looking out the window, you noticed it had gotten dark, and that caused you to slide to the ground. You wrapped your arms around your knees and stared into the darkness.



You had no idea how much time had passed, but you soon saw headlights shine through your window and you heard doors opening, and an idling engine. In that moment, Lacey came running down the stairs and opened the front door, continuing outside. You stared intently at the doorframe as you saw a shadow approaching. You didn’t hear anything else but soon, the car backed away and drove off. Harry came walking in with Lacey in his arms, holding her tight. You didn’t move as you watched him turn the lights on, or even when he saw you and walked over to you. He put Lacey down and whispered to her.

‘Lace, go up to your room and me and mummy will be up soon.’ She hugged him once more and he kissed her forehead, before she ran upstairs. He looked back to you and dropped to the ground next to you. You leant your head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around you.

‘You’re back.’

‘I am. Did I surprise you or did she let it slip?’

‘You did. Surprisingly, she didn’t say much about it.’

‘Good. Are you alright?’

‘Not really.’

‘What happened love?’

‘I took Lace to the park today and there were some girls there.. and Lacey got upset because they said you weren’t around and they also said you’ll leave me whenyou find a prettier girl…’


‘That you’re going to miss out on her whole life because of your job…’

‘Are you fucking kidding me?!’ You heard him say under his breath.

‘I don’t believe them.’

‘Good. I don’t want you to. Ever. I know I’m away a bit, but I’m here more often than not, I make sure of it. I don’t want you to feel like you’re alone.’

‘I don’t. And I know that, it doesn’t matter if they don’t. All that matters is that I know you’re always there, even if you are on the other side of the world, you’re just a phone call away.’

‘I miss you two when I’m away, so much it nearly kills me.’

‘And we miss you, but you always come back to us, that’s something we can count on.’

‘I love you Megan.’

‘I love you too Harry. Now didn’t you tell Lacey we’d be up soon?’

‘Come on then.’ He stood and reached for your hand pulling you up and planting a kiss on your lips.



'WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLLLL, ROLLING IN THE DEEP' . Yeah, so i was listening to the Go Radio cover of it. Pretty good, better than the original i think ;)

So... I didn't know where this one was going... But hey! Whatever works! Its another long one, 1 291 words :o  It's for Megan -- Megan_Styles00  , Tell me what you think!

Question time! Why are all the requests for Harry, Louis and Niall? I think we're forgetting two of the guys... why is this?

Oh, and keep requesting! To my current requests;; I apologise for not getting them done very quickly, i have work and i like to make them long because i think ya'll are special enough haha. Annddddd, school goes back soon. SO PUMPED! -.-

Till next time! x

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