One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


18. Kendell & Niall - Request

It had been exactly four hours since you saw those two lines, showing you the rest of your life. Unsure of the result, you took another test. There was no denying you were pregnant and it was Nialls’. Niall was due home from tour in two months, which gave you enough time to figure out how to tell him. Throughout your shift at work, you couldn’t stop thinking of how Niall would react and if he’d even stay with you. You were torn inside and you felt all the feelings of missing him surface. You hadn’t seen him for ages and it was starting to take its toll on you. As you were making your way back into the kitchen area, you heard ‘Strong’ by One Direction start playing over the radio. Your breathing hitched in your throat and you leant against the wall for support. Tears streamed down your face and you fell to the ground. You missed him so much.

‘Kendell! What’s going on?!’ You looked up to see the outline of your bosses face. You couldn’t speak; you just hugged your knees to your chest and sobbed. You felt someone patting your back and helping you up. You were led into the back room where your boss told you to take a few minutes to calm down. After a minute of non-stop crying, your friend Alex came into the room. She ran up to you and wrapped an arm around you, telling you to calm down and tell her what was going on.

‘I just can’t do it Alex. I miss him. And… without him here… it’s just hard…’ She rubbed your back sympathetically.

‘I know it’s hard Kendell, but he’ll be home soon. Just think, it’s only two months, the time will fly by!’ You smiled at her attempts to cheer you up but they were useless. Instead of returning to work, you asked your boss if you could go home. After seeing your crying jag on the kitchen floor, he said it was okay, and told you to feel better.


In the safety of your house, you were free to cry as much as you wanted. Even though it was late morning, you went back to bed and cried. You were close to sleep when someone knocked on your front door. Answering it, you saw your friend Alex.

‘Are you feeling better darl?’

‘Not really Alex.’ She frowned.

‘I know this may sound pushy, but let me in, we’re going to watch a movie to take your mind off things!’ She walked past you, grabbing your hand and dragging you into your living room. You collapsed onto your couch and wrapped a blanket around yourself whilst Alex chose a movie. After finally deciding on About Time, she ran to the kitchen, made popcorn and dropped next to you in time for the beginning of the movie. You watched the first half an hour before the tears began falling again, but this time silently. You hid your face in the blanket and cried yourself to sleep. When the movie finished, Alex peeled the blanket away from your face the tiniest bit and sighed. She knew what you needed, or should I say who.


After searching around your bedroom for your phone, Alex finally found it under your pillow. She quickly dialled Niall’s number, silently praying he’d hurry up and answer.

‘Kendell?’ He answered on the third ring.

‘No Niall, its Alex.’

‘Oh hey! How are ya?’

‘I’m good but I think Kendall is falling apart.’

‘Why? What makes you say that?’

‘She cried herself to sleep watching a movie. It’s bad.’ He was quiet for a while processing what Alex had said.

‘I’m coming home. Right now. Even if it can only be for a day or two. I miss her too, and I refuse to let her be upset because of me.’

‘Thankyou Niall.’

‘See you later Al.’ And with that, he hung up. Alex placed your phone on the bedside table and let herself out the front door, locking it behind her.


You had slept for a good thirteen hours, because when you woke it was pitch black. You stretched out, realising you were no longer on the couch. You felt an arm around your waist and heard his soft snores before you saw his face. He had his body close to yours, almost protectively. It was a dream, it had to be. You leant your face close to his and pressed a small kiss to his lips. His breathing stuttered and he slowly opened his eyes. You were staring at him wide eyed before he pulled you into a hug.

‘Ni. What? How? Why? When?’ He let out a small laugh.

‘Calm down babe. I flew home because Alex called me. She said you were upset. I got in maybe two hours ago. You were asleep on the couch love, so I moved you up here. I’m sorry I caused you so much pain.’

‘Don’t apologise, I should learn to cope better by myself.’

‘I just wish you didn’t have to be alone all the time. It kills me to leave you here and to learn that you cried yourself to sleep… it hurts. I’m sorry.’

‘Niall… can I tell you something?’

‘Of course.’ You frowned, not knowing how to say it.

‘I’m… um… well… we’ll be… I’m having… a baby.’ He looked at you with wide eyes, shocked beyond belief.

‘You’re… pregnant? And it’s mine?’

‘Of course it’s yours.’ It took him a moment to process that, but when he did, a huge smile spread across his face.

‘You know, I really don’t deserve you. You’re giving me everything I ever could have asked for. I love you Kendell!’ He pressed his lips to your and held you close. You pulled back laughing, glad by the way he took it.

‘I love you too Niall. I was worried about how you’d take the news…’

‘You didn’t think I’d leave, did you?’ You looked down ashamed.

‘I thought about it occasionally.’ He looked hurt.

‘Kendell, I promise you, I will never leave you. And this baby is just another reason to stay. You’re all I could have hoped for and now all my dreams are coming true! I promise I’ll be by your side forever, that’s something you can hold against me.’ You smiled at him pressing your lips to his once again.



Tell me what you think lovely! I'm super tired, so I apologise if you don't like it. Also, Happy New Year everyone! x

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