One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


26. Kajol & Zayn - Request

As the front door clicked shut, you turned your attention away from your book and onto the man entering the house, Zayn. He looked over at you and smiled, before walking over to you.

‘I’m going to ask you something Kajol, and I would really really appreciate it if you agreed.’

‘Geeze Zayn, do I even want to know?’

‘It’s not bad, I think it’ll be great.’

‘Just spit it out babe.’ He leaned in real close to you and pressed a kiss to your lips.

‘Will you come to the Grammy’s with me tomorrow?’ You leaned back in the couch and looked down. Of course you wanted to go, but you knew for a fact that several celebrities who didn’t like you were going to be in attendance, and you jut couldn’t handle being compared to them or having them sneer at you all night.

‘Zayn… I want to.’

‘But?’ Instead of trying to explain it to him, you pulled your phone from your pocket and opened the messages you had been receiving. He grabbed the phone from your hand and scrolled through several of the messages before deleting them all and sliding your phone into his pocket.

‘That’s why I can’t go. They don’t want me there; I don’t even know why you want me there. And the fact that you just deleted the messages doesn’t change the fact that they were sent in the first place. I know what they think of me.’ He looked down sadly.

‘I know it’s not easy for you, and I’m sorry that people are making you feel this way. But believe me when I say that you are the only person I want by my side on the night. Why not stand up to them and go, show to them that they can’t stop you and no matter what they say, they can’t keep you down?’

‘That sounds awfully familiar…’

‘Babe, it’s what you said to me when the hate was getting me down and I was so close to just giving it all up. You stood by my side the entire time and I love you for it. I won’t let people get you down, and just because they’re other celebrities means nothing.’

‘Zayn, even if I were to go, what would I wear?’

‘It’s in two days, so tomorrow; I’ll take you shopping and buy you whichever dress you want.’

‘No matter what I do, it’ll never be good enough.’

‘Kajol, stop. Please, I hate seeing you upset because of idiots. Those people don’t matter, understand? All that matters is you and I, and I’ll be damned if I let them get in the way of you being my date.’

‘Okay. I’ll go.’ You smiled as his face lit up.

‘Promise?’ You leaned your forehead against his.

‘I promise.’

‘Thank you! And don’t worry about other people, if they say anything I’ll just have to have a word with them…’ Laughing, you stood up and he wrapped you in an embrace, holding you close.



The next morning, Zayn woke you up at ten, telling you to hurry up and get ready, and that you had a bug day ahead of you. It was mid-afternoon when you found yourself in a dressing room of a designer boutique, staring at your reflection in the mirror. It wasn’t the first dress you had tried on that day, but it was the first one that you felt was right. It was a turquoise colour, strapless, had a tight bodice, a thin band of fabric wrapped around the waist as a belt, and a loose flowy skirt that stopped just above your knees.

‘Can I see it boo?’ You took a deep breath and pulled the curtain back. Zayn let out a low whistle and came up to you, wrapping his arms around you. ‘You look stunning.’

‘You really think so?’

‘Most definitely. It really brings out your chocolate eyes.’ You laughed as he winked at you.

‘It feels… right.’

‘Then we’re getting it.’ You turned back into the dressing room and stripped the dress off, and redressing in your previous clothes.



After buying you the dress, Zayn had gotten you shoes to go with it and whilst the two of you were making your way to a nearby take-away restaurant, he stopped you.

‘Go ahead, I’ll catch up to you. There’s something I saw that I need to go back and get.’

‘O..kay. What do you want me to get you?’

‘Surprise me.’ He kissed you on the cheek and turned around, walking back down the street. After you’d ordered, you took a seat and patted your pockets, realising Zayn hadn’t given you back your phone. Fifteen minutes had passed before you were handed your food and you headed for the door. You saw Zayn walking your way and you met him halfway.

‘We good to go home?’

‘Yep, I got what I needed.’



The next day, a makeup artist had shown up at your shared house three hours prior to the Grammy’s to do your hair and makeup. By the time you two were about to leave, you were actually excited to be going.

‘Kaj, before we go, I need to ask you something.’ You turned to Zayn and saw a jeweller’s box in his hand. He smiled as he slid down to one knee and took your hand in his.


‘Shh! I’m trying to be romantic here.’ He laughed.

‘Yeah, cause that’s so hard for you to be.’ You smiled down at him.

‘Okay. So, we’ve been together for three years and I know that I don’t want to be with anyone else, I know you’re the only girl I’ll ever want. You’re perfect and no matter what’s going on in my life, you’re always there to help me through it. No-one else is there for me like you are. I want to spend the rest of my life protecting you, because no matter how much you say you don’t need it, I’m still going to. You are the most precious thing in my life. Most of all I want to spend forever proving my love to you. Kajol, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?’

‘I love you Zayn. Is there really any other answer other than yes?’ He pulled you up and the two of you shared a kiss before he pulled away, slipping the most beautiful ring you had ever seen into place on your finger.

‘You have no idea how happy you’ve made me Kaj.’

‘I could say the exact same thing.’ He hugged you closely when you heard a knock on the front door. You both made your way downstairs and opened the door to a group of four boys grinning.

‘Get your asses out here and smile, we need to capture this moment.’ You smiled at Louis as he held a camera up and motioned for you and Zayn to stand in front of the flowers. Louis took several photos before the driver of the limo honked the horn.



You were speechless the car ride over, just grinning down at the ring. You didn’t look up until you felt the car slow down and heard the shouting outside. Cameras were flashing like crazy as hundreds of people gathered around the red carpet and others walked down it. Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and their dates got out first then Zayn, who turned and held his hand out to you. As you stepped out, Zayn kept his hand around yours, letting you know he was there, doing as he had vowed, protecting you. Paparazzi were yelling your names in an effort to get you to turn for a photo. The two of you did stop occasionally for photos, but soon made it inside. By this point, you had forgotten why you hadn’t wanted to come until a girl you hadn’t seen before approached you. She was scowling at you.

‘Kajol… didn’t think you’d bother showing your face tonight.’

‘She’s here with me, and has every right to be here.’ The girl turned to Zayn.

‘And I see you two are making it official. Why is that?’

‘Because I love her.’ Before the girl could reply, Zayn had pulled you away from the girl. ‘Bloody bitches can’t lie off for one night.’

‘Hah that was nothing. Don’t let it ruin the night babe.’



The night passed quickly and One Direction had received several awards, and a few other celebrities even made conversation with you, congratulating you and invent you out for lunch in a few days. When you arrived home, Zayn gave your phone back. As you were walking upstairs, you were scrolling through twitter mentions that had been blowing up your phone, and saw over a hundred different photos of you from the night. The latest trend on twitter? #CongratsZayn&Kajol .

‘Hey Zayn, guess what?’ He popped his head out the bedroom door.

‘Everyone knows. Yeah, I saw it all. Good. I want the world to know that I’m marrying the love of my life.’ With that, he pressed his lips to yours, and held you close, the way he would for years to come.



'Kiss me like it's do or die.'

Damn i'm cute :') Well, not me, the imagine. Is it possible for both of us to be cute? ;) Why does this stuff not happen in real life? Its an unsolved mystery, one i am determined to solve.

Anyways, this is for Kajol (Kajol malik) , tell me what you think!  .

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