One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


13. Irish & Niall - Request

Being in a relationship with Niall meant that girls around the world weren’t particularly happy with you and they didn’t approve of your relationship. They made sure that you knew this too. Knowing what they thought and said about you only made you stronger though. You refused to let them faze you and destroy your relationship.


Niall had an event in a week and after you had declined his invitation due to having nothing to wear; he insisted he take you shopping and he pay for everything. You hated it when he did, but he said to think of it as a present. There was no way of getting out of his ‘present’ so you went along. After arriving at the mall, you found it to be quieter than it normally was which was good. You weren’t in the mood for people giving you dirty looks and whispering harsh things about you. The first shop you entered had a lot of cocktail dresses in animal prints. It also had some really pretty coloured dresses, but the design of them was so strange, that it flared out in the strangest of places.


As you left the store hand in hand you ran into a group of directioners. The asked for photos, and without being rude, you excised yourself, signalling for Niall to go ahead and that you were going into another store.  He smiled apologetically at you and turned to smile with the fans. Inside the store, you saw a lot of nice dresses. After browsing the racks for a bit, you spotted a short black backless dress with red gems arranged in patterns. You pulled it off the rack and turned to see Niall walking in the store.


‘I’m sorry babe, it won’t happen again today. From now on, you are my main focus. That is a hot dress by the way, can I see it on?’ He winked at you and you walked over to the change rooms. There were two change rooms, but they were both full so you took a place out front of one. The shop assistant approached you and ran a critical eye over the outfit you were wearing; a black and red plaid shirt, high waisted black shorts, suspenders and red vans.

‘Miss, are you sure you should be in this store? Its really only for the upper class citizens who can afford the clothing we have.’ You were taken aback.

‘And what makes you think I can’t afford this dress?’

‘The fact that you’re here with Niall Horan. I know who you are and you’re just using him for his money. You can say whatever you like to the press about you being with him because you truly love him, but the only people your fooling are them and Niall but one day he’s going to realise that there are people who are of equal worth to him and that the only reason he’s with you is for charity. I think it’s sad, but he must see a benefit in it. Do you honestly think I would even allow you to try that dress on? I need you to leave the store immediately before I call security.’ People didn’t normally hurt you but one of the things you were scared of was people thinking you were only with Niall for his social status and his money. You truly did love him.

‘Yeah, I’ll leave, if you explain to me what the hell I’ve done!’ She stared directly at you, scaring you.

‘You stole my boyfriend.’ She looked over your shoulder and smiled sweetly. You turned and looked at Niall.

‘Niall, sweetie, I see you moved on quickly.’

‘Not as quick as you did Georgia. How long did it take you? A week? I can tell you were so torn up about the whole thing. Irish, this is Georgia, my ex-girlfriend. I dated her before you for about a month and broke up with her because she cheated on me. We had such a great relationship. How are you Georgia? Actually, I have another question first, why are you harassing my girlfriend? She didn’t do anything to you. Take it out on me if anyone but not her, she’s done nothing.’ Georgia stared back at you.

‘Irish? Right. Cool name. Now if you don’t mind hurrying up?’ You looked at the two closed changing room curtains.

‘Georgia, right? The change rooms are in use…’ Georgia let out a heavy sigh and pulled a curtain back, revealing an empty changing area. She walked away and left you and Niall alone. As you took a step towards the change room, Niall wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you back into him. He wrapped his other arm around you and you hid your face in his chest. He just held you for a few moments before he pulled away hold you at arms length from his body.

‘Are you alright? I hope she didn’t say anything to offend you.’

‘Nothing I can’t handle.’ He smiled at you and kissed your forehead.

‘Now go and put that dress on! I wanna see!’ You laughed at his pushiness but did as he asked. After changing you walked out and showed Niall the dress.

‘What do you think?’ He looked you up and down with a smirk.

‘I think I’m going to have a hard time letting you go from my side next week. You look stunning.’

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