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One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


27. Grace & Niall - Request

Cus we be in the club
Bottles on deck and god dammit, god dammit I'm feelin' myself
Cus I'm gon' get it all
And I'm a throw it up like god dammit, god dammit I'm feelin' myself
Look up in the mirror, the mirror look at me
The mirror be like baby you the shit god dammit…’


The grin on your face couldn’t have been bigger as you walked around the small house your best friend had rented for your party. It was the night before your birthday and more than fifty people had shown up. Granted, you had met most of them through your boyfriend Niall, you were still surprised they showed up when they knew he wouldn’t be here. It was no secret that your relationship ended on a bad note just a week ago. You hadn’t seen him and he hadn’t seen you which was probably for the best.
Time was passing quickly and you soon found the party had died down, due to it being early in the morning. The party for you however was still in full swing. You were taking tequila shots with a guy named Matt. He was one of your friends from high school who you had kept in touch with. The two of you had dated but only for a couple of months as you found it better to just be friends. As your second shot glass touched your lips and you downed the liquid, you felt and arm wrap around your back and a hand land on your ass.

You dropped the glass down to the table and stared at the owner of the hand, Matt. He winked at you before leaning down to kiss you. He had taken several more shots than you and god knows how many drinks before that. True you had liked him, about ten years ago, but those feelings were long gone.

‘What’re you doing?’

‘I’m trying to get it from the birthday girl.’ He was slurring his words, an obvious indication he had downed many more drinks than you.

‘Matt… I thought we agreed things were over between us…’

‘They are, but we can still have fun.’ You inched away from him, only to have his hand drag you back towards him.

‘Matthew! Let me go now!’ He gritted his teeth and once again attempted to kiss you, succeeding after pushing you into the cupboard with the handle digging into your back. After several seconds of no response on your end, he pulled you back and threw you to the floor where you collided with the fridge and a ton of empty bottles.

‘Get up!’ He was growling at you now, definitely not the person you knew.


‘You aren’t worth it.’ The last you rememeber is colliding with the fridge and seeing him wak out the front door, slamming it behind him…


The memory was a hard one for you to have to recall to paramedics and police officers, but over and over you were forced to. You had blacked out from the sight of the blood and had woken up in a hospital bed. No-one had been around. Each time something had happened, Niall had been around. He was always there when you woke up, always there to cry to and to laugh with.

‘Nurse!’ You called before the thoughts could make you cry. A nurse dressed in a dark blue dress came running in with an alarmed look on her face.

‘Wha-. Oh, you’re awake. Um, we weren’t sure if you had anyone you wanted to call and we were planning on asking you once you awoke.’

‘No, well I do, but he… isn’t available. What’s wrong with me?’ The nurse walked further into the room and unclipped the chart from the end of your bed.

‘You’re pretty lucky Miss, just a few stitches in your left hand, bruising on your back, and a sprained ankle.’

‘Can I go home then?’

‘Of course, you just need someone to come and collect you. That’s the reason we were wondering if you had anyone to call… Perhaps that man you were talking about will be available to come and retrieve you?’ Tears prickled the corners of your eyes at what he’d think of you.

‘No. Just call Mia. Her numbers in my phone.’ You looked around the room looking for a bag of belongings.

‘In the patient locker Miss. We’ll do as you wish.’


An hour later you were at your own house. Mia had insisted on staying, but you insisted you were fine till she got to the point of being sick of hearing you say it. As soon as she left, you had limped to the couch and collapsed, holding a pillow close and allowing a few tears to escape.

Before you had a chance to properly cry, there was a knock on your front door. You ignored it and covered your head with the pillow. You wanted to be alone. You had started counting sheep, hoping sleep would engulf you, but after only four sheep, you felt someone’s hand softly touch yours. Startled and scared for anyone to be close to you again, you cowered under the pillow. The warm hands were gentle, and they pried the pillow from your grasp.

‘Grace?’ No. Now you were delusional. Screw the universe and it’s cruel ways. You refused to believe he was here.

‘Sometimes life plays cruel tricks on you.’

‘Huh?’ You opened one eye, and saw his perfect blue ones looking at you with regret.

‘Niall? Two questions. Are you real and why are you here?’ He looked hurt that you would even ask him, but he faked a smile.

‘I think I’m real, but there’s no sure fire way of telling. And I’m here because I received a phone call from a rather distressed Mia saying you just got out of hospital. Now here’s my questions for you. Firstly, what the hell happened to you? Secondly, Why didn’t you call me?’

‘I… err… fell? Yeah. I fell. Down stairs. Nasty things they are. Also, I didn’t call you because... It hurt. To think that I’d be dragging you away from something important and just the way things ended between us…’

‘Grace, it sounds like your trying to convince yourself of what happened. Can you just cut to the point and please tell me? Let’s just get something straight. Nothing is ever more important than you. Ever. I know we left in on a bad note, but that’s another thing I want to talk about… By the way, your spare key is still in the same spot. I was surprised to be honest. Aren’t you one to keep changing hiding spots so you don’t remember where you put things anymore?’ You smiled at that. He knew you too well. Your smile however, faded as you explained to him what happened. You were looking down by the time you finished, but he ducked his head so he could still look up at you.

‘You know, I really oughta have a word to this Matthew…’

‘Ni. He’s not worth the air he breathes.’

‘You got that right,’ he mumbled under his breath.

‘Are we okay? And by that I mean what’s the deal with us…?’ He looked away for a second and frowned.

‘Well, I ruined things last time because I didn’t show you I cared enough. But I do. I care about us more than anything. So, its really up to you to decide what is to become of us. I’m not going to say I’m fine with whatever you choose, because honestly I won’t be if that option is to not be able to have you, but its your decision. I’d just like to know.’ Your head was screaming at you to just kiss him, and begin your relationship again like nothing happened. But a part of you wanted to make him sweat it out a little.

‘Gee.. I don-‘ He cut you off by kissing you, and your smile was enough of a confirmation for him that everything was okay between you too.



So this is kind of a dark return to writing for me... I was on hiatus for a couple of weeks, only cause school went back etc. I think this is the last one of these imagines i write, i mean about all the violence and shit. Anywhoo- this ones for _gracehoran ! Hope you like it!

Oh! And yes, i am back. i shall be writing alot more. But humans, be patient. It takes about an hour or even two to write my imagines because i like them long //not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter ;) \\

Argh! And i went to Soundwave yesterday and The Never Ever the day before. They signed my phone case, and i got photos with them and touched them and they touched me and.... I love life sometimes.

 Till next time!!

 Xx - S



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