One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


11. Crystal & Zayn - Request

You were standing backstage of a television interview and Zayn Malik himself was here. Of course the other members of One Direction were here but you had seen Zayn a few times in the studio for several other interviews and you couldn’t help the fluttery feeling your heart got when you saw him. Never before had you gotten this feeling over a guy.


As you were standing in the screening room behind the main stage, you were joined by another member of staff.

‘Crystal, you need to get back to work.’ You turned to face the worker with a scowl.

‘Can you just hold on a sec, please?’ The worker looked at you before sighing and walking off. You turned back to the screen in time to catch the interviewers next question.

‘So Zayn, since you’re single, what do you look for in a girl? I mean exact qualities. Do you have a specific hair colour you prefer on girls or a particular eye colour?’ You noticed Zayn furrow his eyebrows, deep in thought.

‘I guess I like someone who stands out… so a bright colour for hair… red maybe? Yeah, red, it’s a cool colour’

‘It also means they go faster… in the bedroom,’ Niall interrupted. The room erupted with laughter and Zayn just shook his head.

‘Thanks for that little piece of information; I can now continue living my life.’

‘Zayn, you’ve said hair colour, but do you have an eye colour to match the perfect girl?’

‘Red?’ Again, laughter escaped everyone’s mouths.

‘Do you want a vampire?’ Liam asked.

‘Nah, a human’s fine. I think blue, like Niall’s. They’re very majestic.’ Niall awed and wrapped his arm around Zayn’s shoulder, wiping away an invisible tear.

You heard a loud bang and turned around to see a teenage girl storming through the room. She approached you.

‘Crystal?’ You looked at her, utterly confused, and nodded your head.

‘I need you to get me to meet One Direction. If you don’t, I’ll tell every girl outside this studio how to get in the way I did.’ You looked at the girl, then at the screen, then back to the girl.

‘I... don’t know… I guess one person wouldn’t hurt, better than hundreds. How do you know my name?’

‘I’m the bosses’ daughter, I know everyone’s name.’ You skimmed over the teenagers outfit and saw a pass around her neck signalling she was indeed your bosses daughter.

‘You’ll have to wait until he’s finished the interview.’

‘Fine.’ With that she turned on her heel and sat on the nearest couch. You positioned your headpiece on your head and requested your boss.

‘Hello? You’re daughter wants to meet One Direction… do I have your permission to let her?’ Your boss said yes and you took off the headset.


After ten minutes, the interview came to a close and your bosses’ daughter jumped up.

‘I’m Maya, by the way.’ You nodded and watched the screen as Zayn and the rest of the boys left the stage, into the room you were in.

‘Excuse me boys, but Maya here has specially requested to meet you.’ Zayn looked up at you and stopped. You became self-conscious and turned away, motioning for Maya to get her meet and greets over with. She let out a small squeal and raced over to Louis, jumping into a hug. You watched Maya as she moved around the other members, but you couldn’t help noticing Zayn watching you.

‘Zayn, I find it a ha-yuge coincidence that this young lady standing before you fits your description of the perfect woman. I mean, red hair for extra fast bedroom activity: check. And Niall eyes… check!!’ You looked over at Harry who said it and he smiled at you. Returning the smile you looked over at Maya who was engrossed in a conversation with Liam. You looked at Zayn and he met your gaze before you both smiled. You heard one of the boys wolf whistle and the others laugh.

‘I… um… have to check the… couch… in the dressing room is sufficiently soft… Liam, Maya, Harry, Louis… can you help me?’ You looked at Niall’s lame excuse to get the others out of the room to give you two some privacy. You and Zayn watched as the others left the room giving you sly smiles and winking. You turned to Zayn.

‘So I’m guessing you heard the interview… it's strange… I never thought I’d find you, yet here you are.’ You smiled at what he said. He found you. You couldn’t speak. You didn’t know what he meant. Maybe you were over-reacting.

‘I’m just going to cut to the chase. I have a crush on you. I know I don’t know you at all, but I really want to. The way I feel every time I see your picture… is indescribable. I’ve seen you here a few times and I’ve never had the chance to come up to you and talk.’ He smiled at you.

‘Well, I don’t know you either, but I’d like to. How about dinner, tomorrow night?’ Wait. Hold the phone. Deep breaths.

‘Sounds great.’

‘Can I have your phone for a minute?’ You pulled your phone out and handed it to him. He unlocked it and looked at you.

‘You don’t have a password?’

‘I have no need for one. No one takes my phone.’

‘Lucky girl.’ That you were. He played around with it for about half a minute then handed it back. Your read the new contact: Zayn <3 . You looked at him and laughed as he winked.

The two of you sat on the closest couch and talked until the studio was about to close for the day. He gave you a soft kiss on the cheek and said goodbye, leaving with the other boys. They were all elbowing him and saying ‘you’re in’. He just smiled and winked at you over his shoulder. It was true.

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