One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


23. Claire & Liam - Request

The train rattled past your building on the other side of the road, and the people in the room next door had a crying baby. It wasn’t like this every morning, your neighbour changed almost everyday. Yesterday, it was a couple who were arguing over where they were going next. You had only been staying in the downtown motel for a few weeks after being kicked out of your apartment you shared with your best friend, Rachel. You could have been in a worse place, and you could have nowhere to stay at all, so you weren’t complaining. You had started distancing yourself from people, especially your boyfriend, Liam, so they wouldn’t find out what was going on. Other than your living arrangements, you tried to carry on as if nothing was wrong. Looking at the clock on the bedside table, you slid out of bed, looking for your work clothes.


‘Hello! What can I get for you?’ Fake smile? Check. Cheerful tone? Check.

‘A latte, decaf, on soy.’

‘Was that to have here or takeaway?’

‘Takeaway. And make it fast, I have important places to be.’ You turned away from the rude customer and entered the order into the cash register. After receiving the money from the customer and hanging up the order, you returned to the counter.

‘Who was next waiting?’ You turned your head to the clock and from the corner of your eye, you saw someone approach. Without looking at them, you said the same thing you had said all day.

‘Hello, what can I get for you?’

‘You.’ You knew that voice. You looked up and there he was.

‘Li! What’re you doing here?’ He grinned at you.

‘I was actually wondering when you finish, I needa talk to you.’ You looked at the clock.

‘In an hour and a half.’

‘Alright, I’ll be back then, don’t leave without me love. And while I’m here, I may as well grab a coffee. You know what I like.’ He winked at you and you turned to the register, entering his order. He gave you the money and stood around waiting for his drink. As he was about to leave, he turned to you.

‘I’ll see you later babe.’ You waved and turned to the next customer who was already glowering at you…


The rest of your shift dragged on, and you were plagued with the thought of exactly what he might want to talk about. Was he going to break up with you? Did he know where you were staying? Was he leaving for another tour? Was he dying? Okay, so maybe the last one was a bit ridiculous but you couldn’t help but think it. As you walked out the front of the café after your shift, you sat on a bench waiting for Liam. He arrived moments later and smiled at you.

‘So what exactly is it you wanted to talk about?’

‘I don’t even get a kiss first?’ You blushed, and leaned in pressing your lips to his. After a few moments, you pulled back grinning.

‘Happy now?’

‘Ecstatic. So, I was with Niall today and we were on the main street and we saw Rachel.’

‘Cool. And?’

‘She told me to tell you that if I saw you anytime soon, she wanted me to tell you that she wants you to come back and that she’s so sorry for what she said and she didn’t actually mean it and she hopes you’re okay and nothing happened. I was just wondering if you could explain that to me.’ You turned away, looking at the leaves scattered on the ground. All the different shades of orange and brown going through them… ‘Claire?’

‘Huh?’ He raised his eyebrows at you. ‘Oh, right. Well um, about two weeks ago, we had a fight and she said I could no longer live with her, so I left. I haven’t spoken to her since.’

‘You left? Where have you been staying?’

‘Downtown. It’s fine, quite nice really.’

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘Because it’s complicated Liam, okay? If people found out, they’d hate me even more than they already do and there’s no stopping them from coming to the motel and harassing me! I have to go. Bye.’ You got up and walked away, tears brimming your eyes. It hurt to admit what was going on and that you couldn’t even manage to have an actual place to stay. The hate was coming in so frequently these days, it really hurt you. You just couldn’t handle everything that was going on, and everything was just piling up, destroying you on the inside. You hadn’t cried in ages because you kept your emotions hidden, but now you’d let your walls down for just a moment, everything came crashing down.


It was several blocks to the motel but once you were inside your room, you slammed the door and collapsed on the bed. The tears flowed freely and it wasn’t long before your pillow was soaked and stained black with mascara. As the tears finally ran out, you sat up, wiping you hand over your eyes removing traces of the tears. You had to keep it together and you had to go see Liam and apologise. Standing and moving over to the mirror, you cleared your eyes, took a deep breath and headed for the door, grabbing your purse on the way. You hailed a taxi that had probably took a wrong turn and ended up on your street, but whatever the reason it was around, you were grateful.

‘Hello ma’am. Where are you headed?’ You smiled at him and told him Liam’s address before sitting back in the seat and watching the landscape of buildings race past. It was only a five minute drive, but it felt like forever.

‘Thank you.’ You paid the driver and got out, looking at Liam’s house. It was quite grand, and in a much nicer neighbourhood than where you were staying. You slowly walked up to his front door, silently praying he was home. You rang the doorbell and after a few seconds, the door opened. Niall stood there smiling.

‘Claire! Come on in! I presume you’re looking for Liam?’

‘Yeah, is he around?’ Niall nodded and pointed to the living room. You walked in behind Niall and saw they were watching a movie. Liam was lying on the couch sprawled out, with his phone in his arms above his head. He looked up at you and smiled. He was so forgiving, you didn’t deserve it. You turned to Niall.

‘Do you mind if I borrow him for a couple of minutes?’

‘Go ahead! But I must warn you Payne, I’m not waiting for you to come back to continue the movie.’ Liam grinned and stood up.

‘Eh, somehow I shall find a way to live.’ He walked over to you and took your hand, leading you down the hallway into the kitchen. He stopped and leant against the counter facing you. Down the hall you could hear the movie playing, and by the sounds of it, something was exploding. Liam looked at you, waiting for you to begin.

‘I know I lost it before, and it was totally out of line, and I want apologise. You had done nothing wrong and I treated you horribly. It was just hard finally admitting that I can’t handle life as well as I thought I could.’ He smiled and wrapped his arms around you.

‘Don’t worry about it love. I just really care about you, and I couldn’t handle it if anything bad happened to you, that’s the only reason I asked. Have you thought about where you’re going to stay now? I mean, I know you love that motel and all, but it isn’t really a long term option.’

‘Well I’m going to call Rachel and tell her you passed the message along, but I really don’t know.’

‘Why don’t you move in with me? We’ve been together almost two years, and you’re the only girl I want, so how about it?’ You smiled at him and leant in for another kiss. ‘Is that a yes?’

‘Of course! Thankyou Liam, really!’ He grinned at you.

‘Can we go back to the movie now, I was actually starting to like it!’ He grabbed your hand and the two of you walked down the hall back to the living room. Niall looked over at the two of you and grinned.

‘Welcome back. So I couldn’t help but overhear a certain conversation that may or many not have just taken place where Liam may or may not have asked you to move in. Can you confirm for me Claire if that conversation truly happened?’ You looked up and Liam who smiled.


‘You mean now I have to share your house with not only you but a female as well? I’m shocked that you would ask that of me Liam! But, because I like you Claire, I will somehow find a way to get past it. Welcome to the home! Although I must warn you, I am here quite a lot so my question for you Liam is, if I sell my house, can I move in too?’

‘Oh, of course Niall! The more the merrier! I was actually thinking of inviting the whole street to move in, but I’m just not sure on how I’d do that…’

‘Posters are a good start. Or at the next concert, you could throw about a hundred copies of your house key into the audience, that way you’d have a very exciting household. Non-stop drama! Gotta love it!’ You looked at Niall, then at Liam.

‘What have I agreed to?’ Liam grinned.

‘I wouldn’t have a clue. But this is your home now too baby!’ Liam wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you down onto the couch as Niall continued the movie. Looking around, you realised you were going to become extremely familiar with this room. Liam bowed his head down and kissed you onto the cheek.

‘Thank you. For agreeing. I love you.’ You turned your head to face him.

‘I love you too Li. And really, I should be the one thanking you.’

‘Well how bout we both thank each other and call it even?’




1,723 words! I'm proud of myself :') Tell me what you think Claire! For- Kiss Me Slowly.☯

If you want an imagine, just comment below your name, appearance, the boy you want it with and whatever else you want! I try to make my imagines around 1,000 words to make them more relatable :) xx

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