One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


28. Brenda & Louis - Request

The already dark pavement was getting darker under your feet as more and more raindrops fell. All around you, people were rushing to get back home or to find shelter but the more people you saw rushing, the slower you walked. You liked the rain. As you were passing the entrance to a public oval, you stopped. A black and white ball flying through the air and laughing caught your attention. As the ball disappeared behind a tree, you were sure you were delusional from being over tired, but once again it flew past and before you could change your mind, you were going down the path.

You stopped behind the metal fence and leaned on it, eager to see who would be willing to play in the rain. It wasn’t a team as they all trained on the other side of town in private ovals. You saw two men, late teens or early twenties running around in the mud and kicking the soccer ball to each other. As one took a tumble into a muddy puddle, the blonde one burst into hysterics before chasing the ball up. The one that had fallen quickly got up shaking mud from his hair before chasing the other. The ball was kicked over near you, and as they turned, you quickly backed up, hoping they hadn’t thought you were spying on them.

‘Er.. ‘scuse me Miss? Could you kick us our ball please?’ You stopped your retreat and walked to get their ball before kicking it in their direction. The blonde haired boy headed the ball and ran away kicking it whilst the muddy one jogged over to you.

‘Do you play?’ You shrugged your shoulders.

‘I did.’

‘Wanna join then?’ You self-consciously shifted your weight off your left leg onto your right.

‘I… would love to… but I can’t.’ He frowned.

‘Whys that?’ You looked down. ‘Sorry, you don’t have to tell me.’

‘No, its fine. I played my entire childhood and until I was sixteen, but I busted my left ankle up pretty badly on the field and I’ve just been a bit hesitant around the game ever since.’

‘Good enough reason. But you know, you can never get over a fear unless you face it.’

‘What are you implying?’

‘That you should come kick the ball around with us. Get your confidence back.’

‘I don’t…’

‘Plus, to be honest, I think you’re rather attractive and would like to get to know you better. So? Are you in or out?’

‘Oh why the hell not.’

‘That’s the spirit!’ He dragged you out to the other boy who was curiously watching the whole scene from a distance.

‘Horan! Come meet my new friend!’

‘You don’t even know my name.’

‘Yes I do! Its… ya know. That one. Yeah, the one you’re thinking of!’


‘Pleasure to meet you Brenda! I’m-‘

‘Tomlinson. Louis. Seriously mate, I’d have to have been living under a rock for the past three years to not know who you are.’

‘But the best part about meeting someone is them not knowing who you are… you’re breakin’ my heart Brenny!’

‘My sincerest apologies. How could I ever make it up to you?’

‘Don’t ask him that because he’ll want your number then your stuck with the daft git.’ You turned to the blonde one.

‘Tis a pleasure Niall.’ He grinned at you. Suddenly a phone appeared in front of you and Louis subtly coughed. The screen was open to a new contact, so to his pleasure, you entered your digits and saved it.

‘Nice doing business with you Madame. Now, let’s get this shit started! Niall, take it easy on her, this is her rehab.’

‘She’s in soccer rehab and allowed to be around you… oh yeah. Makes perfect sense.’ Louis grinned at Niall and knocked the ball out of his hands before running off with it. You looked at Niall, and he looked at you. Without a spoken word, the two of you took after Louis. As he saw you’s approaching, he swerved and kicked the ball to the far side of the oval. The chase continued for a good few minutes till you collided with Louis and fell back into the mud. You looked at Louis who was sitting up rubbing his head. You quickly grabbed your ankle and began wailing in pain. He rushed over to you and Niall began over to you until you nodded at him and winked. His eyebrows furrowed and you nodded your head to the direction of the ball. As soon as he ran off to it you turned your attention to Louis.

‘-really didn’t mean to hurt you.’ You silenced him with a quick kiss then got up and ran for the ball. You turned to Louis who was on the ground dumbstruck. You high-fived Niall and you soon found yourself being grabbed from behind and spun around. Louis put you down and you soon found yourself in his arms looking up to his smiling face. He held you close and as he leaned down, you heard Niall mutter;

‘Well that escalated quickly.’ You simply ignored him and Louis closed the distance between you two.



'I thought of angels choking on their halos....'

Cause i'm cheerful like that. Just thought i'd point out i love Fall Out Boy.

So this one is a total cliche, but IDGAF, its fan fiction. This genre is made of cliches and crap. This one is for Baby Jane . Hope ya like it!

 Till Next Time! Xx - S

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