One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
I take requests, so what are you waiting for? ;) x


21. Beth & Harry - Request

Going clubbing was never really your favourite past-time. Your shyness didn’t help, as you found it hard to converse with new people. It was the first night you had been to a club since you broke up with your boyfriend Jake two months ago. He broke your heart, and after him, you just couldn’t trust guys. Your best friend was buying the first round of drinks and after constantly refusing to accept one, you finally downed the glass. Returning to the bar to retrieve the second round, you saw a familiar face. The face of the devil.

‘Hey Beth babes! I’ve missed you! Come back home with me! I’m sure my girlfriend won’t mind!’ His words were slurred and his clothes were dishevelled. Still the same disgusting guy you once loved.

‘You are a whore Jake. Never am I ever going to go back to that dump you call home. Why would I? You cheated on me, in the room we shared! You’re a disgusting animal! Leave me alone.’

‘Now that’s no way to talk to me!’ His tone was sharper and his face grew angry. He grabbed your arm in a steel grip.

‘Let go of me! That hurts!’ He just smirked at you before pushing you away and throwing his drink on you.

‘Attention. That’s all you want. And that’s what you’ll get.’ He slapped you, sending you crashing into the guy behind you. You half turned to face the stranger, vision blurred by tears.


‘Don’t worry about it. Who did that to you?’ He was looking at your dark red cheek.

‘My ex. But its fine. I have to go.’ As you turned to make your escape, he wrapped an arm around you.

‘Wait. Which ones your ex?’ You rubbed the tears from your eyes and looked at Jake who was laughing. Pointing, the stranger let go of you and walked up to him. Jake glared at the stranger.

‘Who are you?’

‘I’m Harry, and I believe you deserve this.’ With that, ‘Harry’ punched Jake square in the jaw. He fell backwards colliding with the bar. ‘You need to leave. Now’ Jake turned and walked towards the exit, yelling a string of cusses at you. Harry turned back to you.

‘I never caught your name miss.’

‘Beth. And thankyou for that, you didn’t have to do that.’ He smiled.

‘I’m Harry. And actually I did, no guy should ever hurt a girl. Are you alright?’

‘Yeah, but I better be going.’

‘Mind if I come with you?’ You smiled and shrugged.

‘Why not.’

‘I like your smile, it brings out your dimples.’ You blushed and ducked your head. He wrapped an arm around your waist and the two of you walked to the door.

‘Wait.’ You looked around the club, searching for your friend. You saw her dancing with a guy. Pulling out your phone you called her. You saw her stop and pull her phone out of her back pocket.


‘Hey. I’m leaving, you can stay though.’



‘Go, go! I’ll see you tomorrow!’ With that she hung up and you turned back to Harry.

‘Lets go!’ He smiled at you and held the door open for you. The cold air swirled around you and stung your cheek.

‘Are you cold?’

‘A bit.’

‘Here.’ He took his jacket off and hung it over your shoulders. You smiled at him and grabbed his hand.

‘Thank you.’ He held you close as the two of you continued walking. After walking several blocks and passing several clubs, you realised you had no clue where you were going.

‘Harry? Where are we going?’

‘I’ve got no clue. I was following you.’ You laughed and looked at the street sign. You were about five minutes from your flat.

‘Well it looks like I’m taking you home.’ He raised his eyebrows at you. ‘No! Not like that! I just met you!’ He laughed.

‘Not that I’d have any complaints, I would rather get to know you better.’ You turned the next street and walked until you were at your building.

‘Would you like to come in?’

‘Sure.’ You unlocked the door and held it for him. He walked in and lay down on your couch.

‘I like your couch. It’s so spacious.’ He held such a serious expression until the corner of his mouth twitched. You laughed and walked over to him.

‘Care to make room for me?’

‘Nup. I’m comfortable.’

‘Do you usually walk into people’s houses and claim pieces of their furniture?’

‘No, it’s just you! Aren’t you lucky!’

‘Extremely.’ You looked at the couch, then at him, then back at the couch. He made no attempt to move so you sat on him. ‘Are you going to move now?’

‘Only if you give me your number and tell me where you got this couch.’

‘Phone then?’ He reached his phone out of his pocket handed it to you. After entering your number, you added a note to your contact on the furniture store where you had purchased the couch. You handed it back to him and he smiled at you satisfied. He tickled you and as you were laughing, you slipped off of him. He sat up and patted the couch next to him, smiling.

‘Now, Beth. Tell me about yourself.’

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