"Now for the first time in Hogwarts, we are allowing to have one head girl and one head boy for each house. That means that the person here in front are the ones who are going to be this year's head girls and head boys. Let's give them a round of applause."

Wait.. If Mcgonagall said that the persons in front are going to be the head boys and head girls for the year then basically... Chase is the head girl of Slytherin!! No.. No way.. Just no.


3. Three

"Why not?" Malfoy smirked while his hand runs through his blonde hair. I looked at him to see his steel gray eyes staring at me. I felt some butterflies flying inside my tummy and I tried to calm it down (if that makes sense) by wrapping my arm around that area.

After the release of the butterflies, I scanned every part of his face, his eyes that twinkle everytime I saw them and his lips, his cute pink lips, can make really make you want to kiss him. God I can stare at this all night long. Wait? What the actual fuck? Dude, it's bloody Malfoy. It's not Oliver Wood.

"B-Because that's shitty and I prefer Keaton" I stuttered. Since then I tried not to look at him again before I become Lavender Brown a.k.a Ron's fling in his 6th year in Hogwarts. God, even the thought of being Lavender kills me.

"But that's for.." "Guys. I know. " I cut him off, knowing what he's going to say if I didn't stop him. Knowing Malfoy, he sure does like to push the buttons of other people. To be honest, I don't know why my parents named me Keaton and my younger sister Maxwell. It's like they have this weird obsession with girls that have boy names. And to be honest, being a boyish person myself, I do like their obsession.

"Oh.. So what's your full name." Malfoy asked.

"Why?" "Just answer me Keaton." He sighed. Wait did he just called me by my first name? Oh bloody hell he did.

"First name basis eh?" I joked with own of my eyebrows raised.

"Yeah. It's just weird if I call you Chase all the time. Besides we now live together. Now answer my question please." And now he's saying please. Is he high or something?

"Are you high because I'm pretty sure you are. I mean, I have two evidences that proves that you're high. First, you called me by my first name which knowing you for the past 6 years, you would never do that..." I stopped when I was interrupted by his laugh.

"What?" I asked.

"It's just people change okay and can you please answer my question so I know at least a thing from you besides being a muggle." He said then he pouted. I'm serious here dude, he pouted like a 5 year old kid asking you to buy some candy for him.

"Fine ferret.. My name is Keaton Grace Chase. I know it rhymes so shut the fuck up." I warned him because he's laughing again. I looked at him with my stop-laughing-before-I-kill-you look, my signature one, and he seems to notice it. He then stopped laughing.

"Tell me more." He said with a smile. What is wrong with this boy? A minute ago his shooting daggers at me when I saw him talking to himself and now he wants to know me more? What a jerk.

"Well, I live in London and studied in Breanne Academy again in London. I have.." I stopped when I saw him sleeping on his bed. I sighed and changed my clothes in the bathroom. After a few minutes of washing my face and brushing my teeth, I finally changed into my pajamas. A gray pajama and a #fucktard shirt completes my whole go-to-sleep look. I left the bathroom and went straight for my bed to sleep. --------------------------------------- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::----------------------------------------------

The next morning I know that something bad is going to happen. I mean I'm in the same room as the prankster of Slytherin is. Anything bad could happen. But then Malfoy was nowhere to be found. I yawned and turned around to see my phone buzzing. Arghh.. Why do people keep texting me so early in the morning. I grabbed it and typed the password. Once the phone accepted the numbers, I looked straight to messages then Hermione's contact popped on my screen. I pressed the green button and put my phone near my ear.

"Yo wazzup?" I asked Hermione.

"Nothing much. How's your night with Malfoy?" I knew this was coming! Shit what am I going to say? How about "Yeah Mione I just stared at him for a couple of minutes while he asks me about myself. ". Nah that's crap.. Hmm.

"Um it's okay. Nothing much happened."

"Oh great then come at the Gryffindor's Head Boy..."

"Head Boy and Head Girl Common Room.. Yeah I got it.. Give me a minute." I said, making her hold. I picked some clothes from my luggage and rushed to the bathroom but when I turned the knob, the door was locked. I grabbed my wand and pointed at the door knob.

"Alohomora" I whispered. Now with the door open, I entered the bathroom but then I was greeted by a perverted offer.

"Care for some bath?" Probably naked Malfoy smirked. He is in our tub, naked and with a pink shower cap covering his hair. Yes, you heard me right fellas. A hot Barbie pink shower cap for Draco Malfoy's bath experience.

"Fuck you" I shouted covering my eyes. After that weird incident, I left the bathroom.

"You wish" Malfoy replied. I then left the room still on my pj's with my clean clothes crumpled on my right hand.

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