Who will it be? (ON HOLD)


4. what the hell?

*during car drive*

What.the.fuck. Is all I can think , what the hell just happen. I was planning on having a nice afternoon, with a new friend . I have no idea why it just blew up. Why did I call her a bitch, she started it , did I just make it worse? Okay no. I happily defended myself that's what I'm going with. Besides I was telling the truth when I didn't know they were dating, why would she assume I'm taking Lou away from her . Probably because she's done it to someone before , but I'm not like her . I'm way over thinking this. I hope she doesn't tell louis tho.*

I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't realize I had gotten home already.

When I unlock the door to the house Victoria's on the couch watching tv. " How was work ," I ask her casually. " fine.", she replies , " have you gotten a job yet?", she asks. Crap should I tell her about the whole Eleanor thing? " uh , um , no ha I'm still looking." , I say hoping she won't ask about the dress I'm wearing . " What's with the dress?", she says half chuckling . DAMN YOU VICTORIA! What should I say , oh why can't you mind your own business , I don't want to lie about this either! Ugh ! " I , I went shopping!" , there I go lieing again! " you went shopping?" , she says surprisingly , which I don't know why? Can't I go shopping? " yeah I had nothing to do s-" " with what money? You know how Bo feels about wasting money." She says cutting me off. I stand still , there goes another argument with Bo." Well I didn't waste that much money , you know . And so what if I did go shopping I don't care what she says", I lie , I know how Bo can get." Okay. Well there's some left over chicken in the microwave if your hungry", she offers . " yeah thanks , let me just get out of this dress , wouldn't want to ruin it. " , I reply. She nods at my answer.

* after she changes*

I walk down the stairs and see Bo in the kitchen , drinking coffee I guess.

" where were you all afternoon ?" , she asks , she didn't even look where I am how could she know I was here. " I um I was at The mall Sho-pping." I say struggling in almost every word cause I know I don't wanna see her reaction." With what money?", she says concerned. Oh no. Should I just tell her about the thing that happend between me and El? It would be more easier." I I I , I got some money from Lou .", I say. " oh " , was all she said. Well that worked. I think . I still think we should go clubbing with the boys , even though I have to face that bitchy twat. It could be fun." Hey so El invited us clubbing with the guys , we should go?" , I say. " I don't think tha-", I cut her off, " just come on!, I don't know what you have against Lou , but you said you where over it! Come on it would be a fun night in London , just like we always wanted ," I was right. " you know what fine, I just ."

" just what?", I ask . " nothing , nothing , we'll go." , she says in a totally different tone. Alrighty then.

" yay , alright I got some dresses from El-", I stopped as soon as I knew what I was about to say. " El?", crap! " yeah it's a store in the mall", is it just me or I'm I getting better at lieing. " oh , I just thought , Nevermind , I'm gunna go get some sleep." , " okay " , I replied. That was strange.

*next morning*

" WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!" , as soon as I heard that I fell on the floor." WHAT THE HELL VICTORIA!", I yell getting off the floor. " you wouldn't wake up , what was I suppose to do!" She says." Why do you want me to wake up?!", I say half asleep." Bo told me about clubbing I wanted to go look for something! SO DID SHE SOO!", " I'm going I'm going just ugh ill be downstairs in 10 mins!" , I say obviously annoyed . " cranky cranky!, we' ll be waiting !", she says how can someone be so hyper in the morning !


" Hurry!", I hear Bo say. " I'm on my way Geez!" , I say going down stairs.


As we enter the car we hear Katy Perry's wide awake , not so loud cause we all know what happend last time.

As we get to the mall which took us mins and mins to get to , Stupid Siri !

We go to a lot stores , Victoria is wearing a short skin tight skirt with a short floral sleeve less shirt. And some black shiny high heels. I am wearing a black see through with studds on the back that you have to tie in the front , blue jean shorts with zippers on the side and some high heels similar to Victoria's . Bo's wearing a red tank top with a zipper in the middle and leather shorts and red high heels. We all look nice really .

We get to the house and get ready with the outfits that we bought and do our hairs.


" where the keys?", Bo said. " on the counter," I say. Victoria's waiting at the door. " Got them.", Bo says . " let's go" , Victoria says impatiently. " alright alright " I say.

We get to the boys house and I begin to get nervous as we step closer to the door. We knock on the door and I start," look you guys I need to tell you somethi-," " HELLO guys glad you could make it!" , I hear niall say as he opens the door. Damn it I knew I should've told them before . I'm ready for eleanor to blow everything in my face. I see the boys dressed as casual they look at us in awe . Which makes me feel better about myself. El is holding Lou's hand and leaning on him , almost making me wanna gag. Eleanor looked shocked , she probably thought I wouldn't come since what happend . Alright here we go she's gonna totally ," Nice you can come guys!", she says and greets us. What? I thought she was gonna humiliate me in front of everyone. Is this a plan she's doing? Ugh I wish I could just know . " guys were gunna go set up the car wanna come with?", zayn asks. " sure ", Bo and Victoria say. I wanna be by myself right now so ill just stay in here " I'm fine here guys ", I say. " el?" Louis asks. " Oh no ill stay here with Yess", she smirks. Oh no. " okay.", Lou says. As they walk out . I turn to Eleanor and walks to me grabbing my arm hardly and pushing me to the wall. WHAT THE HELL.....

Hope you guys like it.

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