Who will it be? (ON HOLD)


3. sass

" why aren't you back there , with the guys " I asked her . " oh no it's nothing I just don't feel so good ." " oh , do u need anything " I ask . " no you go ahead and have fun " she replies. " Alrighty then , it was nice meeting you. "

* Eleanor's P.O.V*

It was nice meeting you " she said . As she headed out the kitchen. " HEY " I called at her . " yeah ?" She asks . " Well I wanted to tell you that the guys always go clubbing on Fridays , maybe you and your friends should come along to. And maybe even tommorow I can give you my address and we can give each other advice on what to wear ! Sounds good ?" I ask. " Um s sure, why not " she seemed unsure but I know she wants too. " Great , here's my number , ill text u the deets Kay ?" " okay." And with that she left if only she knew who she was dealing with * smirks*

*Your P.O.V.*

That was weird , I barley knew her five mins and I already have her phone number . I guess it's just a start off another friendship? Who knows ? " Hey where you been ?" Victoria asks . " oh um I just met eleanor she seems nice ." " Eleanor ? " " yeah she's the girl who was here wen we came " I tell her . " oh well me and Bo thought its time to leave we wouldn't want to hit anyone else right " every one starred at us , " you what?" Niall asks . Okay well now I know louis didn't tell them . " um we um hit a dog on our way here " I tell them trying to sound as convincing as possible . " but you said anyone as in human .",zayn says. Really dude the only time you talk and you start with something like a smart ass ? " well u heard wrong !", Bo says . " yeah well bye !" Vicky adds. As we closed the door Bo asked " why didn't Lou tell them " your asking me like I know!" , I snapp at her . But then again why wouldn't he ? It doesn't make sense. We didn't do nothing wrong actually . " can we just let the past be the past " , Vicky says . " uh yeah .." Bo says as we open the doors to her car. *skip car ride *

Bo throws the keys on the counter ," I'm exhausted , the driving the walking the eating -" " The hitting someone with your car " I giggle . " OH shut up !" , she replies. Victoria already upstairs dead asleep. I head up stairs too. I guess I'll tell them about the eleanor thing in the morning

* next morning*

The girls had gone to work I'm still looking bcuz no one told me you can register before you move . It's 12:00 and I got a message from el 10 mins ago

El : heyy I'm not home yet , ill be there by 1:00

Me: yeah it's fine , ill be getting ready .

As time passes by its 12:54 I head to my car and drive to the address Eleanor texted me. It's a wonderful house if I'm in the rite address . I knock on the door and soon eleanor comes with a dress in her hands " come in !" She says . " you have a wonderful house !" , I say and mean it . " thanks but come over here , this is where I try my cloths on." , damn it's big and full on wonderful dresses . " Shall we get started " I nod and start trying on cloths.

* 40 mins past *

This is the 8 dress I've tried on and they all look good . So I can't really choose . I turn to el where she's in front of the mirror holding a black dress to her body . " that won't get louis away from me " , she smiles . I look at her confused . " don't play dumb yess , I know you like Lou but if you want him away from me it won't be in that dress !" She points at the dress I'm wearing, what the actual fuck is wrong with her . " I have no idea what your talking about " I say . " c'mon u knew Lou was with me and you just want him all to your self , don't you ." She says this so calmly it scares me . " look I don't know what your talking about and I would never take Lou away from you , I'm not that type of person , I didn't even know u two were dating !" I say. " of course u DIDNT but now that you do u have everything planed don't you ?!" She hisses . " NO BECAUSE IM NOT A BITCH , LIKE YOU !! " , I spit. And with that I leave with my stuff taking the dress bcuz god damn it looked fabulous on me !

Hope you guys like it, I'm new at doing this doe.

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