truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


2. Who's this

I’m woken up by my alarm clock. I reach my arm out of the covers and instantly try and find it, I knock over a couple of things before reaching the snooze button and hitting it with my fist. I slide my feet out of the covers and sit up, my feet scurry to find my slippers while my eyes try and keep open, as soon as I turn the light on I feel like a vampire mimicking the hissing and sensitivity to the light. Ouch!” I quietly scream as I cover my delicate face to hide it from the vicious rays of light. “This is going to be a long week” I moan.

1 week later

I push the doors open to my high school “Great!” I think “I’m late on my first day back” The corridors silent and I feel a cold breeze sweep past me as a piece of paper flies freely down the hall. “What class do I have next?” I contemplate “…Biology!” I run to my locker and fiddle with the padlock until it undoes itself; I stumble around my locker until I find the precise book. I run to the classroom B14 and burst the door open instantly all eyes are on me.

“Miss Grande, your late… again” she huffs “Take your seat” she says as she turns back to the blackboard. I hesitantly walk down the rows of desks; first I past all the nerds at the front of the class, they all can’t be bothered to look at me; they’re too interested in their work. Next I past the standard people who aren’t really interested in staring but aren’t too interested in the work that Mrs Falcon is displaying on the board, the next row are the cheerleaders…

“Hooray” I say sarcastically under my breath. I watch Chelsea blow her gum into a bubble and gaze as it pops and slithers back into her mouth, they all stare at me with their cold, icy, malicious eyes and watch me make my way to my seat. In the 4th row are the jocks “Look at them” I whisper to myself as I see the jocks trying to impress the cheerleaders “Idiots” I murmur. The jocks turn my way and start sniggering under their breaths at me, well at least that’s what it feels like, and finally the last row of people in the class, the outcasts, where I belong. I walk past everyone in the last row and get pleasant greetings instead of rotten stares. I find my seat at the end of the row right in the back corner of the room, but as I take my seat Jasper slips his foot under my table and kicks the chair backwards so I end up sitting on the ground. Laughter starts to erupt from the classroom as people point their fingers at me and start patting Jasper on the back.

“You may be dismissed” Mrs Falcon exclaims packing up her things. The classroom is soon empty, quiet, and dark and I’m still sitting on the ground with tears beginning to swell in my eyes, I lay on the ground my hair spread out on the unforgivingly cold floor facing the roof wondering how this ever happened to me? Why does everyone hate me so? Why can’t just one person like me back? I hear footsteps approach me but don’t bother sitting up assuming it’s probably just Chelsea and her gang of followers, but instead of Chelsea’s cold hearted, nasally voice I hear a husky man’s voice, Jasper perhaps. I instantly sit up and find a handsome young boy crouching next to me staring into my brown eyes.

“Are you okay?” he says with a sorry frown on his face.

“Yeah, I’m fine” I say quickly getting up and brushing myself off

“You don’t look fine” He says looking me up and down

 “Yeah, well I am” I say confused, who is this charming boy? And why does he care about me? “Who are you?” I say inspecting him with my eyes.

“Oh sorry, my names Niall” he states “I’m in your science class, I heard everyone laughing and saw you on the floor so I just wanted to see if you were okay?” he says innocently, I look at him and soon get lost in his blue eyes, it feels like I’m swimming easily in the middle of the ocean, I’m not drowning, I’m not sinking, I’m floating freely in relaxing blue water. “Well…” he says breaking my daydream “I have to go to lunch” he says beaming “See you in session 4” he turns around and walks out of the room.

“What just happened?” I ask myself.


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