truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


6. The tree

Chapter 6: *BRING* the warning bell rings for the first period and Niall helps me get up “Hey, Ariana” he asks as we walk towards Biology together, “Yes” I say smiling his way “I was wondering if you would like to come… hang out with me on Friday night” he says brushing the back of his head with his hand “Sure” I say trying to enclose my enthusiasm, he stands up straight and beams “Really?” “Of course Niall” I say putting my hand on his shoulder “So where are you taking me?” I say nudging him in the ribs playfully “Oh, that’s a surprise Ari” he says tagging me and running away, I race straight after him up the stairs and through the doors into the school.

“Today class we are dissecting frogs” Mr Ballot says laughing as he watches all the girls disgusted faces “I’ll go grab the frog and you grab the instruments” I say to Niall as I point in his direction, he clicks at me and goes and collects the tools. “Gross!” I say as we follow the directions and cut the frog down the belly. “Awesome” he laughs and watches the guts spew out of the wound. I gag and hold onto Niall’s arm, he looks at my face and sniggers “its okay you can take a break I’ll do all the gross bits, you can test what organs we have” he say smiling, I smile with my pale face and take a seat as I watch his biceps tense.


“Okay, it looks like we have a heart here because you can see the tunnels where the blood was pumped around in” I say as I poke it with a prodding stick, Niall writes down the answer. “Listen” I say blushing and looking down, he puts his pen down and looks me straight in the eyes “I’m really looking forward to Friday” I say childishly…

I probably look like a tomato

“What’s happening on Friday again?” he says smirking, I shove him lightly and we both laugh. *BRING* we walk towards his locker and I help him get his gear out for second period. “The other day I was thinking” He says looking straight towards the end of the corridor “Yeah?” I say encouraging him to continue “Why would anyone ever bully you?” he says in awe “Because… I’m a loser?” I say as a new expression approaches my face. Hopelessness.

He stops at a halt that I have to turn around and walk back to him. I look him up and down with an anxious look “Why did you stop?” I ask, he grabs my face with his sensitive, soft hands and caresses my face “I think I’m falling for you” he whispers and leans in and passionately kiss me. His lips are heaven, they move in synch and we both smile into the romantic, deep trance, his lips softly collide with mine and it feels right… like we were meant to be. They softly release from mine and he instantly walks away from me and to his next class, leaving me standing alone in the middle of the hall.

Mother of god…

*BRING* Lunch time finally comes around and I walk slowly to my locker and see something strange. My locker, alone, no one leaning against it, no one. I walk over to my locker with my books and fidget with the lock until it unlocks, I open the door and bang my head inside the locker, if he’s really falling for me why is he embarrassed to show it? I start lining up in the cue to get my lunch “What would you like?” the lunch lady asks with a mutual face, as normal “The salad please” I say with my head slumped down, she slops it on my plate and I move along. There’s no tables left, so I sit on the floor near the bin and start eating my lunch. “What’s a princess like you sitting near the garbage?” he asks confusedly, I jump up with excitement and embrace him with my hug “Sorry I had… an um… detention” he says frowning “It’s okay” I say, my heart flutters as we share a dreamy cuddle. “So what did you get detention for?” I ask as he escorts me out of the cafeteria, he takes a while to reply like he’s thinking “Uh… I forgot to do my homework” he says smirking, I raise my eyebrows “Wow, your teachers are strict”


“Yeah, they’re pretty hard on us” he says as he brushes my hand and quickly grabs it, I gasp quickly “Come on, I need to show you something” he says as he pulls me along the empty corridor. We run hand in hand around the school as he leads me and I follow behind. “Here we are, just around this corner” he says quietly, he covers my eyes with his hands and leads me around the corner and a rush of wind hits me in the face as we step outside, he leads me across some grass area and then he stops. He uncovers his hand from my face and I find myself staring right at the same tree we were at this morning “What’s thi…” I stop and spot what he’s done, he carved ours names on the tree, I trace my hands over his beautiful hand writing “So, you weren’t at detention?” I ask giggling “yeah” he says turning red, I turn around and face him “Don’t be embarrassed” I say looking into his striking blue eyes, and yet again I feel a swarm of butterflies forming in my stomach. “Listen Niall” I say as I lean on the tree “When you said you were... falling for me?” I say feeling my ears getting hot, I place my hand on his neck and pull him in close for a kiss, his lips smash on mine

“I think it's happening to me to” I say into the kiss. We settle down underneath the tree again “So where do you work?” I ask as I let my head lean on his chest, I feel his chest suck in quickly I giggle to myself “Uh, well I work at the local super market” he says rubbing his neck like he’s nervous, I look up at him “That’s not bad, I don’t work at all” I say sounding selfish


I quickly cover it up “But I wish I could go to work somewhere” he looks down at me and starts playing with my hair “Ariana?” I turn my head up “Yes” I ask confused “About Friday night” he says nervously, my hands start to sweat is he gonna cancel on me? “You’re going to love it” he says in his husky Irish accent, I laugh and try to get up “Come on class will be starting soon” I say seriously, he quickly grabs my wrist and pulls me back down, we both laugh. For the rest of the day I prance around the school because all this time I’ve been trying to find someone who’ll hold me, look after me and love me and… I finally have and it feels exactly like I thought it would, it feels safe; nice, and most of all I’ve finally found my prince.


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