truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


8. The secret

What to do, when you fall for someone? So hard it hurts, so much it makes you dizzy? I can’t sleep at night… I can’t focus at school anymore, what is wrong with me? I roll out of bed and get dressed into my school clothes. I stare myself up and down in the mirror and watch how my body works as I brush back my hair and do my make-up in the usual style. I trot down the stairs towards mom and watch her as I make my way over to the fridge.

“Good morning” she says placing down her paper on the coffee table “Morning mom” I say as I place a kiss on her head, not even a single grey hair is on her young head. She picks up her paper and continues reading. “So mom, would you let me go to a party?” I say casually taking an apple from the fridge, she sharply turn around as she softly slams the paper on the table “It depends what type of party it is and where the lo- “I cut her off “Mom I’m nearly 18!” I say whining and sitting down at the table, she gives me a concerning look “Who invited you?” I bite into my apple “Alexa” Mom looks at me surprised

“You haven’t spoken to her in like a year or so” she says confused “Yeah; we were talking over text last night and were going to start meeting up again” I say excitedly, she smiles and picks up her newspaper once again “That’s nice” “Bye mom!” I yell as I exit the house. I can’t stop thinking about Niall… I think I… no… it can’t be…

*BEEP* I turn around and find Alexa driving behind me in her new car she was bragging about over face book, she pulls over and opens the door for me “Hey Ariana!” she squeals “You look so grown up” she stares me up and down as I hop in the “Alexa!” I hug her and stare at her beautiful face, she has such beautiful eyes and such lovely long luscious her that flows down to her chest, some would say she’s classified as perfect, she definitely has my vote, she hits the acceleration pedal and steers the car around the corner “Are you allowed to come to the party on the weekend?” she asked keeping her eyes on the road “You know my mom Lexi, she’s really…” Lexi turns her head and stares at me for a quick few second “Over protective?” She asks, I nod “Anyway, weren’t you meant to call me when you got back from Australia?” I ask getting a bit frustrated.

She went on a holiday to Australia for 1 year and promised we’d catch up afterwards but we never did. “Oh, well I just had a lot to do Ari” she says grabbing the gum packet from the driver’s pocket, she leans over and holds the gum packet out to me “Want some?” she asks as she shoves a piece in her mouth “Sure” I say as I wiggle the gum out of its socket and place it in my mouth. “So, what’s been happening since I was gone?” she asks curious “Well… I have a boyfriend now” I say staring out at the road ahead, she shoves me in the ribs with her elbow and laughs “Ari! That’s great news what’s his name?” she giggles, I blush I look like a tomato. “Niall Horan” I say rubbing the back of my neck, Lexi's face suddenly turns into a frown “Niall?” she ask confused, I look at her expression and frown in curiosity “What’s wrong with him?” I ask as I stare at Alexa, she turns another corner and we both sway to the side “He used to be the schools bad boy” she says shocked, turning to face me

“He used to date Chelsea” she shakes her head “He used to be in that ‘popular group’” she says dittoing the sentences, I drop my expression to because now I can’t even breathe “What happened” I ask hardly holding my emotions together “He had a fight with Jasper when he was drunk and they just rejected him” She say raising her eyebrows and pursing her lips together. I sit in the car with nothing but a blank expression on my face as I think about all the nice things he’s done and how he’s never told me this before. I feel so rejected. I see Alexa hop out of the car and imitate her moves because right at this point, I can’t even function myself. But one sentence keeps running through my head. Why didn’t he tell me all this?


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