truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


19. The party night

I’m surrounded by screaming girls, and realize I’m backstage at a concert somewhere, and then I see him, I stare into his beautiful blue eyes, and feel my face drop, I see pain, regret, tiredness in them, and suddenly feel a warm tear roll down my cheek and instantly feel sniffles coming on “Why did you leave me?” I ask hearing my voice break in the middle of the sentence, he looks down at me “I had to” he whispers, dropping his face and I see a tear drop onto the floor, I go to grab him as he starts walking away but my hand goes straight through him,

What’s happening?!

I thrash furiously at the air attempting to embrace him one last time, but it’s no use, he quickly glances at me as he steps onto stage and then he’s smiling and laughing, tears fall from my eyes, and won’t stop. I wake-up sweaty, breaths short and quivery; I grab the sheets and stare at my wall,

“Was that a flash into the future of what’s going to happen?” I ask myself, Alexa props up beside me and looks shocked, I forgot Lexi was sleeping over, I stare at her “What?” I ask confused, she yawns “You were having a really bad dream last night, you were thrashing all over the place” she says imitating my movement, I cover my mouth in shock and laugh on the outside, but on the inside it feels like someone’s strangling my heart.

We both walk down the stairs and I still look dead from my horrible sleep, I reach the kitchen table and find a note that reads “Dear Ariana, I’m going out to meet a new guy I met the other night, be back at 6:00 pm” I continues reading “Stay safe at the party tonight, love you mom xx” I blink fast, I forgot the party was today “Lexi, the party’s tonight?” I ask scratching my head as I walk over to the fridge, she follows “Yeah, I’m so excited, can I do your make-up and hair?” she asks rubbing her hands together, I shrug “Sure, but don’t make me looks like a panda” I joke, she laughs “Ari, when have a I made you look like a panda?” she asks grabbing the cereal from the cupboard, I giggle “Yeah, you got me this time” I say pouring the milk into my bowl.

I feel the fluffy brush dabbing on my eyelids and giggle, Alexa grabs my face “Ariana, stay still” she says laughing, I instantly stop giggling and stay still, “Aaaaaaand, done” she says grabbing the mirror, I snatch it off of her and admire my face “Lexi... this is... so amazing” I say speechless, stroking my face with the back of my hand, I actually look pretty “Thank you” she says shrugging “You look so stunning Ari” she says staring at her work on my face, I can’t stop staring at the way she’s applied it, it looks so professional, “Alexa, you should become a make-up artist” I say shaking my head in disbelief, she laughs nervously “No, I’m not that good” she says packing u all the equipment she used.

"Alexa, what dress do I wear?" I ask nervously, I've never been to an actual big party like this and I'm not to confident on wearing just any old clothes, she puts down the make-up brush and stops doing her eyes and stares at me like that was a dumb question to ask "What?" I ask frowning, she gets up and nudges me a bit so she can get into my closet "Ari, you have a lot to learn about parties sweety" she says giggling, I cross my arms and frown "Lexi, what is there I need to know?" I ask serious, there shouldn't be that much things I need to know about parties, is there? she clicks her fingers "First of all you don't wear dresses to parties, you wear shorts and crop tops" she says chucking some of my clothes on my bed, I stare at them "Don't you think that's a bit... slutty?" I ask worried about what she's going on about "Ari, it's a high school party, all the girls wear this stuff" she says pointing to the small clothes she placed on my bed, I stare at them "Unless your going to a ball or something you wear this" she says sweetly smiling and then turning back to her make-up, I pick up the short short and the crop top and start stripping. 

I shut the door behind me and lock it, I jog to catch up to Alexa "Lexi, don't you think these are a bit short?" I ask gesturing to what I'm wearing, she laughs No, don't worry it looks cute, the boys will love you" she says hopping into the car, I frown in confusion as I hop into the car. She turns back and reverses out of my drive-way steadily, I stare down at my chest "Lexi my boobs are gonna pop out when I'm dancing" I whine, because it's true my breasts are hardly covered and my shorts nearly show my bum, she laughs as we turn a corner "I don't think so Ari, I've worn this stuff for a while, it won't happen" She says confidently, I smile nervously "And if it does then just tuck them back in and laugh it off, but it won't happen" she says shaking her head, I nod in hope.

Alexa pulls up into the drive way and my mouth drops open, there's lights coming out from everywhere direction of the house, the music booms through-out the whole neighbor hood and there's drunk teenagers everywhere I look, some people are making out in the bush beside our car and I roll my eyes as Lexi and I walk up to the house. "Daniel!" she says waving her hands to a handsome buff boy from the footy team, I recognize him from when I watch Niall work-out, he smiles and approaches us, Lexi embraces him in a hug and kisses him on the lips, I widen my eyes in surprise, Alexa laughs "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you Ariana, this is Daniel, he's new to the school, he started last week" she says smiling up at him, I shake my head at her and the next thing I know she's ditched me with Daniel, I sigh and walk outside to take a breather, the party only just started and already I've consumed too much stuffy air for the night, I take my seat on the grass and stare at the stars, whoa, I think to myself, it's so beautiful, and then I'm snapped out of my trance by the feeling of someone watching me, I turn around to find Niall standing directly behind me debating whether he should come over or not

he's so cute when he's confused,

He sees me staring and blushes I pat the grass beside me and gesture him to come sit down with me, he nods and walks over, he looks stunned when he sits down "Ariana, you're wearing such slutty clothes" he says playfully, I can smell the alcohol in his breath, great "I like it" he says raising his eyebrows in satisfaction, I roll my eyes, he leans in for a kiss and I hold my hand on his chest and push him away "Your drunk Niall, go home" I say seriously realizing what trouble I could get myself into right now, he smiles smug "I'll go get you a drink" he says stumbling his way up and over to the table of drinks, I laugh as he sits back down and hands me the red solo cup, I nod my head as if to say thank you, he smiles silly at me,

"Have you been drinking a lot?" I ask pursing my lips smelling the alcohol in the cup in front of me, he nods and gives me a thumbs up, I shake my head and return to gazing at the stars "What do you think of the stars tonight?" I ask him, but he's still staring at me and I don't like it, I jerk my neck back "Yeah, you look really pretty tonight" he says changing the subject as he touches my thigh, I frown and slap his hand off, he laughs "Feisty much?" he asks laughing evilly, I tense up as he places his fingers on my lips "ssh, maybe we should go to my house?" he asks naughtily, I stand up and slap him across the face "You jerk, I thought you were better than this" I shout as I storm off to find Alexa.  

"Alexa, let's go!" I scream over the music, she looks confused "Why, what happened?" she asks squishing her way past the crowd, I cross my arms in insecurity "I don't wanna talk about it" I say rolling my eyes, she frowns "Here take my car keys, I won't need them, is it OK if I stay here?" she asks pleading and gesturing to Daniel waiting impatiently in the middle of the crowd, I shrug in frustration "Sure" I say angrily snatching the keys off of her, I stomp towards her car and start the engine. 

I knock at the door and look at my watch, it's 8:00 mom should be home by now, I think to myself as I unlock the door. There's no note on the counter but a text message on my phone it reads "Ariana, I got a little carried away with the drinking tonight, mommy won't be home tonight so I left some left overs in the fridge from last night, hope you have fun at your party, love mom xoxo" I scream in frustration and throw my phone on the bench. I walk over to the fridge and see the pasta mom was talking about and place it in the microwave for 1 minute then go and sit down on the couch to watch television, suddenly there's a knock on the door.

Yes, my moms come home, I race to the door excitedly and crack it open finding not my mom but Niall standing in the doorway, I step back as he invites himself in and closes the door behind him "Is your mom in?" he asks looking around the house, I shake my head and turn around to go and check on my pasta and to get far away from him as possible. He follows me and sits on the couch like he's at home, I take the pasta out of the microwave revealing a steaming hot bowl of ravioli, I place it on the table and stand in front of Niall, cross my arms and frown "What are you doing here?" I ask him scared, I don't know what he's going to do to me, he smiles "What do you mean, I wanted to see my girlfriend" he says clicking towards me, I cover up my chest with my arms and point towards the door "You can't be here, get out" I say annoyed, he laughs "Can't I just stay for a movie?" he begs, I giggle, "Fine but then you need to leave" I say seriously, raising my eyebrows.

I snuggle up to him as we watch 'Greece' this is much better than being alone, I smile at him as I hear his strong Irish chuckle under his breath, although he's drunk, I can trust him, he looks down at me "Ariana, the credits are on, do you want me to go?" he asks looking at the door, I pull him back down and giggle, "No, why don't you stay the night?" I ask innocently, looking up at him, he starts biting his nails "But your mom?" he says rolling his eyes, I smile, "She's out tonight" I say yawning, he grabs me and then starts drowning me in kisses.  


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