truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


9. The flirting

Alexa and I walk up the stairs into the empty halls of the high school, she stops and turns me around “Ari?” she asks as I stare into her eyes, she grabs my hand “Are you sure he’s changed?” she asks, I drop her hand and my frustration rises “AELXA! He’s changed!” I yell as I give her my crankiest look, her eyes drop from mine and look at the floor “Fine Ari” she says calmly, Alexa never was the one to raise her voice “Don’t come running to me when he breaks your heart” she says as she stomps away.

I open the doors to the library and take my seat as I empty my books and start studying “This is impossible!” I mumble to myself as I stare at my paper “Niall doesn’t seem like the type” I think as I scribe hearts all over my page, I startle myself and sit up instantly “Wait, does he even like me?” I ask myself as I scratch my head “Is he, cheat-“ something cuts me off “Hello Ariana” Niall says as he sits next to me, he smiles and laughs a little “Hey” I say as I turn my head back to my paper

I can’t even look at him

He leans in and grabs my pen off of me and looks into my eyes “What’s wrong?” he asks with a curious expression, I turn my face away from him and a tear quickly rolls down my cheek “Ariana?” he asks again, I turn back to him “You wanna know?” I ask upset “Yes, of course I wanna know” he says angrily, I stare straight back into his eyes “Did I do something?” he asks confused “It’s not what you’ve done, it’s what you haven’t told me” I say as I turn around again, he quickly grabs my face and kisses it, hard, “Is this what you wanted?” he asks into the kiss, I pull away “No!” I shout in a whisper, I stand up from my seat and pack up my stuff “Ariana, come on” he says laughing, although my face is burning up “It was a joke” he laughs quietly, I grab my bag and swing it over my shoulder, but as I start to walk away he pulls the strap which heaves me back, I look at him through teary eyes “Let go” I say seriously as I push his hand away.

I pick up my lunch tray and continue walking in the direction of Alexa and place my tray on the table, she flips her hair in my face and all I can see is the back of her head “Listen, Lexi” I say as I tap her shoulder, she slowly turns around “I’m really sorry okay?” I say as I prepare for the punishment that’s about to come soon, but instead I’m enclosed with arms and its warm “I’m sorry to Ariana” she says releasing from the hug, she turns back to her tray of lasagne “So how’s lover boy?” she asks as she scoops up the mince and shoves it into her mouth, my eyes sting and I just play with my jelly “Um, yeah he’s good” she swallows and looks at me “Yeah Ariana, I know when you’re lying” she giggles a bit and stops instantly when she notices a small tear drop from my eyes “I know he’s cheating on me Lexi” I say “I can feel it” I grab her shoulders and shake her a bit, she laughs “He’s not, I haven’t seen him with any other girls but you” She says hoping it’ll cheer me up.

Nialls pov:

I enter the library and see her, so beautiful, so stunning, sitting there mumbling to her “How cute” I think as I approach her “Hello Ariana” I chuckle as I sit down, I smile at her, but she doesn’t smile back

Something’s wrong

“Hey” she says as she turns her head back to her work, I watch as she scribbles hearts onto her page, I quickly grab the pen off of her and stare into her beautiful brown eyes, I could stare into them for days, but I can see pain in them “What’s wrong” I ask upset, she doesn’t answer, now I definitely know something’s wrong “Ariana?” I ask again getting worried, she faces me and there’s tears building up in her eyes “You wanna know?” she asks as her voice breaks “Yes, of course I wanna know” I say getting angry, she stares straight into my eyes and I feel butterflies starting to swarm in my stomach, but not a good feeling “Did I do something?” I ask feeling guilt rise in my chest, she reflects my affection “It’s not what you’ve done, it’s what you haven’t told me” she says as she turns around again, I grab her face and kiss her passionately “Is this what you wanted?” I ask playfully into the kiss, but she doesn’t kiss me back, she pulls away and my heart sinks “No!” she screams silently, she starts packing up her bag, she looks so cute when she angry, I pull her back teasingly and she stares into my eyes with tears welling around about to drop any second “Let go” she says seriously as she pushes my hand away, I feel rejected, did I do something…

I don’t feel like eating, I don’t feel like talking, I don’t even feel like thinking. What have I done, that could possibly turn Ariana form a happy, cheerful girl? Too a grumpy, depressed girl? I enter the empty halls of the high school, well at least its half empty; I spot Brittany and Chelsea standing at their lockers fixing up their make-up I try to avoid them by turning the corner but get unlucky

“Hey, Niall come here” she squeals in her nasally high pitch voice that irritates me so much, I hesitantly walk over to them and stop 2 lockers apart from both of them “So” Brittany says as they both close their lockers and approach me “How’s that sore excuse for a girlfriend?” Chelsea says bitterly, brushing my shoulder with her hand, I push her hand away “Shut up Chelsea” she looks at me offended yet amused, she comes closer “I like when you talk mean to me” she whispers in my ear, I frown and turn my head away, Brittany comes and takes my hand “Listen Niall, we were a bit mean on you about the whole Jasper thing” she says flirty “I mean you were drunk” she says fluttering her long eye lashes “You can join the gang again, as long as” Chelsea steps back so I’m forced to look into her eyes “You break-up with that skank” Chelsea and Brittany giggle and place their hands on their hips waiting for my answer. A bubble of rage grows in my chest and my face sizzles, I stomp closer to Chelsea “Leave her alone, she’s more beautiful then you’ll ever be” Chelsea squints her eyes “Meow” she says caressing my face, I slap her hand away and walk around the corner.

What is their problem????

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