truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


4. The fight

My mascara has run down my face and my hair looks like a birds nest, I brush my teeth and wipe away the make-up on my face, I spray some detangling spray on my hair and brush it out until it’s smooth, I race down the stairs and pour myself some breakfast as I watch my sleepy mom lying on the couch. I write a note and stick it on the fridge for mom and then leave for school.

I decided not to wear any mascara today because I knew I’d end up crying, probably either from the jocks or the cheerleaders… but all I want to do now is be in biology with Niall, he makes everything turn into nothing, all my problems, worries, fears they all vanish when I’m with him, I think I’m in love. I pull a leaf off of the tree directly beside me and scrunch it up in my hands as I ponder. “No, it can’t be” I mumble to myself “I only met him yesterday” I say connecting my palm with my forehead “I don’t believe in love at first sight” I whisper releasing my grip of the leaf and watching it float away.

*BRING* 1st period starts and I make my way through the stampede of teenagers trying to get to their class, I rattle with my locker and swing the locker door open, I wonder for a while which class I have then I remember Niall and a huge smirk appears on my face as I stagger around my locker trying to find my biology books without anyone seeing my embarrassing grin upon my face.

The warning bell rings and I cheerfully walk to biology class with a bubbly and bouncy attitude excited to see Niall and start a conversation with him, that’s until I see all the cheerleaders and jocks hanging around one table staring at one phone laughing. They suddenly all turn to me and an explosion of giggles and husky laughs explode from them, Chelsea grabs the phone and struts over to me with an evil look in her eyes.

“Oh my gosh! Speak of the devil guys! It’s Ariana” all the jocks give me flirty faces and the cheerleaders giggle and whisper to each other “Oh! You don’t know!” she squeals turning back to everyone sniggering and winking “EVERYONE got a hold of this TOTALLY embarrassing video!” she says turning the phone around so I can see.

I snatch the phone off of Chelsea and stare at the recording in shock feeling embarrassed and humiliated, it’s a video from my old school of me throwing up at a party, how did they get their stubby little hands on that? I thought I deleted all the evidence of that video. “Where did you find this” I manage to pronounce as a massive lump forms in my throat. “Oh! You know I got in contact with some people” she clutches the phone out of my hands and performs a sharp spin on her toes as her hair whips me in the face. “Hey!” I turn around and see Niall standing at the entrance.

“What do you want nerdazoid?” Chelsea says as she stamps towards him “I want you to leave Ariana alone” he says as he towers over her “Yeah? And what will happen if I don’t?” She continues to argue and stands tall “I’ll tell everyone your little secret about why you moved schools” he stands back and gives her a little smirk. Her evil smile then turns into an anxious expression “I… It doesn’t bother me anymore” she says backing away with a grin. Jasper emerges from behind Chelsea and looks down on Niall “Back off mate” He says gritting his teeth as he charges at Niall with his fist.

 “HSSSS” Niall inhales quickly as I dab the cloth on his wound “Oh! I’m sorry” I say in apology “its okay love” he says staring into my eyes, I break the gaze and concentrate back on his bruised cheek “Thanks for defending me out there… again” I say feeling guilty “It’s alright, I don’t appreciate them talking to you like that” he explains as he watches me lightly dab his wound.

“So, where did you learn those awesome swings?” I ask as my ears start to turn redder then a beetroot “Oh… I used to do karate when I was 10” he smiles a bit “Do have any other hobbies?” I ask him excited to get to know more “Yeah, I love to sing” he says as her bushes a bit, I stop dabbing and look him in the eyes “So do I” we both lean in, I feel my heart starting to warm up, and my stomach churns. He breathes steadily and caresses my face. “Miss Grande and Mr Horan next class please” we both instantly shoot up and go our separate ways.

I sit in maths and day dream out the window about how Niall protected me today, and how he always knows where I am when I’m in trouble. It’s like he’s my guardian angel and he can just instantly appear where ever I am. I can’t but help myself stare at him whenever we’re around each other, I don’t know what I’m feeling right now but I know I’ve never felt this before in my whole life. It’s love.

*BRING* I head out of class towards my locker and spot ‘him’ standing there checking his watch every second or so, it’s… cute. “Hey” I smile as I approach him “Hey beautiful” he says and opens my locker for me, I blush. One more step and you’ll be in kissing range, come one Ariana just one more step. Instead I turn and place my books in my locker, he stands behind the locker door waiting patiently, and I slap myself on the forehead and shut the door. “Let’s go to lunch” I say amused trying to keep my excitement in.

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