truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


28. red carpet

I walk down the stairs in my dress ready for the swarm of paps and interviewers that are going to flood us when we exit the door. "ARIANA WHAT HAPPENED TO NIALL!" An intervener shouts, I raise my hand and push through them all "no comments" I say calmly "APPARENTLY YOU GUYS ARE GONNA DATE!" Another man shouts, I snap my head around and speak through gritted teeth "No comments" it comes out more vicious than I imagined or would of liked it to be.

"Whoa, who's this Niall kid?" Frankie asks as we squish into the car, I shake my head "You know him" I say rolling my eyes and gesturing the driver to go. Frankie's eyes widen "Are they referring to the Niall from One Direction?" He asks excited, I nod "Yeah, him" I say nodding. Frankie grabs my face "YOU NEED TO GO OUT WITH HIM!" He screams, mom slaps his arm "Frankie ssh" she says. I frown at her, I've always hated that sound, she turns away without questioning my expression. "Frankie, I already have" I say placing his hands away from my face. He looks confused "Wait... What... When?" He asks frowning.

"It was when I was in high school" I try to make it sound as little as possible, but Frankie keeps making it a big deal "Wait... You dated Niall in high school?" He asks shocked "Where was I?" I shrug "I don't know, broadway I guess" I exclaim. "Anyways back to the story" I gesture towards him with my finger to say 'you better be quiet now' "he betrayed me... For the fame" I say heart broken. Frankie looks offended "and I can't believe I wasn't there for your first heart break" he crosses his arms in frustration. I giggle "I'm sure there's a long road of broken hearts in front of me" we both nod in unison "So he broke your heart to become famous?" He asks disgusted, I nod in disgust to. I mean even though I would do the same, the thing that hurt me the most is that he said he wouldn't. When he knew he would have to eventually.

"Alexa!" I grab her hand as we both walk out to a blinding light of flashing cameras in our faces. We immediately cover our aces with our hands and battle through the crowd onto the start of the carpet. Alexa looks stuffed "whoa, it was hard enough getting onto the carpet itself" she says wiping her forehead, I laugh "get used to it sweetie" I wink and start my walk.

"So Ariana, what's the dish?" And interviewer asks as he takes a seat with me. I ponder "Not much, besides relaxing until my next show" I say nodding in satisfaction. Oh how I want to be back at home right now. He shuffles his palm cards "Oh Ariana, I heard a runout about you and Niall from One Direction" he says smugly, I roll my eyes slightly enough so I can feel it but so no one can see it. "Is there anything going on between you guys?" He intrudes, like most interveners do. I shrug "I don't know, you'll have to ask him for the answers" I look around for him but can't spot him anywhere. "Well why don't we ask him now?" The interviewer says looking at something behind me. I frown and turn around to find those lovely blue eyes staring into mine "Hello Ari" he says with a smirk on his face.

"Hey" I say memorized by his beauty, he's changed so much!

Niall POV:

"HARRY!" I scream from the kitchen. I sit on the counter attempting to tie my shoe laces. Harry comes running in he looks worried "What happened?" He pants, I pout "I can tie my laces" I say sticking my foot out forcing him to tie them, "Niall James Horan, you are the laziest person in the world" he says before crouching over and tying them up for me.

"LIAM HURRY YOUR BUTT UP!" I shout from the car. All the boys are sitting in the back and we're all waiting on Liam who is taking his sweet little time inside. She comes racing outside and into the car "Sorry boys" he says doing his buttons on his shirt up "had a bit of an accident with the hair gel" he flatters out his hair with his fingers and relaxes in the chairs. I glance over to Zayn who's staring furiously at Liam "Liam I hope that wasn't my hair gel" he says frowning. Liam drops his face "It's all cleaned up now and I put it all back in there" He plumps back down in his chair again "LIAM! I can't use that now! I only got that yesterday" he shouts at the top of his lungs. "That's enough boys" Louis says getting in the middle. I smile and turn back to the front, I'm so ready for the red carpet event.

"NIALL MARRY ME!" A fan shouts over everyone else, I chuckle and move on. We stand in a crowd of girls grabbing and tugging at our clothes. I shake some hands off and move on. "Louis wait" I say feeling myself getting lost in the crowd, and then I see it. I see this hair flowing in the wind. Through the clustered crowd of girls I see an unforgettable smile. Those eyes, only belong to an angel. I think as I emerge from the crowd finally and reach the carpet. She sits down to talk to an interviewer. "Liam, I'm going to go say hey to someone's I say patting him on the back before leaving. My heart beats faster with every step I take closer to her. I stand talk behind her, feeling my heart beat in my mouth. Feeling reunited "well why don't we ask him now?" The interviewer says gesturing towards me. I smile as I see her face, she's so gorgeous. Just like I remember her. "Hello Ari" I say confidently still remembering her nickname I used to use. She looks scared, almost frightened by my presence "Hi" she manages to get out. I can see the pain in her eyes and remember what I did. I'm so stupid.

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