truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


22. empty

I lay on my bed facing the roof staring aimlessly wondering why life can be so cruel sometimes, I hear my door creep open and feel my heart warm up when I see Niall peeking his head through the door, I smile as he lies down beside me and takes in the comfortable silence we sit in. I'd rather this than being on my own, My eyes sting with pain and regret as I watch him from the corner of my eye, I should've have yelled at him, I sigh

"I'm sorry babe" I say shaking my head, he turns over to look at me, and smiles "I know you didn't mean it, it's fine" he says with pain in his eyes still "I shouldn't have pushed you, I didn't know" he says shrugging frowning, probably thinking 'why am I even here' I nod and turn back to the plain, white roof.

He laughs "No, come back here" he moans as I try to get up, I giggle as he pulls me in closer towards the warmth of his body, I feel his breaths over my head, brushing my hair out and into my face "Niall..?" I say frowning in a confused expression, he leans his chin on my head "Yes babe?" He asks curiously, probably worried, "Will you stay with me?" I ask slowly feeling uncomfortable with the situation again, he smiles tiredly "Of course I'll stay the night" he says squeezing me tighter and placing a kiss on my for head, I smile in pleasure and close my eyes.

I lay awake, watching Niall as he sleeps peacefully and smile as he looks so adorable when he sleeps, I feel curiousness approach me and suddenly feel it's about my dad, I grab my phone and click on the Facebook app, not much notifications, (as usual) I search in the bar "Mark Grande" and enter search, it refreshes the page and I suddenly spot my dad from his eyes and stare at him for what feels like for days, he looks so beautiful, I wish he was here.

I scroll through his pictures and suddenly my thumbs shake with anticipation, it's a picture of him and me in a rather large pool, he's holding onto me and I look concentrated as my arms frail in the water, obviously trying to swim, I giggle at the sight of me as a kid and then my eyes pan over to dad, his eyes are brown, like mine, and his arms and body are tanned, he looks like me, now I know where my skin and eyes came from.

The bed jiggles, I quickly turn and stare at Niall, he stares back "Ariana" he says hardly awake, I gasp "Awh, sorry I didn't mean to wake you" I say covering my mouth and running my fingers through his hair, he frowns "why are you up at 2:00 in the morning and what are you looking at?" He asks invading my privacy, but even though I don't want to tell him, I don't think anyone could resist to that face, I let out a sigh and come clean "I'm trying to find my father" I say pointing to the picture of us, he smiles warmly "That's cute, how old were you?" He asks interesting, I straighten up "about 4 or 5" I say giggling actually surprised he's not bored already by all my 'dad' stories. He grabs the phone "Ariana, don't worry" he says shaking his head and gently placing his hand on the small of my back "You'll find him some day" he says with hope in his voice, I smile and stare back into his eyes "but for now, you need to go back to bed" he says laughing and pulling me under the covers, I snuggle up close to him and my eyes flutter shut with his eyes still on mine.

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