truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


21. daddy?

5 hours later:

"Hey Ariana, who's shoes are these?" My mom asks holding up two huge sized shoes, crap, I shrug and answer innocently "I don't know, maybe your new boyfriends?" She crosses her arms "Did you have Niall over when I was gone?" She asks raising he eyebrows in curiousness, I laugh nervously "No" I hesitate feeling the sweat forming on my for head, she doesn't take her eyes off me "Ariana, don't lie to me" she says stubborn, I roll my eyes "Mom trust me, I came home alone" I say turning back around to the television, I hear the shops thump of the ground and hear her mumble something under her breath as she walks into her room, I smile in relief and because I finally remember what happened last night.

I walk down the stairs and freeze not only finding my mom standing at the door but she's talking to Niall, great, I think as I stare them down. I sigh as I approach both of them and give Niall the 'you better go look' but it's to late "so did you guys have fun last night?" She asks raising her eyebrows in a 'I know what you've done, your busted' look and I feel pressure creeping up on me, Niall gasp "Oh yeah, Ariana left the party early and I..." He stutters, I shoot him a look "I... Stayed at the party" he says smiling nervously, my mom nods "mmmmhm" she says not taking our little lie, I grab Nialls wrist and pull him out the door with me "Bye mom" I say shutting the door behind me.

Niall releases his breath "Woah" he says frowning "did you tell her anything?" He asks scratching the back of his head, I shake my head in frustration and cross my arms "I think I know what set her off" I say raising my eyebrows, he looks surprised "YOU LEFT YOUR BLOODY SHOES NEAR THE FRONT DOOR!" I shout in a whisper, he thinks for a minute and then laughs "awh sorry, you love me though" he says holding his hand out, I grab it and frown "Of course I do" I say teasingly.

We walk out of my driveway and I find nothing but a clear road, Where's his car... I frown and look around the corner for it, but it's no where "Niall, one question?" He cuts me off "Yeah, I left my car at the party last night so I thought we'd go for a walk today" he says politely, I smile and take the offer.

"I used to play in this forest when I was little" he says pointing to the huge woodland in front of us, does he expect me to go in there? He releases his grip from my hand "NIALL!" I scream as he runs into the forest, I stand there frowning waiting for him to come out but he doesn't, I guess I'll have to go in after him. I step on a twig and her it crunch under my foot startling me, a shiver runs up my spine when I feel eyes on me, I turn around finding no one there "Niall, come on, this isn't funny anymore" I say hugging myself with my arms, I hear his laugh and turn around finding him sanding near a tree house, I roll my eyes in relief and run over to him "Don't ditch me you ditcher" I say scared holding on to his arm so he doesn't go off again, he frowns "sorry, I just got really excited" he says staring up at the cubby at the top of the tree, I shake knowing he's going to make me climb up there, He grabs my hand realizing I'm shaking "Come on, it's nice once you get up there" he says pushing me up the ladder, I look down at him and take a deep breath in as I start climbing.

"Ariana come here" he says once he reaches the top, I cling to the tailing around the tree house for my life and awkwardly make my way over to him, he points out to the horizon, I giggle taking my mind off of the height "wow, it's so beautiful" I say feeling myself slipping into a daydream, Niall grabs my waist from behind and smiles over my shoulder "isn't it?" He says shaking his head in disbelief, I can't believe I'm this high and feeling safer than I ever have before, I smile as I take in the fresh smell of the forest and the beautiful sun set in front of us "Ari?" He asks seriously, I turn around and stare into his eyes "Don't tell any one about this place" he says shaking his head, I nod in agreement.

"So when did you make that tree house?" I ask as we walk out of the forest, he shrugs "when I was 10" he says squinting his eyes in confusion, I nod "it's very well built, I'm surprise it held us up" I say holding my heart, he laughs "it pretty sturdy" he says as we enter my street, he smiles "I remember all the fun I used to have up there" he says smiling, I look up at him and can't help but allow the smirk creep on my face, he turns to me "what about you, did you have any cool stories when you were younger?" He asks swinging our hands,

My heart drops "actually all I remember when I was little was looking for my dad" I say feeling tears form in my eyes "I used to pretend he was here with us" I say shaking my head, I look at Niall and see pain in his eyes but don't let him speak "My mom thought I was crazy and took me to the doctors to find out why I was talking to thin air" I say letting the tears drop "I remember I used to sit there and just talk and talk to him, but he wasn't there" I say sniffling and burying my face into Niall's shirt he hugs me "I'm sorry" he says truthfully, I nod "Don't be sorry, it's not your fault, it's my dad's fault" I say raising my eyebrows "But that's enough about me" I say smiling,

he looks worried "Ariana, you can't pretend like this is nothing" he says concerned, I frown "WELL WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO?" I shout at him furiously, he doesn't know anything, he bites his lip in regret and I suddenly feel guilty "I'm sorry, I'll just go" I say turning around and walking off embarrassed.

"Ariana, how did you date go" she asks just as so close the door behind me, I run past her "Shut up" I say stopping at the stairs, I turn around to her as she's about to open her mouth "SHUT UP" I scream as I slam my bedroom door and collapse on my bed with tears soaking the blanket.

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