truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


25. audition

"I'm so excited!" he screeches choosing out some clothes, I nod my head and smile "Sure babe" I exclaim slipping into a loose jump suit and a pair of high heels. He pulls out his clothes and starts getting changed, I admire his body as his slips on his clean shirt and pants. I just have  feeling that after this audition he's going to leave me, and it's going to all go down hill from there for me. I smile as he takes my hand and we both walk out of his room ready to leave.

"Niall my darling" his mom says from the front seat, he smiles "You're going to win this thing hun" she smiles with a proud smile, it makes me feel warm inside but at the same time I feel guilty that I'm letting him go. "Thanks mom, I love you" he says kissing her on the head, I bite my lip to save the tension building up inside me. "Niall, promise me you won't leave me" I say from the back seat of the car, he turns around and smiles worried "I will never leave you Ari" he says reassuring me. I smile as he turns back to the front "I'm so nervous" he says shaking his arms about, his mom shakes her head in a way that makes me laugh.

We arrive at the X-factor stage and Niall looks paler than ever, I give him a quick hug before we enter and then our hearts stop when we see the crowded room full of people auditioning. "Niall honey, go take a seat Ariana and I will be back soon" She says dragging me over to a corner, my heart sinks when I know what she's going to talk about. "Ari, he's been really upset for the past week" she says shaking her head in disappointment, I feel my heart break. "Wha... why?" I ask stuttering, she looks up at me "He's scared you're going to leave him if he get's in" I shake my head "I've been worried he's going to leave me!" I say a bit to loud, she hushes me. I hate when people hush me. "Just don't worry?" she says begging me "How can I not?" I ask furious, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath in "Because I can tell he really loves you" she says before walking back to Niall.

"Niall Horan?" I deep voice asks from above us. I look up to find a buff body guard with a clipboard in hand waiting for our answer "Yes" Niall says standing up "You're on in ten" He says nodding, Niall stays still in fear and manages the smallest nod. I grab his hand and squeeze it as we all follow the body guard back stage. "This is where you'll have to wait until I come and get you again" he says gesturing towards a small room to the left. We take our seats and watch the performances on the small T.V. "Ariana, I'm shaking" he says still holding my hand. I gasp when I feel his shivers against my skin, I rub his thigh to calm him down. "Niall, don't worry baby you'll do great!" I say nodding and staring into his eyes, but there's no connection, I grab his face "You will do great" I say again, feeling his blue eyes on mine.

"Niall Horan" The same body guard enters the room and quietly whispers, Niall gets up and brushes him self off as the body guard leads us over to the curtains. "You're on after this girl" he whispers as he walks away, I gasp. "Ariana" he whisper shouts, He looks so scared. I grab his face just as the last judge finishes his sentence and smash my lips on his for luck, he smiles and then he's walking on stage.

"What's your name?" The first judge asks as I watch in anticipation
"Niall" he says confidently, the judge smiles "Niall" he repeats
"Niall what?" he asks, Niall lifts the mike up to his mouth "Horan" he says nodding , the judge asks another question "why are you here today?" I see Niall glance over to me and I give him a nod to say it's okay, he smiles "I'm here to be the best artist I can be" he says, I watch the judges faces and suddenly spot Katy smiling away. He's doing soo good I think "And Niall, how old are you" the judge asks "16" Niall replies. I can't believe how confident he is. "So are you like an Irish Justin Bieber yeah?" Niall nods "I rekon so" he says, I giggle at how nervous he looks "Is this gonna make you very popular at school?" Katy asks leaning forward in her chair, he shrugs "Yeah I suppose Katy, yeah" he says in his strong Irish accent, Katy looks shocked and the crowd laughs. "Alright go" and then the music starts playing and he's singing his heart out.

"I think people would like you because you're likeable" says the last judge, Niall laughs and then the judges have a little whisper. "Simon, yes or no?" Simon shrugs "Well I'm going to say yes" Niall does a little fist pump and waits for the next answer "I'm going to say no" My heart sinks and suddenly I have a wave of anger pass over me "I'm going to say yes!" the judge says reaching his arms out, I smile in relief. The last vote is on Katy, come on please, I think. "Of course, you're in" she says waving her arms. I watch as Niall jumps up and down and screams and suddenly I find myself doing the same thing with Maura. "Don't disappoint us" Katy says as Niall comes racing off the stage. I sprint into his arms and feel a tear of happiness roll down my cheek. Maura embraces both of us and it feels so comfy hugging both of them. If this is what love feels like, I don't ever want to let go of them.

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