truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


11. Are you joking

Ariana’s pov:

I wake-up to my alarm clock buzzing around like crazy and slam it down with my fist hard, and roll over grumpily, gosh I can’t believe this, I say as I cry into my pillow.

9 hours ago:

Alexa’s pov:

I stare at Ariana as she hops back into the car soaking wet, I giggle a bit “What happened?” I ask trying to figure out her feelings, she laughs and look down at the ground “Oh, nothing” she says containing her smile; I smile because I love seeing Ariana happy, and then it comes to me “With lover boy?” I ask laughing as I keep my eyes on the road, she nudges me in the ribs playfully and giggles “Yes, thank you very much” she says laughing “Did you kiss him?” I ask in a baby accent, as I pretend to kiss someone “Yes!” she screams teasingly, I stop at the super market “Ariana, I need some lemonade and coke for the party on the weekend” I say looking around in my purse “Could you just quickly run in and get them for me?” I ask handing her the 50 dollars, she laughs and runs inside.

Ariana’s pov:

“Could you just quickly run in and get them for me?” Alexa asks as I grab the 50 and run inside, nothing could possibly turn down my happiness right now, I feel like I’m dancing on the ceiling. I walk up to the cold and grab the beverages and slowly walk to the counter, I quickly pay for the drinks and race out of the store. I start my way towards the car and see an alley way down beside Alexa car and see two people making out, “Uh, get a room” I say, I walk closer to the car still staring at the people making out, then I get a closer look and drop the drinks, they spill everywhere, I quickly run into the car and ball my eyes out,

I can’t breathe

Alexa looks at me and hops out of the car, I watch as she walk down the alley way and hear yelling, she hops back in the car and we drive off as I cry into my hands, feeling like I’m about to throw-up.

Nialls pov:

I race into the store and pay for the milk and bread, then head down to my skate board “Niall” I hear my name being called from a dark alley way, “Who’s there” I call out scared, no one answers, I wonder down the aisle and find Chelsea on the floor crying, I race up to her, I know she doesn’t deserve it but I don’t want to just leave her here, “What happened?” I ask surprised to find her actually crying “I fell over this rock” she points to the rock right in front of my shoe “Niall, I can’t walk” She cries in pain “Carry me” she says under her sobbing, I huff and pick her up and start walking out the alley way but as I do she grabs my face and sticks her tongue in my mouth,


I push her away, “What the hell!” I scream at her, she hops out of my arms and walks normally “It’s called acting” she says as she starts walking out of the lane, Alexa appears from the corner of the wall, she speed walks up to Chelsea and slaps her on the cheek,


“WHAT THE HECK CHELSEA YOU BITCH!” she screams as she slaps her again, Chelsea runs away holding her cheek, Alexa turns to me and walks up to me “And you, well I thought you were better than this, obviously you haven’t changed” she says as she walks away, I watch as she hops in the car and I see Ariana crying in the passenger seat,


Chelsea’s pov:

I wait in an alley way with my phone texting Jasper “I’m in the alley way now” I text him as I start to get in my position “Ready” I text him, I poke myself in the eye and start crying “Niall!” I scream out as I see him at the bike racks he looks around and then finally notices me as he runs over “What happened?” he asks looking at me, his eyes are still so beautiful, I seriously don’t know why he chose that ugly slut over me I think “I tripped over that… rock” I say quickly pointing to the rock under his shoe “Carry me” I demand as I watch his biceps tense as he lifts me up, okay this is my chance, I take his face as I watch Ariana walk out the corner shop and kiss him, I watch as she drops the drinks and runs into the car crying, I laugh hysterically, he pushes me away “What the hell!” he screams as I jump out of his arms “It’s called acting” I say laughing uncontrollably as I remember Ariana’s face when she saw us kissing, I suddenly stop as I see Alexa jump out of her car,


She runs up to me and slaps me in the face, a pang of pain shoots up my head and I actually feel it “WHAT THE HECK CHELSEA YOU BITCH!” she screams as she slaps me again,


I hold my face and run back to my car, I hop in my seat and quickly drive away, she better watch her back on Monday, I think to myself as clench my hand into a fist.


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