truly madly deeply

romantic, intense, facinating...
The moment Ariana looks at Niall she knows she has never felt like this before.
whenever she looks into his blue eyes there's a spark that grows inside her.
But does he feel the same way?
Will her attempt to find love finally come true or is this love forbidden to exist?


27. 5 years later

"JONES!" I shout from my bedroom, ready to get my anger on. I here footsteps racing up the stairs and cross my arms when I see him standing in my door way "I told you to put Coco, Toulouse and Ophelia outside before we left" I say pointing to my carpet, he looks regretful "Now look, one of them has done their business on my carpet" I say stomping my foot, he steps closer to me "Sorry Ari, you guys were rushing me and I forgot" he says innocently, I drop my anger and nod "That's okay just don't do it again" I start my way down the stairs "And clean it up!" I shout up at him.

I'm greeted by three dogs as I make my way over to the kitchen. Mom stands there prodding the pasta in the pot with a wooden spoon "Good afternoon mom" I say yawning, she jumps a little and smiles welcomingly. "You had a long nap" she says embracing me in her warm hugs, I smell the perfume on her and a rush of pleasure hits me. "You still tired from last night?" she asks tilting her head in curiousness. I nod yawning again covering my mouth "Well, you're going to have to get used to these concerts and meet and greets hun, you're going to be huge soon" she exclaims going back to sticking the wooden spoon through the pasta.

"Isaac!" I shout as I open the door to greet him, he smiles warmly and embraces me in a hug. As he pulls away he stares at me "You look tired" he says laughing, I punch him playfully in the arm "I wonder why?" I shout in a whisper voice. He shrugs and steps aside the reveal Alexa, I squeal and run up to her "HEEEEEEY!" I scream, she giggles "Hey" We stay in the embrace for a while. I haven't seen Alexa in a month and she's going to be staying with us for a while. Isaac, Alexa and I all make our way to the kitchen and take a seat at the main table placed directly in the middle of the room.

"So Ariana, when's your next show?" Lexi asks sucking up her pasta, I frown "I don't know, mom?" I say gesturing towards her as I take a bite of a meat ball. She looks stressed "You have a 2 day break, so on Tuesday" She says nodding. I turn around and look at Frankie "Frankie, remember when I was 15 and I went to my first concert?" I ask laughing like it was only yesterday. I chuckles under his breath "You were so jumpy" he explains imitating me "Every minute or so before the show you would be like 'Frankie I'm so excited'" he says making his voice higher. Everyone laughs and remembers back to that exact moment.

"Cheers to our Ariana for making it so far in her career" mom says standing up raising her wine glass, every else including me stands up and clinks their glasses together. "And for being so amazingly confident and proud of what she does today" Alexa says before taking a seat with the rest. I'm left standing "I want to thank all of you" I say nodding to each of them "Although I have come so far, without you I'd still be that girl in Boca, with the same job, same life and same dream" I exclaim feeling proud "I can't thank you enough, this journey has been the absolute time of my life, and I don't want it ever to end" I say feeling a tear of happiness roll down my cheek. Smiles greet me as I take a seat and continue eating.

"This is my favourite song!" Lexi exclaims as we both slouch on the couch watching the 'vevo channel'. She points to Katy Perry in a tiger outfit, I frown "What's this song called again?" I ask confused. She raises her eyebrows "Roar by Katy Perry duh" She says joking around as the song finishes. I look at her "I've missed you soo much!" I say embracing her again, she smiles warmly. "So have I Ari" I look straight into her eyes "I had the wildest show last night" I roll my eyes, she looks down "I wish I was there" she sighs, I pout "You can come to the rest" I say seeing the happiness in her eyes grow bigger again.

"story of my life" Alexa reads from the bottom of the screen, I squint and tilt my head "Oh yeah, One Direction they're a pretty cool band" I say nodding. Alexa looks at me "Do you know who's in that band?" she asks like I'm dumb, I stare at her offended "Of course I do" I say putting my hand to my heart. She looks smug "Oh really?" She gestures to the screen laughing "Why don't we see who's singing next?" she asks patting my back. I stare hard at the screen until the chorus finishes and then I freeze "Who is that?" I ask pointing to the screen frozen, she shakes her head with a 'told you so' expression on her head "Don't you remember him?" she asks crossing her arms "That's your old 'lover'" she looks at me giggling. I frown, whoa. I do remember him, he looks so... victorious now. I remember talking about how successful he'd be in the future. "Whoa, is that Niall?" I ask shocked, she nods "Yep, he's in an international boy band now" she says shaking her head "He's SO famous now" she exaggerates the 'so' and looks back at me for an answer. I shrug "I remember I was telling him he'd be really successful when he was older" I express through memories "He told me I was going to make it far to, but I told him other wise" I say shrugging. she laughs "Remember when I told you to stay away form him?" she asks giggling, I nod "Yeah those were the days" I say turning the television off "Let's go to bed now Lexi" I say making my way up the stairs, she follows behind.

I don't know what to say about my feelings. I feel like I've lost something for so long and I've finally found it. I think it's relief, but it feels like betrayal at the same time. I don't know. I remember how we used to spend all our spare time singing together but, I can't help remember how he left me for his fame. It scarred me. I need to see him, to get in contact with him. And then I remember, tomorrow is the red carpet event. I'll see him there.


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