A Famous Lie (Zayn Malik Love Story)

Xena is your average teen, having mature moments... and well... some non-mature moments. But when Xena strikes so low, her entire future changes courses.

Zayn is known for being in the boy group 'One Direction', but what else is he secretly known for? When Zayn is the host in one of the most popular parties he finds Xena. Struck from her beauty he pledges the she will be his!

Read more and find out what happens in A Famous Lie.


2. For The Love Of Malik



                                                                   Speak Xena, Zayn friggin Malik is standing up front of you! I close my mouth and look everywhere but his amazing eyes, a classy song begins to play making his smile grow even more. "Would you like to dance?" he asks me gesturing his hand. I smile lightly and place my much smaller hand inside his own, his hand closes around mine as he pulls me towards the dance floor. His right hand circles my waist while his left hand grabs my own hand and holds it out. Do people still dance like this, welp I fucking guess.   

                                                                    He begins twirling me in circles, I begin to get dizzy and I decide to close my eyes. "So your a mute?" I hear his dark voice question. I open my eyes and find him staring at me lovingly, strange.. "No, just quiet." I murrmur. He nods and looks around, his hands around me begin to tighten pulling me to him more. Goosebumps run up my arms and the flames start in my lower stomach. What's wrong with me? The song starts to end and I quickly step away from Zayn, I turn to leave but then I hear the voice of the famous Harry Styles.

                                                                    "Welcome all to my party! I have a suprise for you all!" says Harry as he spreads his arms out on the stage. Right as he does so a tall black haired chick walks into his arms, he smiles and wraps an arm around her waist. Welp, Jenny isn't going to like this.

                                                                    'I'm getting married!" he screams. A fit of claps and cheers surround the room, I just stand there looking at Harry. Well, at least I had a dance with Zayn. And then I snap back to life. I friggin danced with Zayn, and he's the one that asked! I smile and look around for him, yet he seemed to have vanished.



So I finally updated lol. Need more motivation! Anyways I will probably make a couple chapters  tomorrow. And sorry If my spelling is messed up, the computer is really slow and I type to fast! So comment like friend whatever!


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