When In London

18 year old, Hazel Fisher. Lives in New York City with her mum. She gets sent to London to work as a waitress in her dads resturant, The Grove. On the flight she meets an interesting man who she soon falls for, but will 5 other guys change that? or ruin that?


3. Chapter 3

Miranda's P.O.V

It started to rain and I had to walk home since Cara was being rude and didn't drop me off. I walked inside the house and no one was home. Their was a note on the side. 

Gone for the weekend, you better be packed by the time we get back. -mum. 

No x's, not even a hello. Mum and Dad never tell me where they go, they just leave and expect me to be okay with it. I never go anywhere with them, they say that I have a huge career to focus on, didn't know i'd have to start focusing when I was 13. I'm now 18. I threw the letter in the bin and locked the door. I walked upstairs and got changed into some scruffs. I walked downstairs and opened the door to the basement.

I was always afraid of going down there, it was dark and scary. None of the lights worked. I had to get the suitcases though. I grabbed the torch off the shelf and hooked the door back. I started to walk down the steps, the flashlight on and looking back at the door every second to check no one was there. I continued walking down the steps. I got to the bottom and scanned the room with the flashlight. There were shelves stacked with photo's. I walked over to one of them I spotted in the corner and picked it up. I smiled looking down at it. 

"I miss you." I whispered, looking at the picture of me and my older sister. I was sitting next to her at the beach, her arm around my shoulder. She was 11 then and I was 8. I don't know where in the world my sister is now, but I do hope she is ok. We lost contact after she ran away years 7 ago, I'm now 18, I've never seen her since. I miss her so much. 

I put the picture down and looked around at the other pictures, more of me and my sister. I remember all the days with her, very clearly. I turned around and saw a light hanging from the ceiling, I pulled the piece of string attached to it and the whole room lit up, I looked around and saw a box, I walked over to it. I got on my knees and opened it. 

"In loving memory of Susan Kerr." Pictures of my sister were underneath it, Dead flowers and toys were in there too. I put one hand to my mouth and the tears ran down my face. I heard the front door open then close. 

"Miranda! We're home. Where are you?" It was mum. I picked up the letter and a photo. I walked up the steps slowly and saw mum. She stopped when she saw me reading the letter. 

"Miranda, Where did you get that?" She asked, I looked up at her. She looked at me sad. She opened her arms and was about to hug me. I moved away. She dropped her arms to her side. 

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked, she shook her head. 

"It's better that you didn't know. None of us really knew. One day we just received that she had died, I didn't want to believe it, but I guess I did." Mum said, she turned away and walked over to a draw in the hallway. She unlocked it with the keys in her hand and opened it. A picture of Susan was in there. 

"I've spent half of my life, hoping to see Susan walking down the street mum, with her suitcases, coming home. That's all your fault mum, I had hope that she was going to come home. Now the closest I'll get to her is probably her gravestone in the cemetery." I said, I folded up the note and put it in my back pocket. I threw the picture down of me and Susan and ran out the door. 

Hazel's P.O.V

Me and Cara were walking around the town center, eating Pizza. It was raining a bit and we had out hoods up and our penny boards in our free hand. We were laughing and joking around. The worst part of the town was the cemetery. It always scared me, knowing that dead souls are there.  Every time me, Cara and Miranda come into town we walk past it,  we always seem to go quiet, like we are being quiet for the peace. We got on our penny boards and road down the side walk. We were going past the cemetery when  I saw someone sitting in front of a grave stone with a letter in there hand. I looked clearer and noticed that it was Miranda. I jumped off my board and ran inside. 

"Miranda!" I shouted, I heard Cara running behind me. I ran fast till I got to Miranda. I stood behind her. I looked at the grave stone. 

"In loving memory of Susan Kerr, beloved daughter and sister. 1992-2006" 

 Cara caught up to me and stood next to me. I looked at her and she looked at me, we had tears in our eyes. I got on my knees next to Miranda. I put my hand on her shoulder and looked at her. She had red eyes and a tear stained face. 

"7 years.." She croaked, she blinked and the tears fell from her eyes onto the paper she was holding, "I spent 7 years, hoping she would come home.. sitting by my window every night watching to see if she would just come walking down the street. I wasted my time, for 7 years." 

"Hey..It's okay. You didn't know. No one knew actually. You didn't waste your time, you had hope. That's the important thing. Now you know that she is in a good place." I said, she nodded and looked down at the paper again, she handed it to me. 

"To whom this may concern, 

I'm so sorry to be telling you that we found Susan Kerr. She has been in a car accident and was found dead in the drivers seat. She had a picture in her hand of a young girl, we don't know the full story so if you could contact us and help us out, that'd be great. I'm so sorry for your loss." 

"The picture was me." Miranda said, I looked up and her and she looked at me, "She was coming home, Hazel." Tears ran down her face, faster and faster, more and more. I pulled her close to me and she fell onto my chest and cried. Cara got on her knees and started rubbing her back. The rain came down harder then before. I looked around the graveyard and saw someone watching us in the distance. Miranda sat up off my lap, she looked at me. 

"How did you know I was here?" She asked, I looked at her, then looked back and noticed, the figure was gone. 

"We were in town." Cara answered. 

"Hazel?" Miranda asked, I looked at them and they looked worried. 

"Sorry, I thought I just-" I looked around then back at them, "Never mind."

I saw Cara looking at me, I looked at her, "You alright?" She mouthed, I nodded. 

1 hour later.

I was walking home by myself, I just finished dropping off Cara and Miranda, Miranda was staying at Cara's until she was ready to go home and face her mum. I had my hood up and I left my penny board at Cara's house. I was walking when I heard something behind me. I turned around but no one was there. I decided to take the shortcut to my house. I walked down the alley way, fast. I turned around and saw the black figure standing at the end of the alley. I stopped walking and turned and walked towards them. 

"Hello?" I asked, they turned and walked away. "Wait! Come back!" I shouted. I started running down the alley way and I got to the end and they were fully gone. I looked around but they were long gone. I turned and started walking back down the alleyway. 

I got home and ran upstairs. I went straight into the shower and thought about the figure. It was the same person that was in the cemetery. The way they were standing was the same. Legs apart, same hoodie. Someone is watching us. 

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