When In London

18 year old, Hazel Fisher. Lives in New York City with her mum. She gets sent to London to work as a waitress in her dads resturant, The Grove. On the flight she meets an interesting man who she soon falls for, but will 5 other guys change that? or ruin that?


2. Chapter 2.

Miranda's P.O.V

I really didn't want to tell Hazel. I would do anything not too. So, I came up with a plan. It was 5th period and I had just finsihed English. I walked to Math, where Cara was. I waited outside her class until she came out. When she did, she was carrying her text books. She smiled at me and walked over ot me.

"I need to put this in my locker. Why were you waiting for me? That's not like you." She said, I smiled and looked down. 

"I told her." I lied. She stopped walking, I did too.

"You did? What did she say?" She asked, Make something up. Come on. I thought. 

"She totally understood, the bell went and we had to go to class so she didn't really get to say anything." I lied once again.

"See, that wasn't so hard." She said, we started walking again.

"Actually, it was." I said, under my breath.

"Pardon?" She asked, I looked at her with big eyes.

"nothing," she closed her locker door after putting in her text book, "I've gotta go, i need to study. I have a test next period, see you later." and with that, I walked away fast. 

Hazel's P.O.V

I saw Cara walking around on her own. I walked past her too check out the sign up sheets. I was looking at them. Singing classes seemed awesome, I was definatley interested and the production. I heard the sound of Cara's wedges walking up behind me. 

"So you're just going to ignore me now?" She asked, I looked up at her. 

"What do you mean? I just came to look at these." I said, She looked at the notice board. 

"You know, you can pretend your not upset but I know you are. It's obvious." She said. I was so confused. 

"I have no idea what your talking about." I said, she looked down at me. 

"Me and Miranda," She leaned her back on the wall, "Listen, Bambi, we dont want to leave but we dont have a choice. The company are making us." 

"You're leaving?" I asked, she looked down at me

"Miranda didn't tell you?" She asked, I shook my head. 

"Wait, what? You can't leave me." I said, she pulled out her phone and called someone.

"Where are you? We need to talk. Stay there, I'm coming." She said, and hung up. 

"Who was that?" I asked, she put her phone in her pocket.

"Miranda." She said, she started walking. I followed her.

"Why did you think I knew?" I asked, she looked at me.

"Miranda told me she told you." Cara said. 

"Well she didn't." i replied. we walked to the Library and walked in. Miranda was sitting at a table writing stuff down. Cara walked over to her, with her arms crossed. I followed. 

"What the hell Miranda!?" Cara said.

"Shh!" The Librarian said. 

"I'm sorry, I couldn't tell her." She whispered. 

"So you lie to me?" Cara whispered back, she was angry.

"This is your last warning, be quiet or you are out of here." The librarian said. I nodded. 

"Sorry mrs." I replied, she walked off.

"Look, you always make me tell her things." Miranda said.

"I do not always make you tell her things, you never tell her anything." Cara said.

"Oh yeah? What about, Lewis? And her sister? Her dad?" Miranda asked, Cara kept quiet. She didn't say anything.

"We're done." She said, she turned around and walked away.

"Cara" I said, trying to keep quiet. 

"And you, are you coming or are you staying?" She asked, I looked at Miranda.

"Don't you dare make me choose between you two!" I shouted. 

"Alright, that's it! You, Out. Now." The librarian said to me, pointing to the door. I rolled my eyes and walked out. I ran down the hallways of the school and ran home. I opened the front door and walked into the kitchen. I got out the orange juice and drank it. Mum was sitting on the couch. I sat on the couch in front of her.

"Had a bad day?" She asked, I nodded and sipped some of my juice. I knew she was waiting for an explanation. 

"Cara and Miranda are leaving." I said. She looked away.

"Hunny, I need to tell you something." She said. I looked at her. 

"What?" I asked, I put my drink on the table. She looked at me. 

"Your dad called." She said.

"And?" I asked.

"You're going over there for a while, he wants to see you." She said. I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. 

"No, I'm not going." I said, She grabbed my arm. 

"He's sick." She said, I looked down at her. I tugged my arm away from her.

"No." I said.

"At least think about it." She said. I looked at her. She looked hurt. 

"Fine." I said, I walked upstairs and into my bedroom. I shut the curtains and got into my bed with my laptop. 

Cara's P.O.V

I drove home, without Miranda. I walked in the house and dad was there, mum wasn't. 

"You're back early." He said, his cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth while he read the newspaper. 

"Where's mum?" I asked. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and stood up. 

"She's gone over sea's. Work." He said.

"So I'm stuck with you for a while? Great." I said. He laughed.

"I'm taking you to modeling tomorrow at 7am so get a good sleep." He said. I nodded and walked upstairs. I sat at my desk and opened up my laptop. I went onto face book. I looked at my chat box to see if Hazel was online, she was. 

Me: "Im sorry."

She saw it, but didn't reply. The clouds rumbled outside and it started to rain. I got changed and went downstairs. 

"Where are you going?" Dad asked, walking over to me.

"I'll be back soon." I said, I grabbed my keys and got in my car. I drove to Hazel's house. I had a soft-top car and the roof was off. I was getting soaked. It didn't have a roof, it never rained in New York so this was kind of a new thing. I got to Haze;s house and ran out of my car and knocked on the front door. My hair was all over my face and I was shivering. She opened the door.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, I crossed my arms.

"I'm sorry." I said. 

"You came all this way to tell me?" She asked.

"Well you wouldn't reply to my Facebook message so what choice did I have?" I asked, shaking from the cold. 

"Get your ass inside." She said, I smiled and walked in. It was so warm in her house. 


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