Facts About One Direction

I'm sorry if you know all or some of this stuff, I don't have any ideas for my stories so please just bare with me on these for now until I update my other ones. thank you! Please no hate!!!!


2. Niall Horan

1. Niall was born in Ireland and the only member of one direction born outside the U.K.

2. Niall was Born on September 13th 1993.

3. Niall is 20.

4. Niall likes Girls who have brown eyes and or Green eyes

5. Niall likes girls who are shy.

6. Niall quoted "when girls hug the other lads I just stand there and smile while it hurts on the inside. (awe niall! we all love you! *hugs* haha)

7. He is Irish! (haha no kidding)

8. he has a brother named Greg.

9.  he second youngest member in the band.

10. Niall is a natural brunette!

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