One Summer

It's amazing how one year I can go from being Fred Weasley. Hogwarts prankster, mischief maker, bad boy. To being head over heals for the stuck-up, book-wormy, know-it-all, smarty pants Hermione Granger. It all happened over one summer.
*Note- I describe the summer THROUGH OUT the story, not right away. I'm new to publishing my fanfiction, I write mine I paper first so it may take a while to update. Please give me a try.


1. Chapter one- The fall.

"You don't get it George!" I yelled from my bed so he could hear me, even though he wasn't in the room.

"Then help me understand Freddie!" He snapped as he walked back into the room pulling a shirt over his head.

"She's beautiful, smart, funny, and when she laughs, I get more butterflies in my stomach than I do before a quiditch match. She's amazing, she's-"

"She's Hermione!" George said interrupting me. "You know the girl we've been friends with for not ONE not TWO but THREE years. The girl Ron has had a crush on since that day on Hogwarts express when she told him he had dirt on his nose!" He roared like a bear who had just been woken up.

"He likes her?" I asked as guilt took over my heart like bees take over honey.

"Yes! Fred, she is in 4th year you are in 5th just let Ron have her." He said with his voice turning as cold as Snapes heart.

"Yea, sure, okay." I mumbled as I rolled over on my side to shut off the light.

'Let Ron have her.' Those four words jumped around my head like a heard of kangaroo's.

Are kangaroo's called a heards? I don't know. I'll ask Hermione on the train tomorrow. If I don't get distracted by her smile. Or her eyes. Or laugh. Or hair.

Jesus Christ Fred! PULL. YOURSELF. TOGETHER! Ron likes Hermione.

Ron likes Hermione.

Ron likes Hermione.

Ron likes Her-

Wait! Why should He get her?! He's had THREE FULL years now! It's my turn!

This time tomorrow I will be sitting by Hermione in compartment eleven on the way to Hogwarts.

This year is going to be interesting.

Authors Note

Hey guys! So, first chapter is up! Let me know what you guys think. I know it was short, just give me time. I promise, it'll get better.

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