In love with a Pirate (One Piece FF)

21 year old Nanami hopes to find the Treasure called "One Piece" to use the money to pay the hospital to give surgery for her mother,on the way,she meets the Straw Hat Pirates,Luffy,Zoro,Nami,Usopp,and Sanji. She soon joins them,and begans falling for Luffy,and Luffy falls for Nanami. Will they become an item?


1. Nanami means Seven Seas

Hi,my name is Nanami which means Seven Seas. My mother named me this for a reason;she was a pirate,and she tried to get the treasure of One Piece,but failed miserably. Sigh. But my mother is in the hospital at the current time,and she needs a kidney surgery,and we're broke. I promised her I'll get her surgery done,that I'll get the money. How,you must ask,is getting the treasure of One Piece. She has 6 months to live,that means.... if I go there now,find the treasure in....2 months and come back in 2 months,I can possibly pay. All it cost is 10 beli,in which the One Piece treasure is probably 50-200 beli. I sighed as I continued walking. My long black hair flowed out on my back,my hands clenched in fists,and my face red in anger. I was still mad at that doctor.


"Please,sir! My mother may have 6 months to live but.. doctor,my mother is dying and she needs this surgery! Please,I am begging you,can you please do this surgery for free?"


"I'm sorry but we only do free surgeries on Friday,it's Thursday. You should have brought her in on Friday. Sorry Sweetheart." he said calmly.

I held back the urge to punch him. "I WILL SUE YOU,SIR! PLEASE,I DON'T HAVE 10 BELI! JUST PLEASE! PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU!" I shouted,getting frustrated.

"I'm sorry,against the rules,you have to leave now,anyways."


I growled. That man. That BASTARD! My mother is dying and he doesn't even care!


I got to my ship I built back in March. I didn't want to have a crew,I didn't want to be a pirate at this time right now,when my mother is fine,then I will,I'll have my own crew. I'll show my mother I can be the best pirate I can be,I promised her I will when I was 5,and like hell I will.



It's already been two months,and I haven't found One Piece yet. I teared up at the thought. 4 more months and my mother will die. No! I stared at the map,then up out at the ocean and saw a ship..... 

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