My Birthweek<3 (Justin Bieber FanFic)

My names Jackie..and it's my Birthweek.... Which is like a birthday but for a whole week, only for me(: ......I'm 18, popular. I'm dating the head football player. But I just found out he's cheating on me. Revenge.? I think yes. What happens when Jackie meets a very cute protective guy named Justin Bieber. {HES NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY}
Read to find out.(:


10. Night 1, The Rules, Tomorrow ^.^

Sorry for not updating as much my beauties<3. but be sure to check out my other stories. Anywho!!! Enjoy this somewhat Short Chapter :P


Night 1, The Rules. Tomorrow ^.^

Jackies POV

"The rules are. No kissing on the lips babe." He said pecking my cheek. "Oh and sex babe. Sorry, but no sex." He whispered, kissing my ear lightly, I smirked.

"Whats allowed?" I said flirting. Wrapping my arms around his neck.

"This" He said kissing my cheek.

"This" He said kissing my neck.

"This" Then he kissed my stomach. Making me giggle a bit.

"This" He said kissing me all over my face, missing my lips.

"Oh, and this." He said laying on top of me, about to say something, but I interrupted.

"We can lay on each other?" I asked sarcastically.

"Shut up. Im just getting comfy" He said putting all of his weight on me and perking his head on his arms to look at me.

"Another rule is... Flirting is allowed." He said winking.

"Good" I said winking right back.

"And I wanna make a rule too" I said whining a bit.

"Okay, okay. Go for it." He said shaking his head a bit.

"Jealousy is allowed." I said smiling so wide.

"Deal" He said straddling me and sticking his hand out for me. I shook it and he kissed my hand. I smiled.

"Alright. Lets go to bed. We have school tomorrow." I said pushing him off me and the bed. I giggled and got under the covers and faced my back towards him.  After about 5 minutes, he stood up and gasped. I pretended to fall asleep.

"Jackie" He whispered. I smiled a little. Making sure he didnt see. I felt the bed go down a bit. Then the covers go up. Then the best part. His arm pulling my waist closer to him. I smiled but hid it right away.

"Jackie. You're not sleeping. Are you?" He asked propping himself on his elbow to see my face. I kept my eyes closed. I felt him hover over me, with the covers still over us. I felt his arms on either side of my face.

"Don't make me. Fine you left me with no choice." He said smiling. I then felt little kisses on my neck. It didnt bug me. Until he started kissing longer and practically making out with my neck. Then he found my only sweet spot and began sucking. I tried to hide the smile and moan. But it came out anyways. He smirked against my neck.

"I knew it." He said looking into my eyes. I smiled and pushed him off of me, but not too hard, just so hes off of me. I then scooted over to my half of the bed and had my back against him. 

"Ahem" He said coughing. I looked over my shoulder at the stars, then at him.

"Yes?" I asked. 

"Forgetting something." He asked smiling. I pretended to slap my forehead a little.

"Oh sorry." I sat up straight and looked at him.

"Goodnight Jay." I then laid back in my position.

"Nope." He said crossing his arms. 

"Fine." I leaned over and kissed his cheek and looked into his eyes, which were by the way 2 inches away from mine.

"Good Night Fag" I said smilling. Then I laid back down, with my back facing towards him.

He sighed and grabbed my waist, pulling me as close as possible towards him.

"This is how its suppose to be." He said kissing my shoulder. I laughed a little. I turned around in his arms, to face him. I started making shapes on his chest. Coming across his crown tatt.

"Jay?" I asked. He closed his eyes under my touch and replied.

"Yeah babe." He whispered oh so quietly, still holding me in his arms.

"What about your tattoos?" I asked looking up at him. He sighed.

"They all have meanings to them. But lets talk about it tomorrow. Just go to bed babe." I smiled when he kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and whispered.

"Good night Jay" I dont think he heard, which I dont mind. I sighed a little. Then about 2 minutes later, He responded.

"Good night Gorgeous." I smiled. Then i felt him playing with my hair, causing me to fall asleep faster. Then, in no time, I was out.

Justin's POV

Gosh, she looked so beautiful and peaceful. I kept stroking her hair and watched her sleep. Its not creepy, unless you make it. But I cant help it. I tried closing my eyes, but I couldnt, So i reached for a remote. I kept her in my arms and created a galaxy ceiling. Then I came across a photo album. I clicked it and it showed all these pics of her and her siblings. Mostly of her friends and Her. Then there was about 5 pictures of her and this guy. They looked pretty intimate. I wonder if its recent of not. Or if shes cheating. I turned it off and looked down at the beauty in front of me. I smiled and closed my eyes. 

"I love you Beautiful" I whispered so quietly, hoping she didnt hear. Then, I fell into a deep sleep.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey guys. Finally updated. Sorry about that. I'm currently working on my Drivers Ed classes and tests, so I wont be updating this story much, but I will be writing, but not posting until they're finished. But Be sure to check out my other stories too. Well anyways(: 

~Stay Swaggy~

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