My Birthweek<3 (Justin Bieber FanFic)

My names Jackie..and it's my Birthweek.... Which is like a birthday but for a whole week, only for me(: ......I'm 18, popular. I'm dating the head football player. But I just found out he's cheating on me. Revenge.? I think yes. What happens when Jackie meets a very cute protective guy named Justin Bieber. {HES NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY}
Read to find out.(:


11. Day 2, Getting Ready, Nick!?!? :O

Hey guys, come up with a little nickname for my fans... Winner gets a prize



Day 2, Getting Ready, Nick!?!? :O

Jackie's POV


*Ohhh, her eyes, her eyes. Make the stars look like they not shining. Her hair, Her hair, falls perfectly without her trying, She's so beautiful...* I groaned and turned off my phone alarm. I sighed and stood up and stretched. Only to be pulled down again. I was confused, then I remembered Justin was there. I sighed and giggled a little. He had his arms around my waist and he was now on top of me. 

"Justin. We have school" I said. He groaned loudly and held me even tighter.

"Nooooo.." He mumbled into my chest. I laughed a little.

"Come on Pretty Boy" I replied running my fingers through his hair. I kept doing that and looked at my phone, it's 5:30. I guess we have an hour until we need to get ready. I smiled and looked through instagram and Facebook. All while running my fingers through his hair.

I could feel him smiling. I posted on facebook a quick post: Morning Everyone. Hope you have a Great day<3. I posted it and instantly got about 300 likes. Mostly because I'm facebook famous. That pretty much goes for Instagram and Twitter. Don't ask how. It just happened.

I also went on Twitter. I tweeted: What did you guys dream of last night? Because all I could dream of was my beautiful so called-fans. Love you Guys<3. Then I went on Instagram and took a pic of me and Justin. He was on top of me and I had one hand on his head while I stuck my tongue out looking directly into the camera. I snapped it and looked at it. I smiled.

Then I wrote a little caption: Get up @justinbieber, you're too lazy...and HEAVY xD. I instantly got all these comments on how cute we looked or who he was. 

"Come on" I said realizing that 30 minutes passed and I take a lot of time. He moaned a little because of me stroking his hair. I smiled a bit. I tried getting him off me, but he wouldn't let me.

"Fine.. Then we're over" I said acting serious and crossing my arms over my chest. His head shot up real quick.

"You play too much babe" He said grabbing my crossed arms and putting it over my head, still crossed and he straddled me.

"You're so gorgeous" He whispered. I closed my eyes and smiled. Then I opened my eyes and replied:

"I Know" I said smiling wide. He laughed and began kissing my left cheek and neck a couple times.

"I love your confidence" He said getting off me and holding his hands out for me to grab. I grabbed it and he pulled me up quick. So I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He laughed a bit and wrapped his arms under my thighs.

"Haha. Let's go" He said lowering me a bit. I kept holding onto him and I was about at his knee by now and he was bending down holding my thighs.

"Noooo. Now I don't wanna get ready" I said acting like him. I rolled my head back and groaned. He laughed and grabbed the remote with one hand still on my thigh and opened the cover of our bed. He still held onto me and got out and he closed the cover. I hopped down and looked around. It was dark. So I switched the lights on and everyone groaned.

"Come on sleepyheads" I said clapping. Justin did the same. I pushed some of them off the bed and the rest were pushed down by Justin. We were laughing while they all were trying to collect themselves. Justin came from behind and hugged me. All while slipping his hands under my shirt to lay on my belly. I looked up a bit and smiled.

"We should go get some breakfast. huh, babe?" Justin whispered in my ear after I looked down at everyone, but as soon as he began whispering, my eyes locked on the ground. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, they need some time." I said laughing a bit and grabbed his hand and we walked out the Sleepover Room. We started walking down the hall, I let go of his hand to go to the bathroom but he grabbed it again and spun me around and dipped me a bit and said:

"I'll meet you upstairs in the kitchen. Don't take so long." He said sweetly. Oh so sweetly. I smiled and nodded. He smiled too and straightened our position and pecked my cheek and went for the elevator. I stood by the door, holding onto the frame. The elevator dinged and he walked in, and looked up at me. He waved and blew a kiss, and so did I. Then the doors closed and I sighed. I quickly ran back into the room and grabbed my phone and ran back into the bathroom. I put on Pandora. The song Gas Pedal by Sage came on and I smiled and Placed my phone on my little speaker installed in the bathroom. I locked the door and sang along while stripping down and making sure I brought my toothbrush and toothpaste into the shower.

What? I sometimes do that. Is it so wrong? I turned the shower on and then Say Something ft Christina Aguilera came on and I sang along. I grabbed some axe shampoo for my hair. 

Once again, What? I buy guy shampoo cause it smells really good and it lasts all day.

I lathered my hair and I rinsed it off. Then I grabbed some coconut body wash and cleaned my body. I kept singing, actually humming. But I got a little outta hand and sang aloud here and there. I got bored of the song and I grabbed the little waterproof remote and changed the song.

Okay, in case you're wondering, Yes I have a remote for almost everything. I can't help for all the money I have. Despite the fact that, that sounded really cocky. I'm not super cocky over it, but it helps sometimes.

I clicked next and Bed by J.Holiday came on and lemme tell you now, I was definitely dancing in the shower. I rinsed my body off and I grabbed a clip for my hair and pinned it out of the way. I grabbed some of my face scrub and stepped away from the water. I put the scrub all over my face and closed the container. I grabbed my toothbrush and paste and brushed my teeth. When I was done I washed my face off and rinsed my mouth out. Then, the song switched to 23 Caked Up Remix by Oscar Wylde. I smiled and unpinned my hair and rinsed it a bit. and shut it off. I opened the door and closed it right back.

"Babe, I didn't see nothing. But I did hear everything." Justin said standing by the door. I quickly locked the shower door and opened a little cabinet in the shower that held extra towels. I wrapped one around my hair and the other tight around my chest to mid-thigh. I sighed and unlocked the door. Just when the song Rack City by Tyga turned on I walked out.

"What are you doing here?" I asked holding 1 hand on the top of my towel and the other on his chest pushing him away.

"10 10 10, Twenties on them titties chick" He sang grabbing my waist and looking into my eyes with 1 hand on the top of my towel. He slowly tried to undo it. But I stopped him. 

"Get out white boy" I said pushing him a bit. He smiled and put his hands up in surrender.

"Okay, Okay. I'll wait out here." He said smiling and walking out backwards. I smiled.

"Yeah Yeah whatever. Byee" I said waving at him. He blew a kiss and I pretended to grab it and put it in my towel. He laughed and closed the door.

I sighed and danced around while putting my makeup on. It looked like this:

(A/N: INCASE YOU CAN'T SEE IT, SHE HAS PINK LIPS AND A GOLDISH EYESHADOW LINED IT WITH BLACK LINER AND ON HER WATERLINE ALONG WITH MASCARA.) I didn't have foundation or anything like that. I never wear it. I don't even own any. I took one last look and smiled. I took my hair down and I styled it to look like this:

(A/N: ITS A WATERFALL BRAID AND KEEP IN MIND HER HAIR IS BRUNETTE. NOT BLONDE) Honestly my makeup took longer than my hair. I had to straighten it and do the braid. I finished and looked around for my clothes. SHIT! I didn't bring any clothes. I hope Justin isn't out there, I have been in here for 20 minutes already. Ehhh, let's go. I slowly opened the door and held onto my towel. I looked from left to right and turned the light off and began walking out the door, just to get pushed back in and a pair of lips smashed onto mine. I immediately knew it was Justin and I kissed back and he pushed me against the wall. I kept both of my hands on the top of the towel and he grabbed my ass. I smiled and traveled one of my hands up to his hair.

Oh, fuck. I pulled away...

"Nick?!?!" I screamed.

"Hey, miss me?" He said smirking.


Hey... So, I hoped you liked it(: Because i enjoyed writing it(:




Oh and hurry with the fanbase name...... Let's do this Beliebers.

~Stay Swaggy~

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