My Birthweek<3 (Justin Bieber FanFic)

My names Jackie..and it's my Birthweek.... Which is like a birthday but for a whole week, only for me(: ......I'm 18, popular. I'm dating the head football player. But I just found out he's cheating on me. Revenge.? I think yes. What happens when Jackie meets a very cute protective guy named Justin Bieber. {HES NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY}
Read to find out.(:


6. Day 1, Unexpected, They're Here \(^.^)/

Okay Guys!! So, I am super sorry I couldn't upload. I got into a fight with my mom about my 'attitude', she took all my technologies. But I secretly go them back(; From now on, whenever I post a chapter, I will start the next one right away. I will post them every weekend, possibly 2-3 chapters every weekend. Mostly because I try to make them long chapters and full of excitement. If you want bonus chapters(Which is when I create 1 chapter, I will make 1 more and post them in a few days together. So you can have more than 1 to read.), But the only way is if you: Favorite this Movella, Like this Movella, Comment some ideas and Suggestions for it, Read my soon to be other stories, and if you become a fan.

K here goes!!!!



                                              Day 1, Unexpected, They're Here\(^.^)/


                                                                    Justin's POV


When they left the room, I went up to the camera and looked at some of the pictures. Omg, I think she may be my other half. I really truly like her. She is so beautiful. And these pictures. I quickly sent them all to my phone. Then i put the camera back on the stand. I looked around for a little while. Then I saw a DJ System/Turn Tables. Omg YESSSS!! I walked over there and began making a beat and lyrics to a song I wrote last week.... (The Song Confident)

She Confident....

While I was singing, I was dancing too. Then I heard the door open and applause. I turn around, and I saw Jackie clapping and leaning on the door frame. I smiled and walked towards her.


                                                                 Jackie's POV


"Impressive" I said smiling. He was a few centimeters away from my face.

"So is your kissing skills" He said leaning in to kiss me, but I turned my face so he can kiss my cheek. He looked confused. I smiled.

"First you gotta answer some of my questions, before you get any of these." I said pointing to my lips. He smiled and nodded for me to continue.

"First, I never knew you could sing. How?" I asked grabbing his hand and leading him towards the movie section and while he was explaining, I told him to sit and I made popcorn and looked for a movie to watch. He was eating the popcorn, occasionally throwing one at me and I caught them in my mouth.

"Well I'm actually from a small town in Canada. So, I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I have a journal full of songs I wrote, I even taught myself how to play piano, guitar, drums, the trumpet, and a little bit of turntables. Well anyways, I got to recording videos, some online competitions. But I never had the gut or time to actually post them or send them to the corporation of the competitions. I started drums when I was 2. I was taught the guitar by a friend of my dad's when I was around 5. Everything else, I taught myself. I also beat box and obviously sing. Just not in public for 2 reasons. 1, because there's never a time. and 2, no one ever wants to listen. So I moved down here, I got a couple jobs to pay for the house. My mom, Pattie, is single and she doesn't work, but she's a great writer. I think she made a book. But yeah, that's me." He said eating the popcorn. I just watched him the whole time, and I completely forgot to look through the movies. When he finished, I shook my head and looked down.

"Umm. That's.. yeah... k what movie do you wanna watch?" I asked him, obviously changing the subject. He shook his head and smiled. He got up and walked towards me from behind, while looking at the movies. He reached over me, making me bend a little. He grabbed the movie Mama. 

"This one" He said pecking my neck a little. I nodded.

"Have you seen it?" He asked while grabbing my hand and leading me to one of the movie couches and sat down next to me. I lied by shaking my head no. He smiled and whispered in my ear.

"You're lying. Don't lie to me babe." He said wrapping one hand around my waist and brought me on his lap. I straddled him and wrapped my hands around his neck and placed my forehead on his, while he kept his arms around my waist, slowly lowering them to my ass.

"Really, what you gonna do about it?" I asked cocky-like. He smirked and whispered.

"This" He slammed his lips on mine roughly and that's when it started getting really heated. He began unzipping my jacket, I did the same to him. He slid his tongue on my lower lip for access. I teased him by not letting him. He smirked and squeezed my ass, thinking I will gasp and let him enter my mouth. I smiled and he then bit my lower lip gently and pulled away.

"Don't tease me." He tempted me. Pecking my neck.

"Or what?" I teased more. He smiled.

"Or I'll tease you right back." He said looking in my eyes.

"Try me" I whispered. He smirked and threw me on the other side of the couch and  crawled on top of me. 

"Okay, you asked for it." He said and began ripping my shirt even more. now my shirt was ripped down the middle, all the way down to my lower belly button.

"Belly Button ring? Tattoos? Pretty Face? Nice Ass? and Red and Black hair? Damn, nice combination." He said. He leaned down and was about to makeout again, when I heard a bunch of foot steps and people talking. I pushed Justin to the floor, grabbed my jacket, put it on and zipped it all the way up. I fixed my hair and makeup. I helped Justin up and whispered in his ear.

"We gotta keep this a secret. I'm serious" I said. He nodded.

"Can I at least flirt?" He asked me grabbing my waist.

"I don't give a fuck. But what just happened. Stays between me, you and Lidia. I mean she did catch us. Uhh, you know... Making out?" I shrugged. I helped fix him up and pecked his lip quickly. But he had something else in mind. I walked away, but he grabbed my waist and turned me around, he started kissing my lips. Then he started going a little longer, instead of short little pecks, he started licking my lower lip.

"Yeah, she's right in here." Lidia over-exaggerated by yelling.

I quickly pulled away and began thinking of something for Justin to do. The door opened, I sat down and pretended to watch Mama, I pushed Justin under the couch, Lucky for him, He can fit. I told him to Shut up. They walked in. I stood up and looked their way.

"Hey guys" I nervously said. I wasn't nervous, but Justin was making me nervous. He kept rubbing his hand up my leg. That made me fall down.

"You good Jacks?" Jose asked. I nodded. I quickly faced my back towards Justin, and told them to meet me in the Sleepover Area or the Dining Room.

"Nah, But can we join you?" Luis asked walking towards me and sitting on the couch that Justin was under. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist from under the couch. I quickly grabbed a blanket and covered myself and Justin a little.

"You know it's like 80 degrees outside right?" Izayah asked sitting on a reclining seat next to Luis. Jose came and sat on another reclining seat behind Luis, while Becka sat in front of me, getting lost in the movie. And Lidia, was making popcorn. I turned the lights down with a remote I had. Justin kept pulling up my Leather Jacket from behind and kissing my bare back. It tickled so, I took my phone out and began texting Justin. 

Could you please stop that, You're going to blow your cover.


NO, Haha. Help me out of here. And I can't concentrate if I see a Fine Ass Girl here. Literally, Your Fine Ass is just there and I...I have to do this.


And with that, a loud slap was made against my ass. I yelped and jumped in the air, not showing Justin. Everyone looked at me confused.

"Oh uhhh, weren't you guys watching? When Mama took Jeff before he got the chance to kill Victoria?" I asked pointing to the screen, hiding the fact my ass hurt. They all went "OHHHH. YEAH".  laughed and sat back down.

Ok, I'm going to say that I have to go pick u up. Then you QUIETLY... crawl under the couch from behind, Then you go under those three couches that are connected and crawl to the exit when I give you the signal.


But, what's the signal?


You'll see(;


"Hey guys quick announcement." I said. They all looked up at me as if I was going to say something hella important.

"Gotta go pee" I said smirking.They all groaned and Then there was a little bang. They all kinda looked around. I yelled
"NO!" They looked at me.

"No? No, What?"Jose asked. I stuttered.

"No, keep watching the Movie. I just accidentally kicked my foot. Make sure to tell me everything that happened. Okay?" i asked. They nodded. I began walking out. Then I shut the little tv button. Now it was completely quiet. Becka screamed.

"Sorry guys, one sec" Then I felt a little ass grab and I heard shuffling towards the door and I knew Justin was out. I turned the tv back on. and said sorry. I ran out. Gosh, who turned the lights off in the dining room. I turned my phone on as a flashlight.

"Justin" I whisper yelled. I kept looking, Then I bent down to look under the table, not there. Where did he go? Did he lea-. My thoughts were interrupted when 2 muscular arms were wrapped around my waist from behind and a hand over my mouth. Not again!!! I quickly turned about to beat the shit outta the intruder. But then I recognized those hazel eyes anywhere. He smiled and kissed me passionately, I smiled and I gotta admit, He's a really good kisser. The best out of all the boyfriends I've had.I wanted more, So I grabbed his leather jacket and pulled him closer causing him to smirk. He caught on and placed his hands under my thighs and whispered: "Jump". I wrapped my arms around his neck and jumped. He walked forwards. It was still pretty dark in the room, so he couldn't see which caused him to stumble a little. I giggled during the kiss, I tried to help him by kissing his neck. He finally found the table and set me down on it.  I pulled away from his neck.

"Tell me again, why it's so dark in here and why you started this little makeout session?" I asked taking off my leather jacket and his too.

"The makeout session, because I missed your beautiful lips on mine. But the lights, is a different story, I think the guys turned it off for the Movies effect." He said sucking on my neck. I moved my hair to the other side for more access. Then my phone beeped. I stopped him and pulled my phone out of my butt-pocket. I looked at my messages while Justin continued sucking on my neck. I wanted to tease him.

"I'm bored, Jake totally got my mind off of everything when he made out with me.You should really try to be more like him" I said looking at Lidia's message saying: BTW, the movie is halfway over and we are starving. And I did the lights because I knew the guys would try to go upstairs and I knew you two had to get away. You're Welcome. I replied with a thanks and an I love you.

"We'll see about that"Justin said a little pissed that I compared him to My Ex.He grabbed my phone. He picked me up in a straddle form with my legs wrapped around his waist. He placed my phone in my butt-pocket. Then slapping my other ass cheek.

"Hey" I quietly yelped.

"Punishment" He whispered before nibbling on my earlobe. We walked all the way to the elevator. We got in and he started making out with me still in his arms. He got really rough. Because he told me to hop off, Then he pressed the stop button the elevator and told me to lay down. I did and he crawled over me. He grabbed one thigh and held it while making out with me. I cupped his face and he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I smirked. 

"Just couldn't wait?" I mumbled against his lips.

"Hell No" He mumbled back. Then he let my thigh go, he shifted and began sucking my neck. Like really hard. Like to the point where I moaned and felt an actual hickey in that spot. Then he began kissing down my chest, considering my tank was ripped and so was his. Gosh I really gotta go get changed. Haha, But I can't with this pervert with me 24/7. After this, Pj's Pronto. I couldn't take it anymore. I flipped us over so I was on top.

"Girl who likes to take control. I'm serious, I think you are THE perfect girl for me." He said smirking. I smiled and went down to his neck, I left about 3 hickeys. Mostly because he left like 7 on me. 2 on my neck, 4 on the top of my cleavage, and 1 on my lower stomach. Then I got off of him.

"Hey! I wasn't done" He whispered. I leaned down and gave him a few pecks on the lips. Then he stuck his tongue out at me. So i bit his tongue and sucked on it, he smirked and then we had a little makeout session, ONCE AGAIN. But this time, it consisted of him biting my lower lip, and sucking on it.

"KK, we gotta go get changed." I said getting off of him.

"But, We gotta make a deal." He said standing up and turning the elevator back on to head down to the sleepover floor.

"What deal?" I asked leaning against the wall. He placed one hand above my head and grabbed my waist with the other and we just stood like this.

"Since I can't tell anyone or show anyone our little secret. Then you have to do 1 thing for me everyday, until you tell or show people that we are a couple?" He said.

"We're a couple?" I teased him.

"I own you now bae. So yeah."


"Those hickeys."

"Well than. I guess I own you too babe."

"Nuh-uh. You didn't" He asked shocked.

"But babe. I did" I winked. He laughed it off and we got off the elevator. We headed down the hall. We got to the bedroom, Where everyone was going to sleep. He went to his suitcase, and I went to my closet.

"So when does this 'Bet' start?" I asked taking out a really cute pair of Pj's, and a NEW tank and shorts to go under my Pj's. The Pj's looked like this: 

The Crochet Cami and Shorts looked like this:

"Now babe" He said getting his Pj's out too.Which was this:


I laughed. 


Hey!! I need some help!! First: for the outfits and stuff. Should I just put the actual pics there or for those at home that read on their phones, the links of the pictures, like I did at the end. Or should I just plainly describe all the outfits and shit?? Because even I get pissed when I can't see the picture.?? COMMENT PLEASE!! Another thing, is some Ideas/Suspense to put in this story or in another story I'm already thinking of doing?? Please become a fan, favorite, comment, like and help me with all this...



~Stay Swaggy~




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