My Birthweek<3 (Justin Bieber FanFic)

My names Jackie..and it's my Birthweek.... Which is like a birthday but for a whole week, only for me(: ......I'm 18, popular. I'm dating the head football player. But I just found out he's cheating on me. Revenge.? I think yes. What happens when Jackie meets a very cute protective guy named Justin Bieber. {HES NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY}
Read to find out.(:


5. Day 1, The Tour, Old Secrets, New Secrets^.^

OKAY GUYS!!! I know I haven't been on in a while. I was trying to come up with a FANTASTIC chapter.... I think this ones gonna be.. just... haha read and find out(;
                                            Day 1, The Tour, Old Secrets, New Secrets ^.^


                                                                      Jackie's POV

When we got into the elevator, we were heading down to the lowest level in my house.
"Where are we going?"Justin asked as he grabbed my hand. I looked down and back up at him. He smiled shyly and intertwined our hands.

"Are you, like, afraid of eleve-" He cut me off, by placing a hand over my mouth.

"PSHHH, no.....ok maybe a little, but don't tell anyone." He said. I nodded and licked his palm. He pulled his hand back, still holding my other hand.
"Watch that tongue of yours." He warned wiping his hand on my shoulder.
"EWW" I said shaking. He laughed and pecked my shoulder/leather jacket.
"Stop being such a girl." He said smiling.

"Okay, you said it." I said zipping my mouth and 'throwing the key'. He laughed. The elevator dinged. We walked out and I tried letting go of his hand. He grabbed it again. I smiled. I walked straight down the hall all the way the the dead end.

"Okay, so this house has 6 stories. I like to call this 'The Secret Hideout'. So in other words. If I wanna get away for a while, I come down here. Or when someone tries breaking in or something, I come down here. You'll find out why in a bit." I said patting his confused face. He smirked.

"Okay, let's keep going." He said poking my side. I jerked back a little, yes I am ticklish.

"Okay so this room" i pointed to the left, "Is where I go if someone's trying to break in." I typed in the secret code, when he wasn't looking. it opened."Okay wait out here for a sec" He nodded, i opened the door all the way. I stayed in the doorway, i reached for some flour, from the mini kitchen. I got it. I stepped in the hall with Justin behind me.

"What's that for?" He asked pointing to the flour. I smirked. I handed him the flour. I grabbed a ponytail from my pocket and began tying my hair in a bun.

"Just watch and see, Don't be so eager. I'm about to show you something, no one knows about me. So don't tell anyone. Got it?" He nodded. "Okay, and you might wanna back up a little" He backed up. I finished my hair, grabbed the flour. "Okay watch this" I poured some flour in my hand. I handed the flour back to him. He grabbed it.

I blew some flour in the room. You should've saw his face. "are those lasers?" He asked pointing. I shook my head.
"No, silly. It actually rigs the alarm system and automatically calls the police." I said. He just nodded. "Okay, what do u want to drink?" I asked him. He looked at me confused.
"What does that have to do wi-" 
"Just tell me" I interrupted him. He said Dr.Pepper. I nodded.
"Are you good at catching and throwing?" I asked him. He nodded. "Good. Now stay back" I walked to the room he was leaning on. "Excuse me" He scooted to the side. I walked in the room. He followed. I went to the closet. "Ummm, this is another secret. Do you think you can handle it?" He nodded. "It's a secret closet, no one knows.. not even my parents." He nodded. "But.."
"But what?" He asked.
"No one can go in it, so just sit on that chair and wait." He sat down and stared at me. I walked into the closet and closed the door. The scanner scanned my eye, and let me in. I grabbed my gymnastic outfit. Which was a tight diving suit that goes to my wrists and ankles.I got dressed, Then I walked out. I closed the door, then walked to another chair. Justin just stared at me shocked.

"What?" I asked.
"Nothing" He asked. I shrugged.
 "Stop staring so much" I told him. He just nodded and stared in my eyes.
"Did anyone tell you that you had really gorgeous eyes?" He asked. I just shook my head. No one ever told me that. I smiled. 
"Hey Justin?" I asked turning my head towards him, but not turning my body.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"Could you hand me that ponytail?" I asked. He grabbed it, and gave it to me. I thanked him.
"you're welcome, Beautiful" He said.I smiled. I grabbed some small athletic shoes. I put them on, without socks, mostly because you don't have to have them, otherwise they're really uncomfortable. I looked in the mirror.

Then i walked towards Justin. I grabbed his hand. He grabbed the flour. I closed that door. I walked to the doorway of the room, with the 'Lasers'. "Okay, here goes." 

I took a deep breath and took 1 small step inside, I did a few flips over some lasers, then i did the splits under another laser. I had to squeeze through some lasers, until I finally got the the wall. I pressed a few buttons. Then i said "1 male guest" into the speaker. Then all the lasers turned off and I told Justin to come inside. He did, Then the doors closed and locked behind him.
"Y-you...F-Fl-Flipped.. Th-then.. Just wow!!" He said applauding me and bowing. I walked up to him and hugged him. 
"Thanks" I said. I grabbed the flour and placed it on the counter. Then i jumped on the counter and grabbed the flour and placed it on the top of another shelf. I back-flipped off the counter.
"Stop that" He laughed.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because" He walked towards me "It turns me on" He said grabbing my waist.
"Not here Romeo. There is about 32 cameras in here. Which are monitored later in the night." I said walking to the fridge and grabbing a Dr.Pepper. I chucked it at him, he caught it with one hand. I applauded him.
"Good Job" I said.
"Why did you throw it?" He asked opening it and taking a sip.
"Just testing you" I said grabbing a water bottle. I took a sip.
"Babe. You can test me anytime. Just know that I'll pass each time" He said sitting on the counter drinking his Dr. Pepper. I smiled.
"Okay." I said. I placed my drink down on the counter.
"Well as i said before. This is my hideout, in case of emergencies. There's a fridge, A bed." I said pointing to the objects. "In the closet, Is some weapons. Self-Defense weapons. Along with other tools I might need in an emergencies."
"Like what?" He asked walking toward me and the closet. I opened the door.
"There's a grappling hook, some swords and knifes, pepper spray bottles, pistols, smaller guns, larger guns, a shovel, some flashlights, etc." I said pointing to all the weapons and equipment's.
"Wait what's that?" He asked pointing to a small box on the floor in the corner of the room. Shit! I forgot I had this in here.
"Oh... Some grenades." I said. Actually lied.
"Why?" He said backing out of the closet. I walked out too. I closed the door.
"In case. I mean you never know" I said shrugging. He nodded. Phew, He fell for it.
"Ok. Well that's this room. Let's go check out the rest of the house." I said going to the wall and clicking a button to let us out in 15 seconds. "Now run!" I said running towards the door. We got outside. With 3 seconds to spare. The lasers turned back on. I closed the door and put in the code. 
"Quick Question?" He said. pointing to the door.
"I was in Gymnastics. Pretty much my whole life." I said. Knowing the question already, "How Did You Do That?"..
"How did you know?" He asked.
"Lucky guess." i said shrugging. "Now let's continue this little tour." I said grabbing his hand and running into the room i changed in.

"OK, imma change into my other clothes real quick." I said grabbing my other clothes.

"Uhhhh, how long is that going to take?" He asked groaning.

"Chill, only a minute." I said walking into the closet. I changed and placed my clothes where they belonged. I put in the code and tossed my athletic suit in there. I quickly locked it and walked out of the closet. I went by the mirror in the room and put my hair into a high ponytail. All of a sudden, I felt muscular arms around my waist. I looked through the mirror. I smiled. That's when I noticed something.

"Hey, uh, Justin?" I asked turning around causing him to keep his arms around me.

"Yes beautiful" He said brushing my bangs off my face with his left hand. I grabbed his wrist.

I didn't say anything. I pulled off his leather jacket. He looked at me confused. 

"What are you doin-" He began but I cut him off.

"Just trust me." I said looking into his eyes. He nodded.

I threw his jacket on the floor, not looking away from his eyes.

"What's this?" I asked him pointing to his arm tattoos. He looked down.

"Uhh, Tattoos?" He sarcastically laughed.

"Yeah I know. It's just that, do you mind if i ask you something?" I said leading him to the spare bed in the room. BTW, this is one of my spare bedrooms. We sat on the bed.

"Yeah, anything." He said confidently.

"This is gonna sound weird." I said looking down. He lifted my chin so I can look at him.

"Just ask, I promise I won't laugh" He said smiling. I nodded.

"Uh...Let's just finish the Tour than we can talk about your secrets." I said. He nodded. I stood up. But he grabbed my wrist and I fell onto his lap.

"Can I just try something?" He asked cautiously. I nodded. He began doing the same thing I was doing not too long ago. He unzipped my leather jacket. He kept eye contact with me. When he unzipped it all the way, He stopped.

"Do you trust me?" He asked. I nodded. He took off the jacket and threw it on the ground. He briefly looked down, then back up slowly. I followed his eyes.

"I guess I'm not the only one with secrets. We'll talk about OUR secrets" He stopped and helped me put my jacket back on. I stood up and began walking away. He grabbed my waist and held me by my unzipped jacket and we were inches away from our faces"Later, Babe." He finished. I smiled and agreed.

"Okay so that tour." I said. He nodded and picked up his leather jacket and we walked out hand in hand. We walked down the hall. I opened the rest of the doors. Which were: Go-Cart Tracks, Ice Cream Parlor, Bowling Alley, Laser Tag, Trampolines, and an indoor Swimming area with Jacuzzi's and actual large pools. We walked into the elevator.

"Whoa!! That was awesome" He said holding my hand and looking at me. I clicked the next floor, which was the REAL basement.

"I know right?" I said smiling. He smiled back and the elevator bell dinged. We walked out, still hand-in-hand. 

"This is my sleepover floor, which we already been in. But imma show you the rest of this floor." He nodded. We walked all the way to the end. On the left was a maid's room, so was on the right. Then there were the snack room, the game room(had board games, video games, etc.), the movie room, the view room(has virtual walls. so we can look at 'stars' and anything else, with the universal remote. IT WAS BEAST!). Then there was the sleep room, and there were 2 more rooms, closest to the elevator. They were both bathrooms. But not just any bathroom. I'll explain later. We walked back into the elevator.

"SOOO?" i said. I clicked the main floor. Now we have 4 more floors to go.

"Will you marry me?" He asked getting on his knee. I laughed.

"Your funny, U only want me for the house nigga." I told him. He got off of his knee.

"I was kidding" He said smiling and hugging me tight. I wrapped my hands around his torso and we just stood like that. Until the elevator dinged.

"Am I interrupting something" We heard a voice. We pulled apart. It was my dad.

"Daddy!" I said hugging him. He hugged back. We pulled apart.

"Dad, this is Justin. Justin, This is Jason, My dad." I introduced them. They shook hands.

"Nice to meet you sir. Your daughter and I met at school today, and she was my first friend. So she invited me for a sleepover, Is that okay, sir?" Justin asked. I laughed. Justin glanced at me confused, than looked at my dad again.

"What kind of question is that? Of course you can. First of all, you seem nice. Second, it is her Birthweek, it's gotta be huge. and Third, you aren't the only one here, so it's fine." Dad said smiling. Then my mom walked in. Followed by 3 butlers, that all were carrying suitcases and were heading outside.

"Ready, Honey?" Mom asked fixing her pearl bracelets and earrings. She was wearing a nicely fit back dress.

"1 second honey." He said, she nodded and headed into the dining room.

"Daddy?" I asked. He sighed.

"I know you're not going to like this. Especially on your Birthweek." He started. I sighed.

"Business Trip?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Actually it's a little more than that." He said grabbing my hand. I grabbed his and Justin's hand and my dad lead us into the dining room.

"What's this about?" I asked as he let go of my hand and went next to mom. I sat on a dining stool and so did Justin.

"Would you like anything to drink Miss.Jacquelyn?" One of the Chef's named Jerry(A/N: IT'S OKAY TO LAUGH(: XD ) said. I shook my head and said "No Thanks". He nodded and left for the kitchen. 

"Tell me Daddy." I pleaded. Justin placed a hand on my thigh without my parents noticing. I stiffened, Justin noticed and rubbed my thigh in a calming way. I calmed down and waited for a response. The 3 butlers walked in and kept the door open.

"Your luggage is in the car, Master" Butler Harris said.

"Your flight leaves in an hour, Sir and Madam" Butler Roger said.

"Are we of any other services?" Butler Josh asked. I shook my head.

"No thanks, We just need some alone time. But can I ask you guys something?" I asked the Butlers. They nodded "Anything Miss" They said in unison. I giggled.

"It's Jackie. I told you guys that already. Call me Jackie." I said.

"Okay Miss.Jackie" Butler Roger said. I laughed.

"Where exactly is this flight going to?" I asked.

"Australia, Miss.Jackie" Butler Harris said. I stiffened, Justin rubbed my back. I stood up and walked to my parents. Justin sat there watching my every move.

"Thanks guys, You can go do whatever." I told the butlers, looking at them. They nodded and walked away.

"Daddy? Mom?" I asked.

"Honey, we are going on a business trip." Mom said.

"In Australia?!" I kind of snapped.

"OK, listen. We have to go to Australia for a whole year to help your mom build another few stores. And to help me find some great photo shoot and music video spots for a few artists." He said sincerely.

"But..But.. My birthday...And I'm going to be all alone." I said letting a tear slip. I wiped it away quickly making sure I don't ruin my makeup and so nobody notices. But Justin noticed and ran to me and engulfed me in a real sincere hug. I hugged his torso. He rubbed my back.

"I'm really sorry. Honey. But we have to go now. If you like, and if it's okay with Justin. He can live here with you until we come back.?" I looked at my dad in shock.

"Did you really just-" I started laughing. no-one else was laughing. so i died it down a little, because they wouldn't do that. right?

"Are you sure sir?" Justin asked seriously. I kept giggling, so Justin hugged me tighter, so you can't hear me laughing. I felt him smile, so I stopped laughing and listened in.

"I'm positive, just no funny business. But we have to go. So come here baby" My mom said. Justin let me go and I hugged my parents. We said our goodbyes, and just like that, They were gone. I sat on the counter top looking at a picture of them on my phone. Justin closed the door and walked to me and took my phone. I didn't bother taking it back. He brought the phone to me and told me to take pictures of him.

"Why?" I laughed.

"Because you need to smile. It's too beautiful to be hidden." I couldn't help but smile a little.

"mmkay." I said. He began posing really silly. Like his tongue sticking out and posing like animals, I laughed so hard. Then he began doing really cute poses, like looking down, rubbing his neck, hand in his pocket.

"I think, you should be in some of these." He took my phone and turned it off and placed it on the other counter. He took his phone out and began taking pictures of me. I did some silly ones. Like, sticking my tongue out, peace signs, thinking face. I was still on the counter. 

"Come here, let's do some together." I said. He nodded. We took some together.

"Hey, I have a large photo booth upstairs. Let's do some up there." I said. 

"What else do you have?" He asked jokingly.

"For me to know, and for you to find out." I winked. He smirked and I did a little tour of the main floor. Like the bathrooms, dining room, Butler's and some maid's rooms, etc. 

"Ok, let's go for the rest of the tour, than some photos?" I asked. He nodded and grabbed my hand. We walked into the elevator. I clicked the 4th floor. We walked out.

"So this is practically my parent's floor" I said. He nodded. 

"Why?" He asked. looking around.

"It's like, where they are 24/7. They only come downstairs for food, or to go on a business trip. But i love my Birthweek, because they always stay down here with me.But now " I stopped and looked at the ceiling to stop the tears. He noticed and pulled my chin down to look at him.

"It's okay. I'm here for you. For the whole year." He said smiling. He cupped my face, and we both started leaning in. We were inches away, when I heard a tiny bark. I sighed and pulled away. I looked down, there was Snowball, a little Pomsky (Pomeranian and Husky Mix). I picked him up.

"Aww" Justin said. He held him and we kept touring. Soon a Butler Harris called Snowball the go down the doggy elevator to go for a walk. He did, so we continued the tour. There were a few doors, not a lot. One door was for Business meetings, 2 others were offices. There was 1 door that lead to their bedroom. He followed all the way back to the elevator. We walked in.

"Why don't they ever come down?" He asked holding my hand staring sincerely into my eyes.. Gosh this boy kills me! 

"Uh-Uh- sorry" I stuttered. he looked confused.

"Stop looking at me" I laughed. He smiled and looked away.

"I was kidding." i said trying to turn him around to look at me.

"My mom always says, to listen to girls. And to treat them like princesses. I'm listening to your commands ma'lady" He said with his eyes closed and bowing. I laughed. 

"Open your eyes, and get out of the elevator." I told him, he opened his eyes and realized he was the only one in the elevator. 

"Oh. I gotchu" He said taking my hand. 

"This is my 2 siblings floor." He looked at me weird.

"First, you guys all have your own floor. Second, you have this huge house with all these things inside. Third, You're so Gorgeous. Fourth, You have a dog and 2 siblings. What else don't I know about you?" He asked. 

"Like I said, U have to wait and see" I said grabbing his collar, making him lean down a little, and I pecked his neck. I felt him shiver. I smirked.

"Let's go" I said smiling. He intertwined our fingers and I showed him their separate rooms, their personal movie room, a mini sleepover room, and a little game room. We walked back into the elevator. Once again, hand-in-hand.

"This phobia of yours is really taking over." I told him addressing our hands. He looked down then in my eyes smiling.

"Not really, I just wanna hold your hand." He said.I laughed and clicked the final floor. The elevator opened and we walked out.

"Okay so this is-"

"Your Butler's floor right?" He asked jokingly. I kept a straight face.

"Yeah actually" I lied. He stopped laughing and coughed.

"Your serious?" He asked. I shook my head.

"No you doof. It's my floor." I said smiling. He looked even more shocked than before. I smiled and said.

"You aren't ready for this floor yet. I haven't shown anyone this floor before. I usually disable this floor from the elevator, so no one can get in. So let's just go." I said walking back to the elevator.

"Pleaseeeee!!!!!!" He begged. I shook my head. 

"You have to earn it. Now let's go take those pictures." He frowned then smiled again.

"Picture Time" He shrieked like a little kid. We went back down to the Sleepover Floor. We walked into The Movie Room. Justin looked around. I grabbed his hand and went behind the Screen where the booth is. 

"You ready for this.?" I asked him. He nodded. I opened a door and It was like a mini stage to take pictures and video tape and stuff.

"Okay let me set up the camera." I said positioning the camera to take a picture every few seconds. I ran back to Justin. We did a whole bunch of photos. We did things like wrapping our hands around each others waist and leaning back a little while smiling at the camera. I jumped on his back and we posed for another. We did some silly pics, like bunny ears and Monkey faces. Then we were trying to think of one but we both fell, the camera caught that. We laughed, he was on top of me. He got off and reached his hand out for me to take. I took it and *Snap* (A/N: MEANS PICTURE WAS TAKEN.) He grabbed my waist *Snap* I laughed and placed my head on his chest and faced the camera while laughing with my eyes closed  *Snap* Then it got quiet and we kept that position. *Snap

I pulled my head off of his chest. I looked into his eyes *Snap* He kept one hand on my waist and he used the other to cup my face *Snap* We both leaned in and we were centimeters apart *Snap* We closed our eyes *Snap* We kissed *Snap* I placed my hands on his chest *Snap*,He dipped me back a little *Snap* I wrapped my hands around the back of his neck *Snap* I intertwined my fingers behind his head and he made me jump, I wrapped my legs around his waist *Snap* We kept kissing *Snap*Snap*Snap*Snap*Snap* Until I pulled away and laid my forehead against his, still in his arms *Snap/Flash*. I quickly jumped down.

"What are you guys doing?" Lidia asked holding one of my many cameras.

"Uhhhh, we were just uhhh" I stuttered. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist from behind.

"Making Out. We were Just making out." Justin said sarcastically.

"Awwwww....." Lidia cooed, snapping yet another pic.

"Please Lidia. Can I talk to you quickly." I asked her. She nodded. We walked out of the room. I closed the door.

"What the hell was that?" Lidia whispered yelled. I closed her mouth.

"Don't tell anyone. It's going to be a little secret between us 3." I whispered.

"Are you guys gonna date... obviously secretly" She whispered through my hand. I released my hand from her mouth. I shrugged.

"I mean I just got out of a relationship. I don't think I'm ready. Besides I barely know the kid. What if I get hurt again?" I asked sitting in one of the theater seats and ate some popcorn. 

"You won't. But if it does." She said slapping her fist in her palm a couple times. I laughed. 

"Yeah Yeah whatever. I'll think about it." I said getting up. "I gotta get back in there, remember. It's a secret" I said placing a finger over my mouth. She nodded.

"Okay, well Imma go set up the... yeah... I'll see you later" She said blowing me a kiss. I caught it and placed it in my pocket. I walked to the booth door. I heard loud music and I opened the door a tiny bit to see the unexpected.






i know. You all hate me right now. I'm sorry. I've been too busy with school, babysitting, homework, and thinking of ideas for this chapter. But I made this chapter really long for you guys. And uhhh, How bout that cliffhanger tho? Comment what you think She saw? (:


~Stay Swaggy~

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