My Birthweek<3 (Justin Bieber FanFic)

My names Jackie..and it's my Birthweek.... Which is like a birthday but for a whole week, only for me(: ......I'm 18, popular. I'm dating the head football player. But I just found out he's cheating on me. Revenge.? I think yes. What happens when Jackie meets a very cute protective guy named Justin Bieber. {HES NOT FAMOUS IN THIS STORY}
Read to find out.(:


4. Day 1, Get Ready, Flirt Game ^.*

So here's Chapter 4, and this is where the cute, funny, and action parts at.!!

Stay Tuned..




Jackie's POV

*Ding Ding* finally the last bell. Turns out that in every one of my classes, I have Justin. Which I don't mind at all, just the fact we keep texting each other. See I'm the type of person who likes to get straight A's. Hopefully I'll be okay.

"You coming beautiful?" Justin asked holding his hand out and holding his books in his other hand.

"Oh yeah, sorry. I was just thinking." I said collecting my things and grabbing his hand. I start dragging him out of class, when he pulls me back. Now we are inches away.

"What about?" He whispered Huskily. Licking his lips. Which I can almost feel on my own lips.

"Uhh. About the sleepover." I lied. Trying to back up. Which only gives him the signal to come closer to me.

"Liar. What was it really about?" He asked putting his things down and grabbing mine and putting it next to his own things. Then he grabbed my hips and kissed my neck a couple times.

"Seriously. You're never gonna find my-" he found it. I gasped "my sweet spot" I moaned.

He smirked and began sucking on my sweet spot. I was so close to grab his face and kiss the shit out of him. But he pulled away from my neck and smiled at me. Thank god he did.

"U were saying.?" He said smirking.

"Ha-Ha very funny. U better not have left a mark." I said. He smiled and looked at my then smiled even bigger. Uh-Oh.

"Sorry.?!" He shrugged. I gasped and grabbed my phone and turned my camera on. I looked inside the camera and checked to see nothing there. Phew!!

"You scared me." I said turning around. He turned me back around to face the camera and grabbed my phone. He started taking a whole bunch of selfies. Then he did this one pic where I had to hold the camera and he grabbed my waist and placed his chin on my shoulder and smiled and looked up at me. It was really adorable.

"That's cute." I said. He smiled.

"It's cause you're in it." He said.

"No it's cause we are both in it." I said. I changed the photo to my background and lock screen cover.

"Ok let's go." He said standing at the door and carrying both of our books in one hand and holding out his other for me to hold. I stand up and grab his hand. He intertwined our fingers and I looked down then back up and smiled. We walked out of class and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, were staring at us.

"This is awkward.!" I whisper in Justin's ear while slowly letting go of his hand. He grabs it again and whispers.

"Let them stare. They are obviously staring at your ass. I mean come on." He gently pecked my neck.

"Funny Jay, Real damn funny." I said sticking my tongue out at him.

"Be careful or imma bite ur tongue." He winked. I did it again and backed away quickly considering he got closer to me just to freak me out.

"I'm telling u. Don't tease." He smirked. I just laughed and continued walking to his locker. He placed his things in and grabbed his backpack while I was on my phone. When he was done, he stole my phone and said

"U better not be on Facebook or Movella." I laughed.

"How the hell did u know I read FanFiction.?" I asked taking my phone back. He intertwined out fingers.

"Because u seem like the type of girl to dream and kind of not believe." He shrugged. We got to my locker. I opened it and put my books in there. I grabbed my bag and tried to place all the gifts in there. I took pics of all my whiteboards and papers. Then I quickly posted it on (all those sites I said before, Instagram Facebook tumblr twitter.). Anyways>.<

I closed my locker and was about to put the backpack on my back.

"I'll carry it for u boo." Justin said trying to take it from me.

"U know I have 2 hands and 2 shoulders. I can do it myself." I sad smiling.

"I don't give a fuck. I'm carrying it for u." He said taking it and holding it. I gave up. We kept walking than I got to my car and grabbed my keys.

"Hey." I called out to Justin.

"Yeah.?" He asked from behind me.

"Can I have my bag.?" I asked opening the top and pointing to the backseat. He threw it in. I thanked him.

"What time should I come over.?" He asked grabbing my waist from behind. I was about to answer when Lidia came in front of me.

"Hey, forget about me.?" She asked poking my belly. I laughed and hugged her.

"Nope. Never, cause you're sooooo short. I'm sorry shorty." I patted her head.

"Yeah yeah whatever. I'll be in the car. When u two are done having sex out here, wake me up." She joked while hoping in the passenger seat. I gasped. But then remembered that she would say something like that.

"Wow... I like that idea." He winked at me while turning me around. He leaned in, and I leaned in. We were inches apart when I moved my face. His lips landed on my cheek.

"That works too. As long as I can do this" he said leaning in.

"Do wha-" he started kissing me all over my face and neck. Then he decided to tease me a little bit. He sucked on my neck until he finally reached my sweet spot. Honestly it's hard to get me to moan. But he did it so well he made me moan louder than expected. He smirked and pecked my neck one more time.

"We'll finish this, tonight." He whispered in my ear while giving me a hug and grabbing my ass. He just kept his hand there.

"You done yet." I smirked as my hands were on his chest and he just smiled.

"Nope. Not yet. I'm actually enjoying this position." He said leaning against my car still holding my ass and my hands still on his chest with our lips only inches away. I moved to his ear and began pecking it gently. Then I whispered.

"Did u know that It's very hard to get me moan. You got so damn lucky. I wonder how you're in bed.?" I teased sucking on his earlobe. He then started doing the same to me, causing me to stop doing it to him.

"Well, we'll just have to see. I'm pretty good, I'm sure you are way up there....on me." He whispered teasing as well. He sucked on my lobe and released about to kiss me when.

"You guys realize I was just joking right.?" Lidia said pulling us apart. I smiled and said:

"Bieber. Why don't we go to your crib than we can head to my casa to sort everything out for the party.?" I asked slinging my around Lidia.

"Sure. Follow my car, babe." He said running to his car.

"Not your babe." I yelled back getting in my car. I waited until Lidia got into the car as well. She sat in the passenger seat and said.

"So what was that all about.?" She placed her feet on the car window, which was open. I opened the sunroof and let the air hit us while JB was getting on the road. I followed.

"What are u talking about.?" I asked. I looked to my left to see Justin smiling in his white Lamborghini, he winked and then the light turned green. I followed his speed while listening to Lidia.

"It's just. You guys are all flirty and it's. It's cute, and I'm sooooo jealous." She whined. I leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Don't worry you'll find someone. But just know I called dibs," I said quick and turned the radio on so she couldn't respond. She nodded and she played the song "my nigga". I smiled.

We started singing and it was halfway through the song when we got in his driveway. I parked behind him and kept on singing and dancing with Lidia in the car. He walked towards us and opened the door for me. I stayed in the car dancing.

"My nigga, my nigga... My nigga, my nigga, my MOTHAFUCKIN nigga." He started singing and dancing too. Then the song ended. He smiled and I turned the car off and he gave a hand to me like a gentleman.

"Thanks." I said trying to let go. But he just intertwined our fingers. I closed my door and locked it. Lidia sat on the grass with her mouth wide open and stared at the house. I completely forgot to look at the house. I looked up and I sat on the ground next to Lidia. Justin just stood there laughing.

He sat next to me and propped his knees up and placed his elbows on them.

"So, we just gonna sit here.? Or.?" He asked. Looking at us.

"Few questions." Lidia said not taking her eyes off of the house.

"1. When did you get this house.?" I asked reading her mind.

"Last week. Not completely done packing but most of it's done. Next.?" He asked looking at Lidia.

"How much.?" She asked closing her mouth now looking at Justin.

"Something like $800,000. Next.?" He asked looking at me.

"How many ppl live with you.?" I asked laying my head on his shoulder. Lidia laid her head on my shoulder and justin laid on my head.

"Me & my mom. I don't know why we got such a big house for the 2 of us. I like it tho. You done.?" He asked us.

"One more." Lidia and I said in unison. Then giggling after.

"You thinking what I'm thinking" we said. We winked at eachother than looked at Justin. We said together:

"WHEN DO WE PACK.?" Then we laughed.

"Ummmm, tomorrow.?" He asked seriously. We laughed then looked at him.

"You know we were kidding. Right.?!" I asked. He shook his head.

"I can't move out until I'm 18 and finished with school. Sorry." I shrugged.

"Ha. Funny. We Mexicans like to stay in a pack. Tu loco.??(Means: Are you Crazy.?) I cannot do that. I wish" Lidia said getting all in the Latino culture.

"Haha. Your such a pendeja(Means: Asshole) trying to follar(Fuck around) with this bestia sexy por cierto es mío. (Sexy Beast, By the way he's mine)."

She laughed and replied in Spanish that she was gonna back off. Justin moved my hair to my left shoulder and pecked my neck 3 times. Lidia didn't even notice. She was by the door, she got out a bobby pin and began picking the lock. So this gives me about 1 minute to talk to Justin. She's really good at picking locks and all that spy stuff.

"So, you called me sexy.?" He whispered nibbling on my ear lobe. I giggled and said:

"You're funny. Why would I call u sexy. I mean that is my name boo." I then started touching his chest. The I slipped my hand under his shirt and let me tell u. I know an 8-pack when I feel one.

"U realize I'm taking Spanish in school right. I mean we practically have every class together. What else don't I know about you bae." He whispered playing with my leather jacket zipper. Pulling it halfway down and sliding his hand between my jacket and tanktop. He grabbed my waist with the hand that's in my jacket and used the other hand to tilt my neck to give him more access to create a love bite/hickey.

I pulled his hand out of my jacket and intertwined our fingers and I still had my other hand in his shirt.

"You should really s-stop that." I stuttered. He kept trying to find my sweet spot and when he did. I moaned and he kept sucking. I couldn't take it anymore, so I ripped his shirt in half with my one hand.

"Damn. Your strong as fuck." He kinda looked down and around. He leaned into my ear and whispered.

"I like it." Then he ripped my tanktop a little. Showing my cleavage a lot and my bra just a little. I could tell he was turned on. So I stood up, bent down in front of him. He had a really great view of my breasts, I nibbled on his ear and whispered.

"You shouldn't have done that." I pecked his ear and "accidentlly" grabbed his jerry instead of his hand. I winked and zipped up my jacket so nothing showed. and walked towards Lidia. Which she was in the house already. Damn she's quick.

"Lidia. Where are you? " I whispered. She yelled "right here. By the way. That was really caleante(Means: Hot) out there." She was on the Couch drinking wine and had her feet on the table in front of her.

"Lidia. Feet down." I pointed. She obeyed. "Wine on table." She did it."And never talk about what just happened outside. Okay.?" She nodded and picked the wine back up and her feet back on the table.

"Besides. Where did u get that at.?" I asked looking around.

"Kitchen. Duh!" She said sipping on it.

"Is his mom home?" I asked walking into the kitchen.

"Nope. I checked and there was a note telling bad boy over there." She said pointing behind me. Just when I get his arms around me from behind. "Which said that she was gonna be gone for a week." She started walking up the stairs. Then she said "YOUR WELCOME."

"Haha. OMG. She is sooo rude." I said laughing.

"It's fine. At least she's gone." He whispered picking me up and placing me on the kitchen counter. He placed one hand on my left cheek and the other running up my thigh. He began leaning in while he helped me wrap my legs around his waist, one by one. I placed both of my hands onto his ripped shirt and pulled him closer to me.

He smirked and placed both of his hands on my thighs and slowly went to my jacket and unzipped it. Then we were inches away.

"We can't do this." I whispered not moving.

"Why not?" He whispered back also not moving.

"Because we are bound to be-" and like I expected Lidia walked in. "Interrupted" I said hopping off the counter and zipping my jacket back up. I walked towards Lidia.

"What's all this?" I asked her taking the stuff out of her hands.

"Oh, I found it in his guest bedroom. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion. I mean it did say 'help yourself'. And just like u told me Jackie, I obeyed the signs." She said putting it in her purse.

"Funny Lid. Now. PUT IT BACK!" I said laughing then turning serious and pointing to upstairs. She shook her head and headed to the car with the items. "I'll wait in the car. U get 45 mins guys make it quick." She said winking and walking out closing the door.

And of course Justin replied while wrapping his arms around my waist from behind. "We will" he said winking.

I ran upstairs and just as I expected, he followed. I pushed open every door to find his room. I finally found it and walked in laying on the bed, on my stomach facing the pillow. He walked to me and slapped my ass really hard.

"Hey." I yelled rubbing my ass, turning onto my back. He smiled and sat on top of me. He pinned my hands above my head and his forehead against mine. His jerry, right on top of my, uhh, tom.?

"Justin. U need to pack and shower. We can't do this." I whispered arching my back to try and pry him off of me.

"We have 45 minutes tho. I'll be quick." He whispered trying to find the sweet spot on my neck yet again.

"No. We can't d-do th-th-this" godd he's doing it to me. Jeez he's good.

"What? We can't do what? This?" He asked slowly sucking on my neck roughly while grinding on me. Whatever you do, don't you dare moan Jackie. I warned myself in my head over and over again. He then picked up the grinding speed and began his search for my 2nd sweet spot of my right side of my neck.

Hopefully he doesn't find this one because that's where my real sweet spot is. And by that I mean, no one had ever found- god he found it.

"Uhh." I moaned. Earning a smirk from him and he knew exactly what he was trying to do to me. So I flipped us over. Now I'm in control. I pinned his arms below his waist and leaned down. I whispered into his ear.

"Now. Are you done? I mean we have 30 minutes left. Go get ready." I finished off pecking his neck. I tried getting up. But he just grabbed my waist and gently spoke to me while he was grinding. Which wasn't working this time. For god knows why.

"You know. We don't have to have that little sleepover at your house. We could have a private party here. Just the 2 of us. What do you say.? Beautiful.?" He asked making me move up and down slowly on him. I crossed my arms and put on a fake thinking face while looking up. Damn he was pleasuring me, but I couldn't show any weakness.

"How about.." I said sliding my hands up his shirt while he continued on grinding under me. "No" I said kissing his jawline.

"Come on. I mean we could have the traditional birthday present." He said flipping is over so he was on top. He wrapped one of my legs around his waist and the other was straight. He started running his hand down my thigh to my ass.

"And what could that possibly be?" I asked ripping is shirt even more.

"Birthday Sex." He whispered in my ear.

"You're funny. Now go get ready." I said pointing to the bathroom. He smirked. Damn, he's so hot.

"I think the real comedian here is u. U really think I'm just gonna waltz over to my closet, grab some clothes and head to the shower and come out here to see u in the car waiting for me. Nah I'm good right here babe." He said caressing my cheek.

"I promise I'll be right here when you walk out." I said looking into his eyes. He looked into mine.

"Pinky promise?" He asked holding his pinky out for me. Gosh don't you just love boys who still believe in pinky promises. I pinky promised him but then he did this cool pinky thing. He grabbed my pinky with his, kissed his thumb and made me kiss mine, and he put them together. Awwwwhhh. Imma call that the "promise kiss".

"That's cool." I said acknowledging the promise kiss we just did.

"It's ours. Ok?" He asked. I nodded. He kissed my cheek and got up.

"Where you going?" I asked leaning on my hands that were behind me, so I wasn't fully sittin up. He smirked.

"We have 20 minutes babe. I know u can't resist me but I gotta get ready." I did a fake laugh and he ran to me and pecked my lips.

"Hey. Don't do that. We are just friends." I said somewhat jokingly.

"Yeah sure babe." He said sarcastically. I laughed and watched him pack 5 outfits and bathroom supplies. Like hair gel, toothbrush, towels, etc. then he threw in a little box. Then zipped it up really fast. He grabbed some sweats, and boxers and headed to the bathroom.

"I'll be out in 10. Don't forget our promise." He said. I smiled and still sat there. He closed the door and as soon as I heard to shower turn on. I pulled out my phone and played some candy crush.

~Five Minutes Later~

He was still showering. I put my phone into my back pocket and remembered that little box. I ran to his suitcase and opened it I found it and zipped the suitcase up. I held it in my hands and I heard the shower turn off. I ran to the bedroom door. I stood next to it so he couldn't see me.

~Three Minutes Later~

He walked out in only his sweats and boxers. I saw him look around and sigh. His hair wasn't In a quiff. It was quite cute honestly. He had his back facing me. It's the perfect opportunity.

I leaned against the doorframe and pretended to read the box out loud.

"Slide on the 'situation' . Be sure to roll it all the way on. Hmmm why would u need this.?" He jumped and turned around. He smirked looking at the box and walked towards me. Wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Good girl. Reading the instructions. I mean u have to know how to put condoms on some time, right?" He asked not regretting it once.

"What makes you think I'm a virgin.?" I crossed my arms still holding the box.

"I mean look at you. Damn girl. Of course your not a Virgin. Someone had to tap that some time." He shrugged.

I walked to the dresser and placed the Box on it and turned to him.

"Well u wrong boo boo. I'm a virgin." I said. He raised an eyebrow and had his mouth open.

"Close your mouth or I'll put it to good use." I whispered into his ear before winking.

"Oh yeah. Meet you downstairs." I said walking downstairs. Not even a minute later, he was down and out the door. I was on my phone In the kitchen.

I sighed. I put my phone in my butt pocket.

"And 3,2,1." I pointed to the door. And Justin ran in looking at me.

"Forgot something.?" I asked sitting on the countertop. He didn't answer her ran to me. I quickly grabbed my phone and got on it.

"Come on babe. We got to get this over with." He said rushing me. I smiled and began texting. He blew air at me.

"Dude. Calm yourself. I'm doing something right now." I said looking back at my phone actin irritated. He spread my legs apart and walked in between them. He wrapped them around his waist. He grabbed my phone and placed it in his back pocket. I kept looking down and played with my fingers. He grabbed my intertwined fingers and placed them around his neck. He intertwined it behind his head. He lifted my chin up to look in my eyes.

"And I wanna do something later. With u. Just us. Tonight. So let's go." He whispered wrapping his hands around my waist. He picked me up an walked towards to door. He locked it an closed the door. We were walking towards the car. I turned around to see Lidia in the backseat laying down on her phone. I turned back to Justin and he was staring at me sliding his hand down to my ass.

"Can I get my fatass down now. I can walk." I said trying to hop down but he held one hand on my ass and the other kept my legs around his waist. He stopped walking.

"Your ass is perfect. And ur as light as a feather. Don't ever call urself a fatass ever again. Got it?" He asked looking deep in my eyes.

"Yeah yeah. Got it.!" I said rolling my eyes. I hopped off and began walking in front of him. He ran towards me, then I heard a huge slapping noise and then I felt a huge pain in my ass.

"Owww. God damn." I screamed rubbing my ass. He ran in front of me and getting in my car in the drivers seat. I was confused as hell.

"Where's all your shit?" I asked hopping into his lap, which is In the drivers seat. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"In the trunk, smart one." He said laying his head on my back.

"Okay, and what do u think ur doing in my car. Especially the drivers seat?" I asked bouncing up and down. Hearing him moan a little. He grabbed my waist tightly.

"O my god. Please stop doing that." He moaned rubbing my thighs.

"Why?" I asked not knowing.

"Ur turning me on a little too much. But anyways, I was gonna drive to ur house. Which is ok. Right?" He said kissing my shoulder.

"Ummmm. Hell no. This is my baby. U can't just choose to drive her whenever you want." I said getting out of the car standing next to the open drivers door.

"Please." He begged. I gave in.

"Fine. U better not hurt her." I said jumping into the passengers seat.

"Just so u know. U owe me." I winked while buckling myself. He placed one hand on my thigh, occasionally rubbing it. And he started driving.

"Lidia." I said looking back. Awwwwhhh. She was sleeping. I felt so bad for taking forever. I sighed. Then looked out of the window.

"You okay Jackie?" He asked grabbing my hand and kissing it.

"Yeah. I just feel kind of bad." I said looking at his abs.

"Is it cause Lidia fell asleep?" He asked noticing my stare on his abs, he just let me stare not really giving a fuck.

"Yeah. I mean we did take a while." I said using my other hand to rub his.

"It's fine. I mean it is Monday, and it's a school day. Of course she fell asleep." He said smirking. I laughed and nodded.

~15 minutes later~

The car ride was pretty quiet because I didn't wanna wake mini back there. We pulled up to my house and Justin's face was PRICELESS. I pecked his cheek and got out of the car. I tried picking lid up, but damn she just didn't budge. Then Justin came and picked her up like it was nothing. I smiled and I lead him to my front door. He carried her in the elevator all the way down to my "sleepover plaza", or that's what I like to call my huge bedroom down there for sleepovers, usually. When the elevator opened. We walked out of it. I clapped my hands and the lights turned on. I grabbed this controller that's for everything down here, really. I clicked this one button for my nanny to come downstairs to help me. She lived at the far room down the hall. She ran towards me.

"Yes, madam McCann?" She asked bowing slightly.

"Suz, u know u can just call me Jackie." I said smiling. She nodded.

"What's up Jackie. What do you need help with.?" She asked more hip like. I smiled.

"I was actually wondering if u had a break right now?"

"Yeah actually. But I'm off in a hour. Why?" She asked.

"I was wondering if u could help me later on with setup and all.?" I asked.

She nodded and went back to her room.

"Ok. Let's go." I said to Justin. He was still shocked with y house and all. He really needs a tour tonight. I'll do it later, I'm lazy. I started walking to the 2nd door down the hall. I opened it and there was nothing in the room. Justin looked confused.

"Why this room?" He asked. I just clicked a button and then about 15 king sized beds rose from the ground or wall or even the ceiling. Then I walked to the bed that Lidia always slept in, when I had his sleepovers. I got her bed customized with her name on the pillow and blanket with her favorite color, blue. I told Justin to set her down there. He did and we walked out, closing the door softly. I checked the time. Only 3:30 p.m. Damn we got lots of time.

"Hey. U want a tour?" I asked Justin. He nodded.

"K let's start from the beginning of the house." I said walking into the elevator. He followed and as soon as he entered......


Ohhhh cliffhanger. Sorry this update took forever. I tried making it a lot longer. But there you go. Comment on whether you want chapters that are short and everyday, or long and take about 2 or so days.?? Please comment your ideas.

Kk well

~Stay Swaggy

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