The Next 6 Months: Part 2 of ‘Me Against The World’

Cassie's story isn't half over yet, she finds herself falling for more than one and she can't choose.
"If you truly loved him, you wouldn't have fallen for ***"
but the thing is that it's a dark secret they lures them together, and the others don't know...


4. Moving?

Lia’s POV-
“Where are we going?” I ask Cassie, she won’t tell me where we are going and I’m confused ‘We’re going to Uncle Liam’s house” she continues to look at the road ahead of her. “Yay! What are we doing there?” she laughs and turns for a split second to look at me. “It’s a surprise.. And Lia, I-I need you to pack all of your stuff when you get home…” “Why?” sighs and continues to stare at the road ahead of her as she turns the wheel, making us go down an unfamiliar street. “L-lia, umm…” she pauses and takes in a deep breath “I-I don’t know how to tell you this but we’re- we’re moving t-to London in two months…” “Why?” “b-because we’re going to live with your uncle’s for a while…” “How long?” “I-I don’t know Lia…”

Louis’ POV-
We’ve been in Australia for a month and so much has happened, we’ve almost lost Cassie, three times, maybe four. We’ve almost lost Lia once. Niall’s finally got himself a girlfriend, Cassie’s moving in with us, we brought an apartment in Australia, we got a new aunty, I adopted Luna, I’ve got two new sisters (well kind of) and a brother (same sort of position) I found out I wasn’t ‘pure’ that there is such thing as demons and that I am somehow related to a demon and a few other things that are rather obvious or I would rather not talk about. I look at Cassie as Niall wraps his arms around her while they watch all of the kids play.


Hey guys! I'm not really one for Authors notes but I don't know wether I should continue this story. I feel like this book is a let down so I may be removing it in a month. What do you think? Should I continue or delete it?

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