The Next 6 Months: Part 2 of ‘Me Against The World’

Cassie's story isn't half over yet, she finds herself falling for more than one and she can't choose.
"If you truly loved him, you wouldn't have fallen for ***"
but the thing is that it's a dark secret they lures them together, and the others don't know...


2. Lia's Birthday 1-11-13

Niall’s POV-
We are all leaving the hospital, Cassie and I hand in hand. They guys following closely behind us. The paparazzi hot on our tail. Following us and asking us questions, but one really stood out. One made me click “Niall, did you hit Cassie? Why did you hit her?” I was furious, why did they make that shit up. I would never hit Cassie. So I lost control and punched him in the face. My fist colliding with his jaw is what brought me out of the moment. I realised what I had done. The thoughts of what is going to happen repeating over in my head. I’m confused, what’s next. I’ve just hit a paparazzi. I wake up sweating furiously, it was just a dream. It was Just a memory.
“Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Lia! Happy Birthday to you!” I look around the backyard of our New Apartment we brought in Australia a week ago, yeah I know we are leaving in a month but we couldn’t stay at Aunty Tell’s the whole time we were here. Yes I call her Aunty Tell but that’s because she’s really nice and she is like our Aunty. I can’t believe we’ve been in Australia since mid-September and now it’s November. Allot has happened and I think we’ve all somehow changed. Cassie resumed school and we are letting her finish grade 10 before moving her to England to live with us. Then she’s going to a Performing Arts school in London and she’ll come on tour with us when we start mid-next year. I can’t believe my wonderful girlfriend is moving with us to England. Yes you heard right, you heard it first here, but you can’t tell anyone. If someone tells you just nod and act like normal. Ok? I watch Lia as she gets the butter knife and fails at cutting the cake “Hey, let me help you Lia…” I come up behind her and cut a piece of cake with the ‘Adult’ knife and put the piece of cake on her plate “Now everyone line up, children and ladies first” I guide my attention to Cassie and she blushes. I pull her over to me and kiss her “Hey keep it PG rated please! It’s a 5 year Old’s birthday party!” I look over to Louis “Shut up Louis” and I quickly kiss her cheek and send her to the line “What? I don’t get a piece of cake first?” “Nope, the kiddies first” I get a chorus of moaning and groans from Cassie and the lads “Keep your knickers on, it’s a princess party. Now be quiet, there are 16 princesses here” I wink at Cassie who blushes again. “Come here my princess” I wink at her again as she heads over to me the boys nudging her and smirking, she laughs and bites her lip and quickly escapes from them, I catch her in my arms and spin her around, laughing we cut the cake together.
After we had finished cutting the cake up, we started handing the cake to the 12 girls Lia’s invited from day-care as well as Luna. Then I gave Aunty Tell her piece as well as Arietta's and quickly got a couple of slices and shoved them in my mouth “Niall!” I hear everyone around me groan. I just shrug my shoulders and shove another 2 in my mouth. Giving them a crumby smile, cake pieces falling from my mouth.

Harry’s POV-
After allot of making out with Cassie we decided that we should just be friends. I see the way she looks at Niall and she can see how hard it is for me to trust people. I’ve never had a proper girlfriend since high school and I just find it too hard to trust anyone. People have used me for my fame too many times before and I’m determined not to get used again.

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