The Next 6 Months: Part 2 of ‘Me Against The World’

Cassie's story isn't half over yet, she finds herself falling for more than one and she can't choose.
"If you truly loved him, you wouldn't have fallen for ***"
but the thing is that it's a dark secret they lures them together, and the others don't know...


3. Here's To Never Growing Up!

Hey guys!

I've got a new Movella coming out called 'Here's to never growing up'

It is a One Direction Fan-Fic about 18 party freaks including One Direction, I've got all except for 5 and I was thinking of adding in some other people. So all you have to do is tell me

Your Name: (Yes you can use a fake name)

Your Age: (Or the age you want to be, the One Direction boys will be around 16)

What You Look Like:

Your Personality:

Your favourite colour and food:

and additional details:


Yes you can skip one or two of these but I would love if you could help me on this. You can even make a fake character!

As Many Entries as your hears desires and until I get the 5 people I want I'll keep this contest open. cheers big ears!

<3 Ya's

Ps. Any gender as well!!!

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