Dreams Come Slow (16+)

Delilah a typical horse girl; she gets up at ridiculous hours to muck out her horses' stalls. She's one hundred percent dedicated to her horses, especially her small gelding, Break the Ice. She's just gotten to her first three star event when she meets someone unexpected...


2. Two


 "Hurry up, and get that horse into the truck." Rose's patience was wearing thin. They had been trying for fifteen minutes to get Ice into the trailer, but he was plainly refusing.

 "He's always been nervous of travelling, but never this bad." Delilah ran a hand through her hair, exasperated. "Can we bring another pony?"

 "I'll fill the hay net. Tie him up and bring Tiptoe." Tiptoe was the rescue pony that was just one hundred metres away from Ice when they found him, tethered to an electricity pole.

 Delilah grinned, jogging to the Halflinger's stable. "Want to come? There's a good girl." It only took her five minutes to get the old mare ready. Rose walked out and nodded.

 "Okay, bring her in first." Tiptoe hesitated, but then saw the fat hay net, and walked up. Ice soon followed, only stopping once.

 By the time they got to the show ground, it was eight a.m., and the show was well under way. While Rose sorted out their stables, having to argue so they could get two stables beside each other, Delilah set to work dampening and plaiting Ice's mane. 

 By the time Rose got back, a triumphant smile on her face, Delilah had an uneven amount of perfect plaits. Together, they had his coat shining, quarter marking perfect, hoof oil touched up, and Ice's tack put on in five minutes flat.

 "Warm him up gently. It's a much bigger show than he's used to. I'm going in now to try find a good seat." Delilah smiled at her, and began to trot off. "One more thing. Good luck, you look amazing together."

 By the time they were finished their test, both horse and rider were sweating slightly. Actually, Delilah was saturated with sweat. Ice had been pulling on his bit the whole time, and she was struggling to control him. The young woman hoped it didn't show too much.

 "Oh, my God! It's Break The Ice," a girl gushed, walking up. "Can I rub him?"

 "Of course," Delilah smiled. She reached out a hand to rub it down his muzzle. He snorted and nudged her, causing her to grin.

 "I read about you in Horse & Rider. Your story's amazing. He's fourteen two, isn't he?"

 "Yep, and every bit of him is a sweetie pie. We just call him Ice, by the way." Ice was obviously loving the attention as the teenager stroked down his face.

 "Do you have a horse?" Delilah asked, smiling. 

 The girl's face dropped slightly. I can't afford one. I've never ridden." She muttered the last part, obviously embarrassed.

 "What's your name?"

 "Jennifer. My friends call me Jenny, though." She began to become more confident with Ice, stroking his neck now.

 "Well, Jennifer, would you like to help me bring Ice back to his stable? A teenage girl who's never even ridden a horse must be a proper horsey girl." Jenny grinned so wide her back teeth were almost showing. 

 Delilah showed the her how to hold the reins and walk beside Ice as he walked. Jenny was stroking his nose as she walked. A photographer walked up. "Do you mid if I take a picture of the both of you?"

 Jenny nodded, looking at Delilah for confirmation. Hoping her face had cooled down, and wasn't red anymore, the rider stood behind Ice, her hands on his reins. He looked up, ears perked forward, as she had taught him to do for a camera. 

 "Just a caption. Are you two related? What's your name?" 

 "No," Delilah said, "we're not related. Jenny here loves horses, so I asked if she wanted to help me with Ice."

 "I'm a huge fan," Jenny gushed. The photographer nodded, smiled and walked away. "Who's that?" Jenny asked when Tiptoe stuck her head over the door, whinnying loudly.

 "That's Tiptoe. She was rescued with Ice. She's around fifteen now, but still quite spirited." Jenny abandoned Ice to look properly at the mare. "You can groom her if you like." The bars between the stables enabled Delilah to see Jenny.

 When she was finished with Ice, she went in to them. With her hand on the door, she stopped, looking at them.

 "Jenny? Whose horse is that? You can't just go into another people's stables!" Delilah spun around, her heart almost stopping when she saw Liam Payne striding up towards her.


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