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Sophia Campanari has grown up in a very strict life. Growing up in country clubs, strung pearls, and champagne. She longs for a life outside of the strict orders of having to look a certain way. The only way she can escape is on the back of a horse, easy since her father is a well known breeder in the horse racing world, and her mother is a well known jockey.

When she sneaks off one night for a night of fun with her best friend Juliana she meets Boe Bauer. A tall, dark, dangerous singer for a band named Eclipse. She instantly feels drawn to him. Only one thing stands in the way of them being together. Her clean, sculpted, and perfect reputation to uphold. But maybe she doesn't want that anymore?


2. It's Not About Pride

"So what do you think your going to do?" Juliana asked as I flipped through a Seventeen magazine.
"Honestly? I don't know." I sighed and threw the magazine onto the wooden floor of my room." I want to be a jockey with everything in me. I love the freedom it gives me, and I'm good at it."

"Then why are you fighting it? Just be a jockey if you really want it. I don't understand why you do this to yourself. You want to be a jockey but you won't because your too prideful." Juliana got up from off the floor and threw away the wrapper from her fruit snacks.

"It's not about pride. It's about being constantly compared to my mother. That's all that would happen and you know it. Your father is a breeder, you know how horseracing is. If I became a jockey everybody would always compare me to my mother. I don't want that." I looked down at the baby blue comforter on my bed. I was currently sitting Indian style, my cat Fernidad laying by my side, purring.

"Who cares. If you love it, then do it." Juliana went over to my walk in closet and pushed past the black and white beaded curtain that hung from the door frame. "Now lets get ready for the party I'm taking you too!"

I sighed and got up from my king sized bed. Maybe going out would be good for me.


An Hour Later I was dressed and ready to party. My long brown hair was fixed into soft waves. I wore only brown eyeliner to highlight my blue eyes, some mascara to make my eyelashes longer, and some Baby Lips chapstick.

I wore a pair of my favorite dark wash skinny jeans that had a few rips, a plain white, sheer, button up blouse, and a pair of my favorite black English riding boots. My outfit was simple, and cute.

Juliana was wearing a short, denim mini skirt, a silver sequin top, and a pair of silver sandal heels. Her long blonde hair was in messy curls .

Her make up was a tad bit darker than mine but not by much.

"You ready?" She asked. I nodded my head yes, and grabbed my black pea coat.

Soon we were in her car, driving to the party.


Hey guys, Abbey here. So I want to say sorry, this chapter is short. How do feel about Sophia being a jockey? The next chapter is the party. You get to meet the hottie Boe! Be excited. Anyways hope you like the chapter.

COMMENT, PLEASE. I love to hear your feedback.


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