Being homeless is hard. But its harder when your cutting, smokin' & starving. Meghan is an 17 yr. old girl, living the hard way where she has to steal the cigarettes and the little pieces of food to end up throwing it up and then last to steal sharp objects to cut herself up. What will they do to help or will they just keep walkin'.


4. Chapter 3.

"Oh My Fucking God, your shitting me right"? Niall looked at me like I was insane. "Excuse me"? "Your Niall Horan"!!!...........Then some other kid, I think Harry, walked up. With that I walked away, and they followed so I started running. People like them cant see how I live. After awhile they stopped and I went on my way. I of course went to John's Café and just sat there looking out the window. I could hear the chair scrape across the wooden floor. Looking over my shoulder, there he was. Oh shit. No please god, no.

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