Being homeless is hard. But its harder when your cutting, smokin' & starving. Meghan is an 17 yr. old girl, living the hard way where she has to steal the cigarettes and the little pieces of food to end up throwing it up and then last to steal sharp objects to cut herself up. What will they do to help or will they just keep walkin'.


2. Chapter 2.

The sun peeked through the slits of Meghan's eyes. A cold rush of wind whipped through the trees, causing a ruffling sound as it shook. Slowly but quickly Meghan sat up with her feet dangling off the side of the bench, barely but firmly touching the ground.

Walking over to the swings Meghan Pumped her legs back and forth. Looking across the street she saw the lights of apartments waking up. She could almost feel the warmth, hit her small, fragile body. Just the feeling of warmth was enough, she jumped off the swing and walked off down a small, narrow pathway.

As Meghan walked, a blonde guy rammed his hard as hell shoulder. "What the fuck is your problem, you fucking idiot". The blonde stared at her like she was insane. Finally his irish accent bursted out, "Sorry" mumbled the blonde idiot. Just then it came and it came hard, with no seeing of it coming...........

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