Being homeless is hard. But its harder when your cutting, smokin' & starving. Meghan is an 17 yr. old girl, living the hard way where she has to steal the cigarettes and the little pieces of food to end up throwing it up and then last to steal sharp objects to cut herself up. What will they do to help or will they just keep walkin'.


1. Chapter 1.

The wind blew her hair plain brown hair in front of her face to cover the natural ugliness people told her she had. Meghan walked the streets of 64th alone as usual with a lit cigarette in her mouth with open cuts on her arms at the verge of tears, thinking about the past, and why it couldn't have been her. Starting at 13, Meghan started cutting, and smoking everything she could. On an original October Tuesday Meghan stepped out of the house at 7:30 A.M after getting ready for school. The cool autuam smell hit her small nose and whipped her brown wavy hair all around like a tornado. Stepping down the creeking wooden steps, she walked to the bus stop. There Abby Olson stood with Anna Falar, Nina Pham and Tiera Dosch. Looking over to the crunching leaves they saw Meghan Dublin walk over. Up came Abby who took a rock to Meghan cheek bone causing a bruise.




School was a daily living hell. Walking off the bus, Meghan saw smoke appear and the sound of sirens rang through her ears. Running home came.----- Meghan pushed the vision out of her head and paced to the closest park of New York. Shuffling over to the wooden bench Meghan sat as it creeked. Laying down in a huddled position was Meghan in a thin, plain, long brown sleeved shirt with skinny jean pants and boots, of course stolen. Quickly darkness hovered Meghan's green eyes. Waiting for what's to come next mornin'.

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