Remember that I love you

I was just a normal girl who went to football training, until one day our coach wanted boys to join us. I dont think he got the name. GIRLS Football Training. G-I-R-L-S. No boys allowed. It might seen childish but us girls needed to win that tournament, we dont need -hot may i add- boys to mess it up.

But get what girl messes it up by falling in love?



2. Chapter Two

I walk over to Zayn who is speaking to the other teams coach. "Zayn, can I speak to you for a minuet?" I ask through gritted teeth. "In a minuet darlin'." He says turning back to the other coach. "No Zayn, now!" I nearly shout.

He turns to me shocked. He holds up a finger to the other coach telling him he would be one minuet. "Whats so important that I need to know now, Shea?" He asks, a bit annoyed. "Well, us girls dont like the fact that those boys are joining our team. Remember its a girls football team." I say putting emphasis on the girls. 

"Its not your desision is it baby girl? And the boys will do us good for the tournament, we are doing pretty bad," He says scratching his head. "Now dont you girls worry, I'll take care of it okay? I will make sure you guys will win." He gives me a reasuring look. 

I give in and nod, "Okay" I smile. "Good," he smiles back warmly. He walks away and shouts, "C'mon over girls, come meet your new team mates!". Everybody walks over and we all start going to a boy. Well except from me of course. I dont know who to pick to talk to first.

"Hey love," I hear a thick Irish accent. I turn around and see the most hottest boy ive ever laid eyes on. "Uhh, hey," I say smilling. "Im Niall," He brings out his hand and I happily shake it. "And you are?" He asks. "Oh, Im Shea," I smile. 

"Shea? Beautiful name for a beautiful girl," I blush at his comment and try to hide it, but fail miserably. "Well my coach says that we are all going out for dinner after practice to get to know each other, are you coming?" He asks, looking somewhat hopeful. I think about it for a second. I dont have any plans.. "Yeah, I will go,". 

"Great! Cant wait" He grins, showing his cute braces. I cant help but grin back. "We better be getting started, our coaches looks angry at us," I laugh walking away. "Yeah!" Niall chuckles. 

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