The Girl Next Door.

Hi. My name is Willow. Willow Dark. And yes, I am an Emo...

Willow had always dreamed of becoming a star. But her parents had always put her down. They never supported her choices, they never helped her get where she wanted to go, they just abused her. And when they weren't doing that, they were ignoring her. They never even cooked for her, so she either cooked for herself or starved.This had the worst effect on her. When she was sixteen, she took all her collage savings (which SHE had been saving, since her parents didn't care) and she completely changed her look. She went Emo. For a while she did try cutting, but she stopped. When she turned 19, she ran away from home and brought a small house in London. She just sat in her room, writing songs, playing guitar, and singing. One night she has to go next door to tell them to turn their music off. But, when famous hottie Louis Tomlinson opens the door, she falls for him.... Hard. She starts hanging out with the boys and their girlfriends, and she makes three new best friends, Cally (Harry's girlfriend) Perrie and Danielle. The girls and the guys all help her to fulfil her dream of becoming a star. But will romance take action on Willow for the very first time?


3. The Big Red Bus.

I woke up in what seamed to be an ally way. I was leaning against a very graffitied wall. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the watch on my wrist. 9:00. I looked around me and found my bags lying next to me. I stood up carefully and slung them onto my back. Last night I had ran and ran and ran for about 3 hours, until I was in an area that I was not farmilliar with . I dreaded to think what my mom and dads reaction was when they got home and I wasn't there. I shook my head and carried on walking down thee ally. I decided to keep off the main roads, and stick to the back ways. If my parents did come looking for me, then they wouldn't search the back of the city. But I doubted that they were looking for me. They were probably happy that they wouldn't have to deal with me any more. I padded round the back gates I houses and glanced around me. The sun was blazing today, and beads if sweat began to drip down my face. Occasionally, a dog would jump up one of the back gates and I would gasp in fright. I had been walking all day and I decided to sit down for a rest. I turned down another ally and leaned against the wall. I slid down it slowly, slowing my breath. I started to think really deeply. Where was I going? I had now where to go.. I didn't know where I was, or which direction I was going in. Sudeldenly, a figure came towards me, and I held my breath. "Hello?" The figure said. I made them out to be a girl. About my age. She was blonde and very pretty. "Hi." I said. "You mind if I sit with you?" She asked timidly. I scotched over and patted the floor beside me. She flopped on the floor next to me. "Runaway?" She asked simply. I nodded. "Same." She sighed. I placed one hand on her shoulder and she smiled at me. "I'm Perrie." She smiled. "Willow." We started talking and the sun began setting. "We can't sleep out here." I noted, glancing round at the dangerous looking ally around us. "I've got a good place we can go." Perrie grinned. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me up, and I let out a little scream at the touch. "OH GOD! Are you okay?" She asked quickly. Without thinking, i slipped the sleeve of my shirt up and she gasped. "Willow..." She sighed. I looked down and followed her round the allys. She guided me into a huge building with a tall ceiling. We started to walk slower as we looked around cautioualy. "Where are we Perrie?" I asked, trying to squint through the darkness. I was gripping into her arm so that didn't lose her. "It's where I've been sleeping for the last three days.." She informed me. She dragged me over to a fuse box and flipped a switch. Suddenly, the place was lit up and there were rows and rows of busses. Some where regular busses, others where VIP busses. "Take your pick.." She smiled. "Won't they all be locked?" I asked. She tapped the side of her nose and we started to walk around the bus station. Finally we picked a big red bus, that looked like a VIP one. She made me turn away while she opened the door. I stepped inside cautiously and Perrie followed. This was a very posh bus. "Come on," Perrie said pulling me to the back. There was a door and on the other side, were five bunk beds. We climbed onto the top ones and snuggled under the blankets. "Perrie.." I whispered, "what if we get caught." I asked, "don't worry, they don't use this station until 1 in the afternoon, we have plenty of time.." She clarified. Finally, I could get a good nights sleep....

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