Is It You?

Kate and Harry are best friends. He watched her grow up, and took care of her when she needed support. They are like brother and sister. Kate has kept a secret from Harry for a long time, and she is planning on telling him. Although, when he moves to America after getting a huge opportunity, Kate soon loses touch with her best friend. After two long years, she meets up with a familiar face. Will she get the chance to tell him how she really felt?


5. The Finals

Harry's P.O.V. (Three months later)


We are so close. The X-Factor finals are here, and One Direction is in. There are three performances left, and we are one of them. I am so excited. I feel like we are going to win.

We sang Torn for our performance, and there is no doubt in my mind that we are not in. 

The announcer comes out onto the stage, and reads off who made it to the final two. "The first performance that made it in is... Matt!" Wow. I didn't realize that there was so much pressure right now. 

Th air is so heavy, it feels like a warm winter blanket. Win or lose, the tears are coming. 

"The second performance in is... Rebecca!" What? How? How are we not in? 




"Thank you boys for coming here so early." Simon said as we entered his office. "I know it is hard that you did not win the X-Factor. It is hard for me, because I thought you boys were going to win it all. I guess those other judges didn't want to see an amazing boy band win yet." He chuckled. 

"I called you in here so early because I just got a phone call from a record company. They saw you boys, and they are very interested in giving you a contract. The contract lasts for 4 years, so far at least, and states that they want you to create a few albums and singles with their company. How do you feel about that?"

Oh. My. Gosh. We are getting offered a record deal?! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me! The boys and I talked it over for a few minutes, and we decided that we want our dreams to come true.

We all signed the contract, and Simon said one last thing before we left. "Get your bags packed, boys. I hope you will be ready to leave by the end of next week." We all turned around. 

"WHAT?!" I blurted out. "Oh, signing the contract meant that you agreed to create a few albums and singles. But, the company is in the United States. Forgot to mention that part..."

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