Is It You?

Kate and Harry are best friends. He watched her grow up, and took care of her when she needed support. They are like brother and sister. Kate has kept a secret from Harry for a long time, and she is planning on telling him. Although, when he moves to America after getting a huge opportunity, Kate soon loses touch with her best friend. After two long years, she meets up with a familiar face. Will she get the chance to tell him how she really felt?


11. The Big Day

Harry's P.O.V.


I am on the plane heading back to England! I am so excited! I will finally be able to see my family again! 

Also, I will be going to school with the boys too. That makes it even better! We are going to be the talk at school, though. People will be swarming us, trying to flirt with us or become our best friends. It will be pretty uncomfortable. 


~8 hours later~


We landed, and the boys are meeting me at baggage claim. I am so excited! We are finally back where we belong!

I walk out to the big 'lobby' in the airport. It's where all of the people wait for their friends/family. I am about to head to baggage claim, when I hear a familiar voice. "Harry!" I look over to see my mum and Gemma rush towards me. I hug Gemma first. She jumps into my arms and I swing her around. "I missed you, little bro." She said as she squeezed me tighter.

After Gemma, I pulled my mum into a warm hug. "Oh, my Harry is finally home safely!" she exclaimed as she laid a wet kiss on my cheek. 

We walked over to baggage claim, and there were the boys and their family members. After we all embraced, we got our bags and headed home. It was so good to be back.


Kate's P.O.V.


OMG! I hope Harry landed safely because I cannot wait to see him! Two more days, and the two closest friends on the face of the earth are going to be reunited! I dropped off his senior information at his house, so he could be ready for his first day.

Emily, Maggie, Ashlyn, and Candace were all over my house for the day. My parents were at my grandparents' house for the night, so they said that the girls could sleep over.

We talked for a while, about how amazing it will be when we see the boys again. 

Then, we decided to watch Evil Dead. I heard that it is supposed to be scary, and I'm not a fan of scary movies. This should be interesting. 

About halfway through the movie, I made popcorn. The girls were so into the movie, that they didn't even notice I got up. So, I decided to prank them.

"I'm going to head to the restroom." I said, about to start the first step of the plan. I didn't go inside, but closed the door loud enough so they could hear. I wanted to make it sound like I'm in the restroom, but I'm really not. 

I had this app on my phone where it played all these noises, and there was a 'shattered-glass' noise. Once I was in position, I turned up the volume as loud as it could go on my phone, and hit it. 

"Did you hear that?" Candace asked. "Hear what?" Ashlyn said. "Pause the movie." Candace said.

I played the noise again, this time running up and down the hallway. "KATE! THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOUS WHO IS TRYING TO KILL US! COME OUT QUICK!" I replied with "I'm in the bathroom. You guys shouldn't have watched The Evil Dead if you're going to have nightmares about it!"

Then, I shut off the lights, leaving complete darkness. "Oh my gosh! What do we do?" Maggie asked. Now was my chance. 

I jumped out at them and screamed "BOO!" They all squealed at the top of their lungs. I was laughing so hard, my stomach was hurting. "Kate! That is not cool!" "Yeah, I almost had a heart attack!" "Nice one, though."

Soon, we were all laughing and the movie continued. 



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