Is It You?

Kate and Harry are best friends. He watched her grow up, and took care of her when she needed support. They are like brother and sister. Kate has kept a secret from Harry for a long time, and she is planning on telling him. Although, when he moves to America after getting a huge opportunity, Kate soon loses touch with her best friend. After two long years, she meets up with a familiar face. Will she get the chance to tell him how she really felt?


4. One Direction

Harry's P.O.V. (A month later)


The X-Factor is really changing me. I feel like I've accomplished a lot since I auditioned.

Simon called all of the guys out onto the stage. He was about to announce who made it through. I really hope I made it. 

After announcing a few names, he said "Sorry, boys. Those are the only ones who made it through. If your name was called, you may go backstage. Good luck. As for the rest of you..." He trailed off. 

We went backstage, and I broke down. I can't believe I didn't make it. This was the worst moment of my life.

However, a crew member called out five names, one of them being mine. The four other guys and I walked onto the stage again. "Hello, boys. Quite a day, huh?" We all nodded, tears falling. "I have great news, actually, for you." What? How could this be?

"The judges and I have decided that you guys were way too good to be let go of, so we chose you boys to be put together into a small group." No way! This can't be happening!

We jumped with joy, so excited that we don't have to leave. "Consider this a second chance. We expect you guys to work 10 times harder than the rest. Don't let us down." Simon said before we walked off the stage, heads high because we get to stay longer.

The requirements for a group on the X-Factor are key. A group needs at least four members. We have five. It needs to have contestants who have some singing experience. We do. And it needs a name. What? Why do we need a name? 

We brainstormed a few before Simon barged in on us. "Sorry to interrupt, boys, but I just wanted to let you know that the judges and I believe that you boys are the most talented on the show, and to have you all together in a group like this is unbelievable. Like I already told you, don't let us down. You boys are very good, and I feel that you are not going to be losing any challenges at any point. You're going in one direction, and that direction is to the finals." He said before closing the door.

One direction? "Why not One Direction?" I suggested. The boys looked at me, smiled, and nodded. 

Look out X-Factor. One Direction is in the house, and we're not going down without a fight.

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